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The Prophecy
S02E01 · The Prophecy

Mar 09, 1985

John has been taken prisoner at Nottingham and makes a friend in fellow prisoner Mark, who, after Robin has found an opportunity to free John and his new found friend, decides to join the band of outlaws. Due to Prince John's imminent arrival in Nottingham, Gisburne begins to repair the castle walls. When Prince John arrives, he brings with him a mysterious masked prisoner, who turns out to be a man returned from the dead.

The Children of Israel
S02E02 · The Children of Israel

Mar 16, 1985

The Sheriff has borrowed money from the rich Jew Joshua de Talmont, who makes his living as a "money-lender". Reluctant to return the money when the time is due, The Sheriff makes Gisburne arrange a riot in which all Jews in Nottingham will be killed. Gisburne, however, has got a few plans of his own, having secretly fallen in love with de Talmont's beautiful daughter Sarah. Meanwhile, Robin and Will have a major disagreement, resulting in Scarlet leaving the band of outlaws.

Lord of the Trees
S02E03 · Lord of the Trees

Mar 23, 1985

Sherwood Forest and the neighbouring villages are celebrating "The Time of the Blessing", an annual forest tradition. Gisburne, left in charge while The Sheriff does his annual touring of the county, is alarmed by the increasing amount of poaching in the forest and thus invites his old war-friend Bertrand de Nivelle to Nottingham in order to put a stop to Robin Hood once and for all.

The Enchantment
S02E04 · The Enchantment

Mar 30, 1985

Robin is put under a spell by the witch Lilith, who makes him steal Herne's Silver Arrow for her. Together with The Arrow, they head for Castle Belleme, where Lilith brings her dead master, Baron de Belleme, back to life. Gisburne, jealous of The Sheriff's new helper Ralph, also goes to Castle Belleme in order to search for the Baron's hidden jewels, and further, to murder Ralph.

The Swords of Wayland
S02E05 · The Swords of Wayland

Apr 06, 1985

The village of Uffcombe is getting nightly visits from strangely disguised riders, called "The Hounds of Lucifer" by locals, who kill and drag away terrified villagers. The riders have also been seen robbing a local church, badly hurting the priest who worked there. Gareth of Uffcombe decides to travel to Sherwood to ask "the people's hero" for help against these devils.

The Greatest Enemy
S02E06 · The Greatest Enemy

Apr 13, 1985

The Sheriff is ordered by the King to put a stop to Robin Hood once and for all, or else Robert de Rainault will lose all his power as sheriff. Using threats to set up an ambush at Wickham, and bloodhounds to follow the outlaws desperate attempt to escape back into the depths of Sherwood, it soon evolves into a dramatic life-or-death chase through the forest. In the end, Robin finds himself alone and surrounded by soldiers on an open field, realising that he must make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save his band members and continue to protect the people of ...


Robin Hood (also know as Robin of Sherwood) Season 2 (1985) is released on Mar 09, 1985 and the latest season 3 of Robin Hood is released in 1986. Watch Robin Hood online - the English Action TV series from United Kingdom. Robin Hood is directed by Robert Young,Ian Sharp,Gerry Mill,James Allen and created by Richard Carpenter with Peter Llewellyn Williams and Ray Winstone. Robin Hood is available online on Crackle and BritBox.

As know as:

Robin of Sherwood, Robin Hood, Robin of Sherwood, Robin of Sherwood(English), Robin of Sherwood(French)


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Goldcrest Films International, Harlech Television (HTV)

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