Episodes (21)

1. Bolum
S01E01 · 1. Bolum

Jan 24, 2018

Crazy Tahir is the son of a conservative family in blacksea. The only concern is his mother, who wants to marry him to the most beautiful girl in the village. When Vedat Sayar calls Kaleli's family to dinner, Tahir meets Nefes. Tahir falls in love with Nefes. after a brief moment, he feels the weight of looking at a married woman and pulls his gaze from Nefes, until he sees the traces of violence on those delicate wrists. Vedat misunderstands Tahir; He blames Nefes for her wrists and breaks her fingers. This is the last point. Nefes, finds the opportunity and runs ...

2. Bolum
S01E02 · 2. Bolum

Jan 31, 2018

Instead of surrendering to Vedat, Nefes takes hold of the hand of Deli Tahir and jumps into the waves from the steep rocks of the Black Sea. Tahir, Nefes and Yigit's life struggle, while his family with Vedat and his men fight a great fight. In the end, with a clever play him have done, Tahir, Nefes and Yigit survive. Vedat, tortures villagers who hide his wife and son. Torturing Osman Hoca in the village imam will be the last point of Vedat's beast. Tahir learns what Vedat has been doing to Nefes for eight years.

3. Bolum
S01E03 · 3. Bolum

Feb 07, 2018

Vedat, who returned to the pit because he could not find Nefes and Yigit, leaves with a sacrifice from the plateau house. This victim is Mustafa. Vedat puts a great fire on the minister of the Kaleli family. Either Tahir will die, either Mustafa. The election is the Kaleli family. Tahir learns his brother place with a great plan. He collects his friends, goes to save his brother. Is the courage of Crazy Tahir going to save his brother?

4. Bolum
S01E04 · 4. Bolum

Feb 14, 2018

Nefes is willing to go jail for Tahir's freedom. Vedat, get rid of death thanks to Tahir. However, the idea that your hero is Tahir Kaleli is going to drive him crazy. Nefes probably did not pull the trigger, but Vedat died at the end of that trigger. Now he does not want Nefes back, he wants to see his wife is the grave. Nefes, unaware of Vedat's plans, accepts the agreement that Mustafa proposed to her. She will flee to Russia through Georgia with her son and a new life will begin. Because she must protect both Tahir's life and its own heart. Tahir decides to take ...

5. Bolum
S01E05 · 5. Bolum

Feb 21, 2018

Nefes and Yigit's dreams of freedom in Russia are ruined by Vedat catching them. Tahir is waiting for news from Nefes in Batum. Vedat also separates her son from Nefes, removes Yigit from his mother's arms and sends him to Istanbul. Nefes is now in a foreign country alone in the cruel hands of Vedat. Tahir witnesses every scream of Nefes in a very painful way hundreds of kilometers away. In the Black Sea, Mustafa struggles with Eysan, whom his brother has kidnapped in the face of life.

6. Bolum
S01E06 · 6. Bolum

Feb 28, 2018

Mustafa has taken his murder confession, which he did not get by the kidnapping of Eysan, to Vedat by delivering Yigit, but his conscience is writhing. Tahir's life is safe. Vedat's hand against Nefes was strengthened. Vedat, if he threatens a mother with her son, he is tempted to win. He tells Nefes the condition. "If you want to see Yigit, marry me!" Yigit makes various plans to escape from the house where he is being held. Tahir and Nefes forget the disagreements between them and hold each other tightly.

7. Bolum
S01E07 · 7. Bolum

Mar 07, 2018

Tahir and Nefes trace Yigit and find him. The Black Sea unite for Yigit. Asiye poisoned to Mustafa's life. Everyone who learns the truth will stand against of Vedat. Mercan, between her father and her beloved, drops Tahir into a very difficult situation and wants something he can never do. The disappearance of Yigit fires the memories of the persecution that Nefes had in the past.

