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Episode #1.1
S01E01 · Episode #1.1

Jan 09, 2012

Aylin Karan is a young woman who seems to be truly happy: she has a loving husband, a healthy young son, a successful career, wealth, beauty and close family and friends. But after the sudden air-crash with no survivors of the airplane where his husband was supposed to travel on business, her life will have a drastic turn.

Episode #1.2
S01E02 · Episode #1.2

Jan 16, 2012

Aylin tries to find Selim's whereabouts, with the help of Ali and Halil.

Episode #1.3
S01E03 · Episode #1.3

Jan 23, 2012

Aylin struggles to accept reality. Alev has a secret. Asim asks Cevdet his true intentions. In a flash back from 2010, in Iran, Kudret meet Majid.

Episode #1.4
S01E04 · Episode #1.4

Jan 30, 2012

Selen visits Aylin. Halil confronts Alev.

Episode #1.5
S01E05 · Episode #1.5

Feb 06, 2012

Aylin keeps searching for clues about Selim whereabouts, and so is Ali.

Episode #1.6
S01E06 · Episode #1.6

Feb 13, 2012

Aylin finds clues on Selim's Gym locker. Ali invites Nihat to dinner home as a surprise for Feride.

Episode #1.7
S01E07 · Episode #1.7

Feb 20, 2012

In a 2004 flashback, Aylin struggles with an unexpected announcement while Selim is helping as a volunteer doctor in Iran. In the present, Kudret helps Simon while Feride visits Nihat at the hospital.

Episode #1.8
S01E08 · Episode #1.8

Feb 27, 2012

A look into Halil and Alev's relationship since they first meet in 2000. Asim looks for info about the mysterious Cevdet Korukan. Selen's presence cheers up Aylin and Ömer, though she doubts Halil doesn't know Selim's whereabouts.

Episode #1.9
S01E09 · Episode #1.9

Mar 05, 2012

Aylin, Ömer and Selen make a trip, unknowing that clues on Selim's whereabouts are closer than they think. Ali meets with Yorgo. Back in 2004, in Iran, Selim meets Leyla again.

Episode #1.10
S01E10 · Episode #1.10

Mar 12, 2012

After Selen's concert, Asim encounters an unwanted visitor. A secret about Nihat is revealed. Selen confronts Halil about Selim. Nadia keeps being extorted.

Episode #1.11
S01E11 · Episode #1.11

Mar 19, 2012

Aylin and Ali confronts Halil. Asim shares his concerns about Cevdet Korukan with Ali. Aliv goes to Ali for help when she can't find Halil. Back in 2004, Aylin news ruined Selim's plans. The accident that killed Selim's family is revealed.

Episode #1.12
S01E12 · Episode #1.12

Mar 26, 2012

Aylin start therapy. Asim meets with Kudret. Yorgo reaches to Ömer. Aylin and Halil relationship is broken. Kudret has a plan.

Episode #1.13
S01E13 · Episode #1.13

Apr 02, 2012

For his safety, Aylin leaves Ömer at Seren's parents house. Alev tries to surprise Halil. Ali must deal with the consequences of Asim and Kudret decisions. Back in 2010, Selim entrusts Kudret with a mission.

Episode #1.14
S01E14 · Episode #1.14

Apr 09, 2012

Aylin and Ali are following the leads to Selim's whereabouts. Alev confronts Halil about the secrets he holds for Selim. Taner takes a dangerous step. Some of The Gardener's background is revealed.

Episode #1.15
S01E15 · Episode #1.15

Apr 16, 2012

Ali finds a connection between Kudret and Selim's disappearance. Majid contacts Selin for help. Ömer returns home. The identity of Aliv's online friend, 'Muzo', is revealed. In 2004, Halil and Aliv, unintentionally, discovers Ali's secret.

Episode #1.16
S01E16 · Episode #1.16

Apr 23, 2012

Taner keeps spying on Ali. Kudret has troubles in Iran. Ali brings Leyla Maleki's name to light and Aylin tries to know more. Driven by Halil's secrets and Cem's stalking, Aliv puts herself in a dangerous situation.

