Episodes (20)

Hero's Last Mission
S01E01 · Hero's Last Mission

Sep 21, 2013

In the Catalina fire, Eriksson found a woman who said she lost her daughter in the fire and ask him to find her. He, Alfonso and Dunnigan must do all their can to find her meanwhile the fire have become bigger.

In Remembrance
S01E02 · In Remembrance

Sep 28, 2013

Reeling from the loss of their leader, the SAF3 team suffers another major blow when the very existence of the program is questioned by a board of review. Until the outcome is divulged, it is business as usual and the SAF3 team pulls together to make a dramatic car rescue.

Texas in a Bottle
S01E03 · Texas in a Bottle

Oct 05, 2013

The investigation into the SAF3 team's actions in the deadly Catalina fire carries on, while Alfonso struggles with his horrific physical injuries and haunting emotional scars. The remainder of the team is put into jeopardy while undertaking a daring underwater rescue.

Under Pressure
S01E04 · Under Pressure

Oct 12, 2013

Confident they will be reinstated after a suspension sentence they feel is unfair, the SAF3 team carries on with their training activities. A drill lead by Graciela Vega, a trauma nurse in the Los Angeles forest, turns into a real rescue when the SAF3 team comes across a welder fighting for his life.

S01E05 · Faces

Oct 19, 2013

Crushed by the news that SAF3 has been terminated, the team rallies together to overturn the decision. Anxiously awaiting the outcome of their appeal, they focus their energy on supporting Alfonso as he faces a new life after being severely burned.

I Can't Pretend
S01E06 · I Can't Pretend

Oct 26, 2013

After a string of testing events, SAF3 is rewarded with an unexpected posthumous gift from their leader. Graciela must face her greatest fear in a dangerous cliff rescue, while Alfonso struggles to claim his position back on the team.

Unknown Soldier
S01E07 · Unknown Soldier

Nov 02, 2013

A paddling row turns into a dangerous encounter for two SAF3 members when they are held captive by an unstable ex-soldier.

S01E08 · Vigilance

Nov 09, 2013

Eaach SAF3 members' area of expertise and resilience are put to the test when they are called to a hazardous underground rescue involving the deadly effects of a poisonous gas. Meanwhile, Charley gets herself noticed for her consistent rescue work along Malibu beach.

Training Day
S01E09 · Training Day

Nov 16, 2013

The new leader of SAF3 must face his personal issues in order to maintain his position in the organization. Meanwhile, the team intensifies their training schedule, focusing their energy on their respective weak points and helping one another overcoming their own fears.

Second Chances
S01E10 · Second Chances

Jan 18, 2014

Two members of the team experience first-hand the intransigent code of conduct by which SAF3 operates. Meanwhile, closure on a horrific experience that left him scarred for life, brings Alfonso a new sense of purpose.

S01E11 · Sacrifices

Jan 25, 2014

The SAF3 team are in a race against time to rescue refugees in a shipping container tossed overboard by human traffickers. The strong bond among the group is further strengthened beyond their work relationship by several acts of selflessness.

S01E12 · Adrift

Feb 01, 2014

The SAF3 helicopter crashes leaving three of the team seriously injured and adrift in the ocean. The rest of the team rallies to provide as much support as they can in the hopes of finding their friends alive.

S01E13 · Barriers

Feb 15, 2014

Two of the SAF3 team become trapped in a collapsed bomb shelter whilst saving injured victims.

Let It Burn
S01E14 · Let It Burn

Feb 22, 2014

When the SAF3 team arrives at a dangerous chemical fire to find six fire fighters trapped inside, they make the difficult decision to let it burn.

Finding Home
S01E15 · Finding Home

Mar 01, 2014

Eriksson goes to Cape Town to help Kacie find her father, and finds himself fighting a fire in the local township.

Father's Day
S01E16 · Father's Day

Feb 24, 2014

One of the Saf3 team members is haunted by the memory of her father's death in a tragic fire.

Who I Am
S01E17 · Who I Am

Apr 26, 2014

After the coast guard find the wreckage of the SAF3 Helo, Texas, Graciela and Jared decide to return to the scene of their near fatal crash.

Triumph Over Tragedy
S01E18 · Triumph Over Tragedy

Apr 28, 2014

On the five-year anniversary of the catastrophic fire that formed SAF3, each member is forced to relieve the tragic event that changed their lives.

Smoke Pipe
S01E19 · Smoke Pipe

May 05, 2014

When a diver is trapped in an underwater intake pipe, members of SAF3 must risk their own lives to set him free.

Independence Day
S01E20 · Independence Day

May 17, 2014

The 4th of July is the busiest day of the year for the SAF3 team, their skills and courage are pushed to the limit when they respond to an offshore explosion.


SAF3 Season 1 (2013) is released on Sep 21, 2013. Watch SAF3 online - the English Adventure TV series from United States. SAF3 is directed by Gary Capo,Gregory J. Bonann,Phil Scarpaci,Casey Brown and created by Gregory J. Bonann with Texas Battle and Katie Meehan. SAF3 is available online on Tubi TV and Freevee.

As know as:

Спасителен отряд, Калифорния(Bulgarian), Tűzön-vízen, Saf3, SAF3 2: Under Pressure, SAF3


United States



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Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films (EFO Films), Engine Entertainment, Envision Entertainment

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