8. Bolum
S01E08 · 8. Bolum

Mar 14, 2018

The bullet that Nazar's hit on them shoots Tahir's from heart. Nefes jumps in front of the bullet. Tahir gets very angry. All relatives smack on the foot and Tahir takes measures. But one of these measures will burn both Tahir and Nefes's life. Asiye struggles for the settlement of Nefes and Yigit in the Black Sea. Mustafa struggles with his guilt against his brother. Vedat uses every opportunity to get his wife and son back.

9. Bolum
S01E09 · 9. Bolum

Mar 21, 2018

Tahir, who learns the betrayal of his brother, bubbles like the Black Sea. The only thing that calmed him down when he lived with great pain in his life would be that Nefes, who now knows the port, "I need you." Nefes is once more shaken again, not digesting Mustafa's betrayal, but encountering a violent victim like herself. After the rumors about Sürmene, it is heard that Osman Hodja opens the house to Nefes. Tahir, who can not digest the betrayal of his brother and his mother, once again feeds himself.

10. Bolum
S01E10 · 10. Bolum

Mar 28, 2018

Tahir gets angry and confronts his family. He sticks to Vedat's throat, but he leaves the house because, opposite his is his mother. Nefes has a big question about her mind. Asiye goes to the boycott of domestic affairs to punish her mother and her husband. But Mustafa will surprise the whole family. Vedat puts plan into action with Berrak, which he uses as a Trojan horse. The big plan to shake Nefes deeply is finally starting.

11. Bolum
S01E11 · 11. Bolum

Apr 04, 2018

Vedat knows that the court will not give the child's custody to a violent father. Vedat prepared a case petition claiming that Nefes's mental balance was not in place. So he will try to prove that Nefes is dreaming up his allegations of violence. Nefes sees hallucinations due to the drug Berrak has given. Nefes begins to receive psychological support at Tahir's request. However, something he hears in this process makes Tahir go mad. There is only one way left for him; Killing Vedat. The only obstacle between killing Vedat is faith.

12. Bolum
S01E12 · 12. Bolum

Apr 11, 2018

When Vedat complained, Tahir was arrested and kept silent about why he did not kill Vedat. Tahir is trying to keep Nefes away from himself. But the hope of Nefes causes Tahir's stubbornness to be broken. Vedat uses the captivity of Tahir for his own benefit. He is gathering his witnesses for the upcoming custody case. He makes offer to Nefes after he guarantees his moves for the custody case; "Come to me and save Tahir." Nefes's great secret from past will upset her.

13. Bolum
S01E13 · 13. Bolum

Apr 18, 2018

Vedat continues to come over to Nefes. After Berrak, he now took out her father against Nefes. Encountering her father, Nefes is very shaken. The whole village thinks that you leave Nefes' husband and run away to Tahir. Vedat is proceeding with sure steps toward its goal. But there is something that Vedat can not understand; faith. The journey of Nefes is a very difficult journey. But Nefes and Tahir believe each other. Tahir will compensate by healing the wound opened in the heart of Nafes. Tahir's clever attack saves Nefes from one of the most important obstacles on...

14. Bolum
S01E14 · 14. Bolum

Apr 25, 2018

Winning Yigit's temporary custody, Vedat again pursues an evil plan and takes his son and leaves the hotel. Nefes and Tahir return to madness because they do not know where Yigit is. Tahir is again mad and makes everyone come together again. But this madness causes Vedat to start a bigger plan. Nefes and Tahir's response to this plan is something that Vedat can never predict.

15. Bolum
S01E15 · 15. Bolum

May 02, 2018

Tahir has taken the decision of marrying for Yigit. He suppresses all voices against him and is locked in the target. Even if that voice is the voice of Nefes. He is very angry with Nefes because of what she said on plateau. Tahir does not listen to anything Nefes says. Tahir tells everyone that he will marry with Nefes. He will stand like a mountain against his family and Nefes.

