Episodes (6)

A Mother's Assistance
S01E01 · A Mother's Assistance

Sep 20, 1982

What is the connection between a penniless Russian woman in Paris and the brutal murder of an old man in a London park? And so begins a new conundrum for George Smiley to sort out.

The General's Big Fish
S01E02 · The General's Big Fish

Sep 27, 1982

Smiley makes inquiries among many Russian exiles, and uncovers a photograph revealing an astonishing secret.

Gathering Friends
S01E03 · Gathering Friends

Oct 04, 1982

Smiley learns that his nemesis, the dreaded Soviet spymaster Karla, has a deep secret hidden involving his personal life. He now attempts to track down certain Russian individuals who could aid him, but they keep disappearing.

The Rogue Elephant
S01E04 · The Rogue Elephant

Oct 11, 1982

Smiley gets into trouble with his superiors, who want the investigation closed. But he finally encounters the woman and gets her account.

Alexandra Tatjana
S01E05 · Alexandra Tatjana

Oct 18, 1982

Smiley is hot on the trail leading to Karla, but must make the ultimate sacrifice: cutting off his wife Ann.

Smiley's Lighter
S01E06 · Smiley's Lighter

Oct 27, 1982

The final confrontation between Smiley and Karla takes place. But in this game there are no victors, only losers.


Smiley's People Season 1 (1982) is released on Sep 20, 1982. Watch Smiley's People online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. Smiley's People is directed by Simon Langton and created by John Hopkins with Alec Guinness and Eileen Atkins.

As know as:

John le Carré's Smiley's People, Smiley's People, Отборът на Смайли(Bulgarian), Smiley's People(English), Smiley's People(French)


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Paramount Pictures

Cast & Crew

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