Episodes (8)

S04E01 · Superficial

Sep 10, 2014

Janet is promoted to sergeant but steps down to give it to Rachel as she feels she is needed more at home. The pair join the search for eighteen year old Robin McKendrick, a simple lad reported missing by his boss, landlord John Rivington. Pub regulars are unforthcoming until a boy called John tells Janet that an ex-soldier known as Jackie-Boy locked Robin in his car boot as a cruel prank. He later reported the car as stolen. Another witness claims that Jackie- Boy dumped his car in a quarry with Robin still in the boot. In the process of the investigation Gill ...

Tough Love
S04E02 · Tough Love

Sep 17, 2014

The police deduce that the pregnant Mandy's corpse has been refrigerated for two decades. Her husband Gary, since deceased, was the chief suspect, to the anger of his mother Barbara whilst Rachel is annoyed with Rob's bigoted father Frankie, who led the original investigation for wanting to blame Gary with no evidence. It transpires that the father of Mandy's child was Gary's brother Antony following a drunken one-night stand. Everything points to Antony being the murderer though he claims that he only helped Gary dispose of the corpse. The police think otherwise. As ...

S04E03 · Damaged

Sep 24, 2014

When his boy-friend Rich is murdered Adam Hutchings accuses homophobic neighbour Barry Keane, who had previously threatened them after they had tried to persuade his wife Charlotte, whom he had assaulted, to leave him. He has no alibi but under questioning admits that he was with Charlotte's friend Moira, with whom he is having an affair. Rachel's mother Sharon comes back into her life, as her drug-dealing boy-friend is on remand and she wants Rachel to get him bail. Rachel refuses but the distraction causes her to take her mind off the case, missing evidence. However...

A Matter of Rank
S04E04 · A Matter of Rank

Oct 01, 2014

Whilst Rachel secretly dates superintendent Will Pemberton Janet feels the need for a boyfriend and unsuccessfully tries speed dating. Both are called to a hotel where an unknown woman is found dead in a bedroom booked in the name of Grant Meath. However the real Grant Meath has an alibi and when, following an appeal, Chloe Michaels comes forward to report that she met a man called Grant Meath through a dating web-site and he almost killed her in the same room her description of him does not match Grant. Evidence points to married James Tollis who uses the site to ...

S04E05 · Neglect

Oct 08, 2014

Baby Drew Redhead dies in hospital and his parents Jenny and Marcus are suspected of foul play. Rachel and Janet interview them but whilst Marcus is calm Jenny is hostile, ringing alarm bells for Gill, especially as Drew has previous injuries reported by other hospitals. The couple point the police towards their baby-sitter Adjoah and her drug-addicted boyfriend Nick Wootton and cocaine found in Drew's system puts Wootton in the frame but then Adjoah tells Janet that Jenny was an inadequate mother who took drugs herself, a fact borne out by Marcus. Then Marcus comes ...

Professional Divide
S04E06 · Professional Divide

Oct 15, 2014

Tam and Patricia Robbinson are murdered in their own pub whilst their son Simon is staying with a friend. Simon believes his half-sister Carla to have died but she is very much alive though long estranged from her mother. The investigation links her to known criminal Ben Townsley, who met her in rehab and, whilst she claims they were mere acquaintances, her drugs dealer Mark Britton gives the police evidence which incriminates them both. Meanwhile Janet's daughter Elise returns home after developing a crush on her father's new partner's son and Will splits with Rachel...

Fatal Error
S04E07 · Fatal Error

Oct 22, 2014

A dead man is found on the moors with no clues to his identity until a woman called Maeve comes forward to name him as former lover Michael Greenholme, whom she last saw fifteen years ago. Janet and her colleagues interview farmer Callum Pritchard, who recently employed Michael, but he bolts and dies when his car overturns. A search of Pritchard's farm reveals three men imprisoned as slaves, opening a new line of enquiry when a simple employee of Pritchard is brought in. At the same time Janet informs Gill's friend DSI Julie Dobson that she is concerned about her boss...

Lost Loyalty
S04E08 · Lost Loyalty

Oct 29, 2014

Callum Pritchard's abrasive, foul-mouthed widow Evie is brought in on suspicion of unlawful imprisonment and killing Michael Greenholme but there is insufficient evidence and she is released. She later issues a statement claiming police harassment and alleging that Gill reeked of drink when she arrested her. Fingerprints found on the baseball bat that killed Mike belong to a known criminal, Des, who was part of the Pritchards' slave force and is now missing. With Gill temporarily off the case Rachel takes charge and is determined to prove that Evie Pritchard killed ...


Scott & Bailey Season 4 (2014) is released on Sep 10, 2014 and the latest season 5 of Scott & Bailey is released in 2016. Watch Scott & Bailey online - the English Crime TV series from United Kingdom. Scott & Bailey is directed by Morag Fullarton,China Moo-Young,Paul Walker,Juliet May and created by Sally Wainwright with Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp. Scott & Bailey is available online on Hoopla and BritBox.

As know as:

重案組女警, Scott & Bailey, Scott & Bailey(English), Scott & Bailey(French)


United Kingdom



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Red Production Company, Ingenious Broadcasting, Veredus Productions

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