Episode #1.17
S01E17 · Episode #1.17

Apr 30, 2012

Ramin pushes Cevdet while Asim won't give in. When Aliv goes missing, Halil ask Ali for help to find her. Aylin argues with Selin about Majid and Leyla. Halil confronts Aliv's estranged mother. Cem becomes the prime suspect on Aliv's case.

Episode #1.18
S01E18 · Episode #1.18

May 07, 2012

Asim is forced to come clean with Aysen about Bahman. Ali feels guilt over Aliv and Halil's fate, choosing to blame himself for the incident at Aylin's house. After Taner's ultimatum, Ali open up to Feride.

Episode #1.19
S01E19 · Episode #1.19

May 14, 2012

An angry Taner betrays Ali. While helping Selim, Bahman is captured by Cevdet. Ali suspects Kudret and Selim are involved in Bahman disappearance. Aylin finds an unsettling note in Aliv's belongings. In 2010 Leyla makes a selfish decision.

Episode #1.20
S01E20 · Episode #1.20

May 21, 2012

Six months after the last events, everyone try to adapt to their new circumstances, some better, some worse.

Episode #1.21
S01E21 · Episode #1.21

May 28, 2012

Leyla try to find Mehdi. Looking for Cevdet, Kudret uncovers Nihat's secret. Aylin and Halil confess their feelings for each other. An obsessed Taner finds an unlikely ally.

Episode #1.22
S01E22 · Episode #1.22

Jun 04, 2012

A furious Taner commits a terrible action. Looking for clues about Mehdi, Leyla arrives at Aylin's house. An unstable Halil worries about his relationship with Aylin.

Episode #1.23
S01E23 · Episode #1.23

Jun 11, 2012

After hearing Leyla's side of the story, Aylin takes a drastic decision. Meanwhile, Asim tracks Bahman and contacts Kudret. Ali is worried about Halil's state.

Episode #1.24
S01E24 · Episode #1.24

Jun 18, 2012

In Iran, Aylin is in great danger, and so is Leyla in Turkey. Halil's mental state worsen. Ali keep following the clues that can lead him to Selim's location.

Episode #1.25
S01E25 · Episode #1.25

Jun 25, 2012

After great losses and still looking for Selim, everything is revealed.


Son Season 1 (2012) is released on Jan 09, 2012. Watch Son online - the Turkish Adventure TV series from Turkey. Son is directed by Uluç Bayraktar and created by Zeynep Arslanpay with Yigit Özsener and Nehir Erdogan.

IRAN - the near future. Aylin, a beautiful but beaten Turkish woman, is being held captive. She is released from her bindings and led blinking onto a balcony of a dilapidated house where she meets a mysterious Englishman. He treats her kindly, returning her things. She goes for her passport but he tells her she won't use that anymore. He holds up a mirror and she sees her beaten face. She barely recognizes herself. 'Say goodbye Aylin' he tells her. 'Let us begin...' What has brought such a woman to this place? That is the question answered by this compelling series. We meet Aylin again, nine months earlier, only this time she is a woman who has everything, a successful architect, deeply in love with her husband, Selim, doting mother to their handsome son Ömer. She drops Selim off at the airport one morning and everything changes. His plane crashes. There are no survivors. After days of overwhelming grief comes a glimmer of hope: the airline realizes his name was not on the passenger list. Wherever he is, he is not dead - he never boarded the plane. And so Aylin is thrust into a web of shattered illusions, mistrust and fear. Selim's disappearance sets a complex chain of events in motion, events that have their roots many years ago. As Aylin finds strength to cope with the lies she sees in the eyes of all around her, other pieces of the puzzle close in on her. This is not just a story of broken hearts and friendships, but a gripping thriller about the workings of fate, history and our all-too-human hearts. The End. Would you go all the way to find the truth?

As know as:

Конец, Lögnen, Son, The End, Hazugságok gyűrűjében




Turkish, English, Persian

Production Companies:

Ay Yapim

Official Site:

Official Netflix

Cast & Crew

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