Episodes (24)

John Wayne
S06E01 · John Wayne

Sep 11, 1972

Sketches include Laugh-In girls cheerleader opening, Intro to new cast members, Laugh-In Salutes the Summer of '72, Edith Ann's stories of school, All in the Ghetto, and Joke wall. Featuring John Wayne, Jill St. John, and the Keystone Cops

Dyan Cannon
S06E02 · Dyan Cannon

Sep 18, 1972

Sketches include Laugh-In looks at the News, News of the Past, Present, and Future, Cocktail party, Umpire blackouts, Lifeboat runners with Abbe and Julie, Caveman couples, Astronaut on the moon, Congressmen, Nun runners, Dyan visits the fabulous Farkle family, Salute to guns, and the Joke wall. Featuring Bob Hope, Dyan Cannon, Julie London, Abbe Lane, and Sammy Davis.

William Conrad
S06E03 · William Conrad

Sep 25, 1972

Meek mannered Bill Conrad rights wrongs as his alter ego Captain Amazing. Laugh-In salutes the Press. Nanette Fabray adds sign languages to her jokes. A quick peak at Safety in Cars. Frank Cannon meets the Farkels.

Lucie Arnaz
S06E04 · Lucie Arnaz

Oct 02, 1972

Lucie Arnaz portrays a tax consultant, a roller derby recruit, and a baby bird in the nest. The casts salutes the wold of adult books and magazines.

Michael Landon
S06E05 · Michael Landon

Oct 09, 1972

Sketches include Lyle Waggoner as Dick Martin's double, Dan and Steve Allen as Hillbillies Barlow and Zeke, Laugh-In salutes Commercials and Frank Welker's animal impressions. Jud Strunk drives everybody away from the Party by telling a long story. The News segment is introduced by the girls as horse race jockeys and includes Dan and Dick as Pat and Mike from the Shambrock Network. Featuring Michael Landon, Mama Cass, Della Reese, Steve Allen, Frank Welker and Henny Youngman.

Jack Benny
S06E06 · Jack Benny

Oct 23, 1972

The cast salutes the Revolutionary War while Jack Benny wanders about looking for the Dean Martin Show. Lester encounters a white Bill Cosby while the ladies sing the news theme as matadors.

Jean Stapleton
S06E07 · Jean Stapleton

Oct 16, 1972

Jean Stapleton joins the cuckoos to salute the family and does a song-and-dance number with Jud Strunk. She also plays a woman who hears music and has to go to a psychiatrist to find out why.

Mike Connors
S06E08 · Mike Connors

Oct 30, 1972

Sketches include Prize fighter, Nude women crossovers, World's quickest movies, Nurse purse snatcher, Astronaut on the moon, News of Cuba,Cocktail party, Lion tamer, Ruth and Dennis Honeymoon quickie, Confidential magazine, Flying Fickle Finger of Fate, Lawyer blackout, No more guns, Robin hood blackouts, Kiss of death, and Return of the Swizzlers. Featuring Mike Connors and Carol Burnett.

Sally Struthers
S06E09 · Sally Struthers

Nov 13, 1972

Sketches include Don faith healer runner, Lily at the checkout counter, Don as a cowboy, The Farkle family says hello, Mean nurse, Tribute to W.C Fields, Quickies, Spanking baby movie, Lily'sStammering lady, Salute to good manners, Don visits the moon, A look at etiquette,Visit with Captain Bly, Headline news, and Special events of the week. Featuring DonRickles.

James Caan
S06E10 · James Caan

Nov 20, 1972

James Caan helps the cast salute Thanksgiving, does a spoof of The King and I with Dick, does a vaudeville song, and plays a soldier who volunteers for a dangerous mission. Cameos include Bob Crane, Nanette Fabray and Della Reese.

Carol Burnett
S06E11 · Carol Burnett

Nov 27, 1972

Carol Burnett joins the cast in saluting old time comics like W.C. Fields and Mae West and also plays the matriarch of a gang of thieves. The news looks at a man fasting for years and the China/Russia border.

Jack Klugman
S06E12 · Jack Klugman

Dec 04, 1972

Guest Jack Klugman is Filthy Farkle in a regular Farkle family skit. Jack portrays a dog delivering news from the animal world. Ruth Buzzi plays Gladys who daydreams she's wed to Jack who's as messy as his Oscar character.

