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The Chaperone
S06E01 · The Chaperone

Sep 22, 1994

Jerry dates a Miss America contestant. Kramer tags along.

The Big Salad
S06E02 · The Big Salad

Sep 29, 1994

George gets upset when he buys a large salad for Elaine but his girlfriend Julie gets the thanks for it. Elaine can't believe that he raises the subject with her and gets back to Julie, which doesn't bode well with George. Jerry reassesses his feelings for his new girlfriend when he learns that she went out with Newman--and he dumped her. Kramer gets into an argument with his golfing partner, a former baseball player, who later loses his temper and is sought by the police. Kramer, sure that he caused it all, rushes to his buddy's aid.

The Pledge Drive
S06E03 · The Pledge Drive

Oct 06, 1994

Kramer finds Jerry's old birthday checks from his grandmother and insists he deposits them, which puts Nana in unexpected debt. Elaine accidentally tells the high talker a secret. Mr Pitt eats a Snickers bar with utensils.

The Chinese Woman
S06E04 · The Chinese Woman

Oct 13, 1994

George's telephone line crosses with that of a woman named Donna Chang, and everyone seeks her advice when she convinces them that she's Chinese. Jerry winds up dating her. Things get worse when Frank and Estelle announce a separation. Jerry and Elaine can't seem to figure out why Frank Costanza is having mysterious business dealings with a man in a cape.

The Couch
S06E05 · The Couch

Oct 27, 1994

Jerry's new couch is completely ruined when Elaine upsets a man with a bladder condition. Kramer decides to start up his own new pizza business. George joins a book club but instead of reading the book he watches the movie.

The Gymnast
S06E06 · The Gymnast

Nov 03, 1994

Jerry's excitement about dating a gymnast diminishes after mediocre sex; George's girlfriend's mom catches him eating out of the trash; Kramer passes a kidney stone.

The Soup
S06E07 · The Soup

Nov 10, 1994

Jerry accepts an Armani suit from Kenny Bania, provided that he will treat him to a meal; Elaine dates a bounder from England; Kramer decides to eat fresh.

The Mom and Pop Store
S06E08 · The Mom and Pop Store

Nov 17, 1994

George buys a convertible he thinks was once owned by Jon Voight. Kramer tries to save a small shoe-repair business. Elaine answers a radio quiz, enabling Mr. Pitt to participate in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Meanwhile, Jerry tries to solve the mystery of whether or not he's invited to Tim Whatley's annual Pre-Thanksgiving party.

The Secretary
S06E09 · The Secretary

Dec 08, 1994

George gets a secretary, saying he will go for efficiency and smarts rather than beauty. He hires a librarian-esque woman, only to find himself falling in love with her.

The Race
S06E10 · The Race

Dec 15, 1994

A grade school acquaintance puts pressure on Jerry to finally settle an old score in the form of a race; Elaine is blacklisted from a Chinese restaurant.

The Switch
S06E11 · The Switch

Jan 05, 1995

Jerry wants to switch from dating a non-laughing woman to dating her roommate; Elaine has difficulty retrieving a tennis racket she loaned out; George enlists Kramer's mother to spy on his seemingly bulimic girlfriend.

The Label Maker
S06E12 · The Label Maker

Jan 19, 1995

Tim Whatley gives Jerry a label maker as a thank you for his Super Bowl tickets. George is uncomfortable with his girlfriend's male roommate. Kramer and Newman play a game of Risk.

The Scofflaw
S06E13 · The Scofflaw

Jan 26, 1995

When George learns that their friend Gary never had cancer as he claimed, he promises to keep it secret from Jerry--of course, George can keep a secret for about two seconds. Elaine gets all tied up in knots when she learns that someone said hi to her ex-boyfriend on her behalf. She goes out of her way to let him know otherwise, which seems to defeat the purpose. Kramer has a run-in with the local beat cop, who tells him that someone in the neighborhood has amassed parking tickets for years, and Kramer figures out just who it is.

Highlights of a Hundred
S06E14 · Highlights of a Hundred

Feb 02, 1995

For the series' 100th episode, Jerry Seinfeld hosts a one hour retrospective with clips from previous episodes: the idea for a show about nothing; the smelly car; the puffy shirt; the astronaut pen; Jerry's hair; George's lack of hair; Mulva; Jerry's virgin girlfriend; the Hernandez incident; the outing; the masters of their domain; the bubble boy - are only a few of the episodes included.

