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You Simmer Down
S02E01 · You Simmer Down

Nov 10, 2012

A verbal sparring match between Thorne and an Attacker creates tension, while a rare Kingdom of Splatalot sunset adds difficulty to the course.

Girls vs. Boys Splatdown
S02E02 · Girls vs. Boys Splatdown

Nov 17, 2012

An attacker does an impression of a seal that inspires Skabb and Kayne to come up with impressions of their own. Scott hopes his dream of no one being named the new ruler of Splatalot comes true.

Classic Nana
S02E03 · Classic Nana

Nov 24, 2012

The Defenders meet the new owner of Castle Splatalot, while Jay tries to avoid his least-biggest fan, Matt's mischief-loving Nana.

Sleepy Matty
S02E04 · Sleepy Matty

Jan 05, 2013

Matt falls asleep, leaving Jason to host the episode by himself.

Parents & Kids Splatdown
S02E05 · Parents & Kids Splatdown

Jan 13, 2013

Teams of parents and kids compete for the crown, while Jason and Matt are joined in the shack by their dads.

You Bet Your Trousers!
S02E06 · You Bet Your Trousers!

Jan 19, 2013

The race becomes personal as Jason and Matt trade bets on the outcome. The stakes have never been higher!

We Are Not Alone
S02E07 · We Are Not Alone

Jan 26, 2013

The Defenders play the pun game with an Attacker who's a huge Michael Jackson fan, while Jason and Matt fear that the castle is haunted.

Two Drawbridges Up!
S02E08 · Two Drawbridges Up!

Feb 02, 2013

Matt and Jason receive praise from castle-savvy magazines, and show us why rhymin' just ain't easy.

The Magic of Television
S02E09 · The Magic of Television

Feb 09, 2013

A new group of Attackers including a track star, a princess, and a Frexican attempt to capture the crown of Splatalot.

Splatalot Days & Splatalot Nights!
S02E10 · Splatalot Days & Splatalot Nights!

Feb 16, 2013

Matt attempts to build his own computer, while an Attacker who's also a model auditions to be on the cover of Bad Balance Weekly.

Of Mice & Splatmen!
S02E11 · Of Mice & Splatmen!

Feb 23, 2013

An Attacker's battle cry inspires Jason and Matt to imagine themselves as superheroes, but can't quite agree on who is the sidekick.

Nation vs. Nation Splatdown!
S02E12 · Nation vs. Nation Splatdown!

Mar 02, 2013

Ten patriotic teens storm the castle of Splatalot to represent their homelands and capture the crown of Splatalot.

Spartak the Situation
S02E13 · Spartak the Situation

Jun 17, 2013

Ten brave new attackers storm the castle of Splatalot. We learn that one of the attacker's hero is American President Barack Obama, while another attacker scares Skabb with his creepy voices.

When Hairy Met Matty!
S02E14 · When Hairy Met Matty!

Aug 01, 2013

Skabb gives an impromptu Spanish lesson and Madeva confuses Spain for Mexico. Inspired by an Attacker's facial hair, Matt attempts to grow a beard, but it completely backfires on both he and Jason.

Twins vs. Twins
S02E15 · Twins vs. Twins

Aug 01, 2013

A verbal sparring match between Thorne and an Attacker creates extra tension on the moat. Meanwhile, Vane sets up his kitchen above the Battle Axes and bakes some Key Slime Pie while continuing to splat the Attackers.

Dude, Where's My Crown?!
S02E16 · Dude, Where's My Crown?!

Aug 06, 2013

The Crown of Splatalot goes missing and Jason tries to solve the case. Madeva catches a cold but continues to defend the kingdom from ten new attackers.

Awesome Sandwich CLub
S02E17 · Awesome Sandwich CLub

Aug 07, 2013

Inspired by an attacker who built his own computer, Scott attempts to build his own computer. An Attacker who is also a model, auditions to be on the cover of Bad Balance Weekly.

Car Trouble
S02E18 · Car Trouble

Aug 13, 2013

There's mystery afoot in the Kingdom of Splatalot, when the highly coveted Crown of Splatalot goes missing. Kayne plays the cop and tries to solve the mystery.

Splat-a-Lot! Dance-a-Lot!
S02E19 · Splat-a-Lot! Dance-a-Lot!

Aug 14, 2013

Dance Fever has infected Splatalot as a new group of dance-loving attackers attempts to Cross The Moat, Ditch The Dungeon, and Capture The Crown.

Three Cheers for Everything
S02E20 · Three Cheers for Everything

Aug 15, 2013

Skabb, Thorne, and Faetal taunt an Attacker with Scottish trash talk; Matt insists on doing all the intros and then struggles to do so.

Best Friends Splatdown
S02E21 · Best Friends Splatdown

Aug 20, 2013

Five teams of best friends attack the castle to try and claim the crown of Splatalot. Meanwhile, Matt reveals that he and Jason are just work buddies.

Bucket List: Check!
S02E22 · Bucket List: Check!

Aug 21, 2013

To Jason's dismay, Matt decides that it's a good day to go through his bucket list. But will he be able to finish it before the end of the episode?

Jay and the Madman
S02E23 · Jay and the Madman

Aug 22, 2013

Matt and Jason disagree over Matt's new nickname. Matt refuses to acknowledge Jason until he starts accepting his new identity.

Parent & Kids Splatdown: Close Encounters
S02E24 · Parent & Kids Splatdown: Close Encounters

Aug 27, 2013

Scott double parks his car and tries to speed up the show in order to save his car from the Splatalot cops and dragon fire. Meanwhile on the moat, The Splakken claims a bunch of victims.

It's Taco Day
S02E25 · It's Taco Day

Apr 22, 2012

Ten new attackers including five teachers and five students battle it out for Splatalot supremacy. Skabb auditions for the drama teacher on the moat for the lead in Splatalot: The Musical. Will the students pass this medieval exam?

Call Me the Handyman... Maybe!
S02E26 · Call Me the Handyman... Maybe!

Aug 29, 2013

It's a battle for the ages as five teams of courageous parents and kids attack the castle of Splatalot and go up against the Dastardly Defenders. One father and son team claim that nobody knows Jack Splat.


Splatalot Season 2 (2012) is released on Nov 10, 2012 and the latest season 2 of Splatalot is released in 2012. Watch Splatalot online - the English Adventure TV series from Canada. Splatalot is directed by Rae Upton,Vivieno Caldinelli and created by Lisa Brooke with Kayne Tremills and Samantha Brown.

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