Steve Lawrence, Steve Allen, Peter Marshall
S06E13 · Steve Lawrence, Steve Allen, Peter Marshall

Dec 11, 1972

Steve Lawrence guests in the series' final Christmas episode, including playing Santa, dueling Grouchos with Richard Dawson, and singing the news theme with the girls as snowflake fairies. Steve Allen answers questions as Mr. Know-It-All.

Howard Cosell, Alex Karras, Vin Scully, Mark Spitz
S06E14 · Howard Cosell, Alex Karras, Vin Scully, Mark Spitz

Dec 18, 1972

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

Don Rickles
S06E15 · Don Rickles

Jan 08, 1973

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Robert Goulet again
S06E16 · Robert Goulet again

Jan 15, 1973

Guest Robert Goulet plays a Greek folk dancer, Sir Lancelot, and Bert Barks, a beauty pageant host. The cast parodies the hit Broadway musical Camelot.

Sammy Davis Jr.
S06E17 · Sammy Davis Jr.

Jan 22, 1973

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Angie Dickinson, Totie Fields, Monty Hall, Frank Welker
S06E18 · Angie Dickinson, Totie Fields, Monty Hall, Frank Welker

Jan 29, 1973

The cast and guests look at the American presidency. Skits include a press conference handled like an evening talk show. The president practices drinking vodka before a Russia trip. A president stays in the White House after losing.

Phyllis Diller again
S06E19 · Phyllis Diller again

Feb 05, 1973

Special guest Phyllis Diller does a standup performance about her recent face lift. She plays classical piano, dances the French can can, then appears a a chicken. The entire cast salutes the jet set.

Ernest Borgnine, Arthur Godfrey, Don Rickles, John Wayne, Slappy White
S06E20 · Ernest Borgnine, Arthur Godfrey, Don Rickles, John Wayne, Slappy White

Feb 12, 1973

Sketches include Judy parlor scene, Groucho cafe, News billboard, Business news,Sports news, Con man bit, John's rebuttal, Spy business blackout, Dan and Johnfoxhole scene, Salute to California, Offshore drilling, Gambling blackout, Dan and Dickon Doris Day, Robot Theater, Indian smoke with John, and Dick's finale. Featuring Don Rickles, John Wayne, and Ruth Buzzi.

David Birney & Meredith Baxter-Birney
S06E21 · David Birney & Meredith Baxter-Birney

Feb 19, 1973

Guest Meredith Baxter and David Birney play an indignant wife and her husband who's has too much to drink. Then the married couple are two co-stars who carry their disagreement onto the movie set.

Johnny Carson, Sandy Duncan, Arthur Godfrey, Charlie Callas
S06E22 · Johnny Carson, Sandy Duncan, Arthur Godfrey, Charlie Callas

Feb 26, 1973

In a Three Musketeers skit Charlie Callas, Johnny Carson, and Arthur Godfrey play the intrepid trio. Sandy Duncan portrays an off the wall art dealer. The entire cast looks at the world of circuses.

Dom DeLuise
S06E23 · Dom DeLuise

Mar 05, 1973

Guest Dom DeLuise portrays an Apache dancer. Then he is Dominick the Great the amazing juggler, magician, but also a fraud. The cast salutes the world of actors.

Ernest Borgnine, Sammy Davis Jr., Robert Goulet, Rip Taylor, Jo Anne Worley
S06E24 · Ernest Borgnine, Sammy Davis Jr., Robert Goulet, Rip Taylor, Jo Anne Worley

Mar 12, 1973

Sketches include Beauty parlor, Girdle shop visit with Edith-Ann, Drunk quickies, Marriage counselor, Cannibal blackouts, Fickle finger of fate aware, Emission quickie, Plastic surgery, Study of wife swapping, Trading stamps, Noise line, Lily's stammering lady, Preview of upcoming shows, The Swizzlers, General Bullwright's report, and Clown closing. Featuring Sammy Davis, Jr.


Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (also know as Laugh-In) Season 6 (1972) is released on Sep 11, 1972 and the latest season 6 of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In is released in 1972. Watch Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In is directed by Mark Warren,Gordon Wiles,Bill Foster and created by Jim Mulligan with Dan Rowan and Dick Martin. Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In is available online on The Roku Channel and Pluto TV.

As know as:

Laugh-In, Laugh-In(French), Хохмы Роуэна и Мартина, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, Laugh-In


United States



Production Companies:

George Schlatter-Ed Friendly Productions, Romart Inc.

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