The Beard
S06E15 · The Beard

Feb 09, 1995

Elaine tries to convert a gay man to heterosexuality; George is upset when his blind date turns out to be bald; Jerry braces for a lie detector test

The Kiss Hello
S06E16 · The Kiss Hello

Feb 16, 1995

Kramer tries to create a Utopian society when he puts up pictures of all the residents of his and Jerry's building. Jerry doesn't mind until the women of the building want to be greeted with a kiss. After Jerry objects to kissing hello, he's vilified and nearly kicked out of the building. Jerry also has to settle some family issues when Nana remembers that Uncle Leo was supposed to give Jerry's mom some money 50 years ago and Uncle Leo puts Nana in a home to keep her quiet. Meanwhile, Elaine's friend who is a physical therapist skips out on George's appointment and ...

The Doorman
S06E17 · The Doorman

Feb 23, 1995

Jerry is inconvenienced by a tenacious doorman at an apartment building; Kramer robs George on the street to put on a show for a group of German tourists.

The Jimmy
S06E18 · The Jimmy

Mar 16, 1995

Elaine dates a man whose habit of speaking in third person causes a wide array of confusion; George is blamed for the theft of Yankees' sports equipment.

The Doodle
S06E19 · The Doodle

Apr 06, 1995

George dates a girl from Elaine's art class and wonders whether or not her humorous caricature of him is a sign that she likes him or not. Thanks to Newman's fleas, Jerry's visiting parents are forced to stay in Elaine's luxury hotel room. Elaine gets a potential job offer but accidentally leaves the manuscript in Jerry's flea-infested apartment.

The Fusilli Jerry
S06E20 · The Fusilli Jerry

Apr 27, 1995

Frank has an unfortunate accident involving one of Kramer's pasta sculptures; Kramer gets the wrong license plates; Jerry becomes disturbed when he finds out that his mechanic used his personal sex move on Elaine.

The Diplomat's Club
S06E21 · The Diplomat's Club

May 04, 1995

Jerry's simple airport meeting turns into a nightmare thanks to his incompetent agent; Kramer gets into hot water when he gambled with a rich Texan.

The Face Painter
S06E22 · The Face Painter

May 11, 1995

Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and David Puddy go to two Stanley Cup playoff games; Kramer holds a grudge against a chimpanzee who hit him with a banana peel; George resolves to take the dramatic step of telling his girlfriend he loves her.

The Understudy
S06E23 · The Understudy

May 18, 1995

Jerry dates the ultra-sensitive understudy for Bette Midler in Rochelle, Rochelle: The Musical. When the Improv is scheduled to play Rochelle Rochelle in a softball game, George plows into catcher Bette Midler to score the winning run. Bette is injured because of the incident and is unable to perform in the Broadway premiere. Jerry, George, and the understudy are vilified for the incident, and Kramer goes out of his way to help Bette. Meanwhile, Elaine suspects that a local nail shop is making fun of her in Korean. She learns that George's dad Frank speaks Korean and ...


Seinfeld Season 6 (1994) is released on Sep 22, 1994 and the latest season 9 of Seinfeld is released in 1997. Watch Seinfeld online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Seinfeld is directed by Andy Ackerman,Tom Cherones,David Steinberg,D. Owen Trainor and created by Larry David with Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Seinfeld is available online on Netflix and Netflix basic with Ads.

Jerry Seinfeld stars in this television comedy series as himself, a comedian. The premise of this sitcom is Jerry and his friends going through everyday life, discussing various quirky situations, to which we can all relate (especially if we live in New York City). The eccentric personalities of the offbeat characters who make up Jerry's social circle contribute to the fun.

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Kroniki Seinfelda, Seinfeld Và Những Người Bạn, Сајнфелд, となりのサインフェルド, The Seinfeld Chronicles


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David Sims
AV Club
Seinfeld season six has its ups and downs. Its main problem is that it doesn't have a strong enough through-line.
by rottentomatoes, Sep 05, 2018
John P. McCarthy
The beauty of Seinfeld is that it isn't fueled by a sense of place, or even situations, but by a nexus of ideas and characters. You'd be forgiven for thinking the execution is incidental.
by rottentomatoes, Sep 05, 2018

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