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The Race
S01E01 · The Race

Jan 01, 2016

Sindbad is summoned by the Galactic Emperor to resolve a dispute between two planets by taking part in a race. Education: Sharing and helping others are good ways to behave. Not doing so may have a negative impact on others.

Planet Gadget
S01E02 · Planet Gadget

Jan 01, 2016

A well intentioned tinkerer meddles in the ecosystem causing a mutant spider to engulf a world in giant cobwebs. Education: Be aware that sometimes your actions can have unintended consequences.

Less Is More
S01E03 · Less Is More

Jan 01, 2016

A trip to an idyllic location for Lana's birthday picnic turns into a maelstrom ob objects too big or too small. Education: Sometimes less of something is better than more. Big isn't always better.

All Aboard
S01E04 · All Aboard

Jan 01, 2016

Sindbad's ship returns from a mission contaminated with red mud, only for him to discover a much bigger problem of a computer virus in the ship's systems. Education: Technology can let you down so be careful of being fully reliant on it.

Game On
S01E05 · Game On

Jan 01, 2016

A knock about game of soccer on the school field proves to be no challenge at all compared to the dragon Sindbad encounters inside a computer game. Education: Computer games are great in moderation but you also need to be active sports.

S01E06 · Shapeshifter

Jan 01, 2016

Lana lives in Sindbad's house disguised as a table lamp, but as the last Shapeshifter in the 7 Galaxies she has a unique story to tell. Education: Good friends will often do extraordinary things to help you.

See the Problem
S01E07 · See the Problem

Jan 01, 2016

A world is in distress from a giant Cyclops who leaves devastation in his path, but when Sindbad, Zac, Lana and Lee investigate they see the problem immediately. Education: Small changes can have big impacts, so don't forget the apparently inconsequential.

Double Trouble
S01E08 · Double Trouble

Jan 01, 2016

Sindbad is the emissary of the Galactic Emperor, but he doesn't seem himself and his odd behavior is out of character until an encounter reveals all. Education: Always be yourself and try to be good to the people around you.

Let's Get Kraken
S01E09 · Let's Get Kraken

Jan 01, 2016

One of Sindbad's deadliest and oldest enemies, the space Kraken chases him through an asteroid belt, with no obvious route out of peril. Education: Sometimes you have to confront trouble and think laterally to solve it.

I Lee
S01E10 · I Lee

Jan 01, 2016

Lee is Sindbad's android friend, but without the intervention of a monster fish with a huge head, the fourth member of the team might have been Receptobot BH 2249. Education: Good things can happen from adversity which you can't necessarily control.

Trash Planet
S01E11 · Trash Planet

Jan 01, 2016

On a routine visit to a relative Sindbad and his team land on a planet covered with rubbish from a neighboring planet dumping on its neighbor. Education: Think about your actions. What is good for you might have a bad impact on someone else.

Smells Like Trouble
S01E12 · Smells Like Trouble

Jan 01, 2016

Sindbad encounters some space bullies, who get their comeuppance with giant flying fruit and Zac has a life changing experience. Education: You will encounter bullies, but most of them are actually quite cowardly.

Team Awesome
S01E13 · Team Awesome

Jan 01, 2016

A problem is so huge that the Galactic Emperor pulls in a team to assist Sindbad, Zac, Lana and Lee. At first they don't take too well to the "cool dudes", but in the end teamwork prevails. Education: Teamwork is the best way to solve problems even if you don't like all the people on your team.

More Than a Mouthful
S01E14 · More Than a Mouthful

Jan 01, 2016

Sindbad, Zac, Lana and Lee pull off a daring rescue mission saving the inhabitants of a distant planet from an avalanche of molten lava, but Zac discovers their enthusiasm to celebrate his contribution has some unwanted complications. Education: Nature is all powerful, and to be respected, but living creatures are not as straightforward and sometimes have other motives.

S01E15 · Space-whale

Jan 01, 2016

A pod of space-whales mysteriously disappear and when Sindbad investigates he discovers whales are not the only species going missing from the 7 Galaxies. Education: There are many endangered species and we should try to avoid their extinction.

S01E16 · Volcano

Dec 31, 2023

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Stitch in Time
S01E17 · Stitch in Time

Jan 01, 2016

Just back from school Zac tries to convince Sindbad to sign a petition to save a local nature reserve of birds, but they are interrupted by a message from the Galactic Emperor to stop a Fat Cat developer destroying a distant world. Education: We need to stop habitat destruction which has terrible consequences.


Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies Season 1 (2016) is released on Jan 01, 2016. Watch Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies online - the English Animation TV series from United Kingdom. Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies is directed by Matthew Darragh,Cameron Chittock,Bill Boyce,Markus Kristensen and created by Eric Farmer with Tom Wayland and Scott Nichol.

As know as:

Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies, Ο Σίντμπαντ και οι εφτά γαλαξίες


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Huhu Studios

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