16. Bolum
S01E16 · 16. Bolum

May 09, 2018

The actual wars of Nefes and Tahir, which united their lives to save Yigit, are now beginning. Tahir must first remove Nefes from where she had fallen. But when he falls and pierces through pain, the real power underneath Nefes's brittle appearance is seen and fascinated. Nefes created a fairy tale world with Yigit to resist Vedat's hell, and in this hell she started to create a love songs with Tahir. Vedat, who is mad because of the marriage of Tahir and Nefes, swore to kill Tahir. Vedat decides to sacrifice Mercan to accomplish his plan.

17. Bolum
S01E17 · 17. Bolum

May 16, 2018

The love of Tahir and Nefes is cut with the burnt sheds for Mercan. Mercan, the victim of Vedat's evil plan, pays the price of his innocence by trying to stay alive in the hospital. Cemil, unaware of everything, finds himself in the friendship of Vedat, deliberately contemplating the death of his daughter. Tahir is so upset for the first time. The courage that keeps the entire Black Sea in silence can not commit one thing; conscience. Tahir is in search of Ceylan while he is in a distress between his conscience and his love. What he does not know is that Cemil, who ...

18. Bolum
S01E18 · 18. Bolum

May 23, 2018

Cemil's blind bullet stuck in Tahir's chest. Furthermore, Vedat is following Tahir to complete the work that Cemil left behind. Tahir, the tiger from the sea, is so vulnerable for the first time against Vedat. The only thing that is alive to him is the love of Nefes. Nefes is now more crazy than Tahir. As Tahir Kaleli would expect from his wife; Nefes is standing like a mountain. Nefes tells the only thing he believes: "Tahir will not leave us!"

19. Bolum
S01E19 · 19. Bolum

May 30, 2018

When Tahir comes home with children, Kaleli House be happy. Having met Yigit, Nefes begins to have a very sweet relationship with Ceylan, while she is living her happiness, while she does not know that she is her daughter. When the crowd goes to the farm, they forget all their problems and have a nice weekend. Everything seems to be going well for Kaleli Family. However, Vedat, who can not prevent Deli Tahir from ignoring his life and bringing her children and Nefes together, is as dangerous as ever.

20. Bolum
S01E20 · 20. Bolum

Jun 06, 2018

It is now entered into a road that is not reversible. Tahir took away his life and gave his confession to Mithat. It is a matter of time that Vedat reports Nefes. It was the only way that Tahir could be with Nefes and the children. Going from the Black Sea.. Tahir's crazy moves have fallen into the Kaleli Konagi. Vedat, who enjoys court victory, is in marriage preparation with Nazar to hit the second blow to Kaleli Family.

21.Bolum Sezon Finali
S01E21 · 21.Bolum Sezon Finali

Jun 13, 2018

It's time to say goodbye to the Black Sea. Tahir is willing to live long enough to stay with Nefes and Yigit. Although Nefes has been against this idea from the beginning, there is nothing left for her to do anymore. When Tahir learns that Mustafa is going to jail with Vedat's game, everything turns into a jerk. Tahir is very difficult to make a choice. For Vedat, who lost everything, there was only one thing left; to kill Tahir whom he regards as criminals.


Sen Anlat Karadeniz Season 1 (2018) is released on Jan 24, 2018 and the latest season 3 of Sen Anlat Karadeniz is released in 2019. Watch Sen Anlat Karadeniz online - the Turkish Drama TV series from Turkey. Sen Anlat Karadeniz is directed by Yusuf Ömer Sinav,Veli Çelik,Osman Sinav,Emre Kabakusak and created by Erkan Birgören with Ulas Tuna Astepe and Irem Helvacioglu.

Nafes was forced to marry vedat who abused & tortured her,one day nefes takes her son & escapes in a car truck of one of her husband's partners who is called tahir,Tahir will protect them from vedat

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Lacrimi la Marea Neagră, Sen Anlat Karadeniz, Mar Negro, Tell You the Black Sea, Ты расскажи, Карадениз




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