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S01E01 · Beginning

Jul 09, 2015

Yuki loves going to school and seeing all her friends, and now she has to chase down her dog through the whole school, all the while her friends keep her in blissful ignorance of their real situation.

S01E02 · Memories

Jul 16, 2015

Kurumi recalls an upperclassman that she had a crush on before he became a zombie. Later, Yuki suggests going on a test of courage through the school, which the others use as a motive to obtain supplies.

That Time
S01E03 · That Time

Jul 23, 2015

Writing in her diary, Megumi recalls the events of the day everything changed.

S01E04 · Outing

Jul 30, 2015

Miki recalls her experiences of the incident, in which she and her friend were at a shopping mall when the outbreak occurred.

S01E05 · Meeting

Aug 06, 2015

Yuki and the others arrive at the shopping mall, exploring the place for supplies while taking care to avoid zombies.

S01E06 · Welcome

Aug 13, 2015

Given a tour of the school by Yuki upon waking up, Miki quickly comes to learn about her delusions.

A Letter
S01E07 · A Letter

Aug 20, 2015

As Yuki's delusion starts to show signs of cracking, Miki grows concerned that letting things continue this way is doing Yuki more harm than good. Later, Yuki manages to find a stationery set among Megumi's belongings, which the club decides to use to write letters to send outside.

S01E08 · Future

Aug 27, 2015

After Yuki and Kurumi give Taromaru a much-needed bath, the girls discuss their plans after they graduate while Yuuri recalls the day she and Megumi started the School Living Club.

S01E09 · Holiday

Sep 03, 2015

As the girls further inspect the manual, learning of a shelter hidden in the school's basement, Yuki ropes everyone into cleaning the school's water tank to use as a swimming pool.

Rainy Day
S01E10 · Rainy Day

Sep 10, 2015

Upon discovering that Taromaru has gone missing, the girls go off in search of him.

S01E11 · Scar

Sep 17, 2015

With zombies spreading across the school, Yuki rushes over to Miki's aid, giving her the encouragement she needs to go off in search of the antidote.

S01E12 · Graduation

Sep 24, 2015

Arriving at the broadcasting room, Yuki is cornered by zombies.


School-Live! (also know as Gakkô-gurashi!) Season 1 (2015) is released on Jul 09, 2015. Watch School-Live! online - the Japanese Animation TV series from Japan. School-Live! is directed by Masaomi Ando,Hitomi Ezoe,Taichi Atarashi,Pyeon-Gang Ho and created by Katelyn Barr with Inori Minase and Ari Ozawa. School-Live! is available online on Vudu and Amazon Video.

As know as:

Gakkô-gurashi!, Gakkô-gurashi!, School-Live!(English), School-Live!, がっこうぐらし!(Japanese)




Japanese, English

Production Companies:

Houbunsha, Lerche, NBCUniversal Entertainment

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