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Star Trek Discovery Mid-Season
S03E01 · Star Trek Discovery Mid-Season

Jan 08, 2018

Nerd Alert. Mike and Rich go insane debating Discovery Vs. The Orville.

Pink Flamingos
S03E02 · Pink Flamingos

Feb 05, 2018

Jay and Josh discuss John Waters' classic celebration of trash, Pink Flamingos. Things get kind of gross.

Star Trek Discovery Season 1
S03E03 · Star Trek Discovery Season 1

Feb 20, 2018

The first season of Star Trek Discovery has ended. Join Mike and Rich Evans as they have a nice chat about it. What happened? What's to come? How did it end? Good times are had by all. Enjoy.

Freddy Got Fingered
S03E04 · Freddy Got Fingered

Mar 24, 2018

Mike and Jay discuss the much-hated Tom Green vehicle Freddy Got Fingered. And no, they don't talk about the "Daddy Would You Like Some Sausage" song. You've already heard everyone that has ever mentioned this movie talk about the "Daddy Would You Like Some Sausage" song.

The Guest
S03E05 · The Guest

May 11, 2018

Jay is joined by screenwriter Simon Barrett to discuss his 2014 action/comedy/horror/musical (?) film The Guest.

S03E06 · Critters

May 24, 2018

Mike and Jay discuss the OTHER rubber puppet monster movie from the 1980's. No, not THAT rubber puppet monster movie from the 1980s...the OTHER one. No, the OTHER one. OMG it's Critters.

John Carpenter's The Thing
S03E07 · John Carpenter's The Thing

Jul 13, 2018

Jay and Colin talk about The Thing. They also briefly touch on The Thing (1951) as well as The Thing (2011).

Strange Brew
S03E08 · Strange Brew

Jul 25, 2018

A couple of Canadians discuss a movie about a couple of Canadians. It's Strange Brew. The most Canadian Canada movie to ever Canada.

S03E09 · Predator

Aug 23, 2018

Jay and Jack talk about the 1987 Arnold classic Predator. Insert Predator meme of your choice here.

Star Trek: Galaxy
S03E10 · Star Trek: Galaxy

Sep 11, 2018

This is a milestone. The first re:View based on something that doesn't exist. I guess it's not a re:View, but oh well. Mike and Rich spitball some ideas for that newly announced Picard TV show. Mike has an idea to put Picard back on a Galaxy class ship again so he can relish in nostalgia and yell "I recognize that!" at his TV. Rich and Mike talk crew, mission, science mystery and not having a Star Trek series based on "action schlock" and terrible things that make us puke.

The Psycho Franchise (part 1 of 2)
S03E11 · The Psycho Franchise (part 1 of 2)

Oct 02, 2018

Jay and Josh welcome the Halloween season by discussing Psycho, the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie, as well as all the sequels that nobody ever talks about or remembers.

The Psycho Franchise (part 2 of 2)
S03E12 · The Psycho Franchise (part 2 of 2)

Oct 08, 2018

Jay and Josh continue discussing the Psycho series with Parts 3 and 4. Oh and I guess there was a remake or something too?

S03E13 · Hackers

Nov 05, 2018

Jack and Mack talk about Hack...ers. Jack is joined by special guest Macaulay Culkin to talk about this "classic" mid-90s techno-thriller or whatever it is.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
S03E14 · Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Nov 18, 2018

It's the team up you've all been waiting for. Dry and sarcastic meets dry and sarcastic. Two dull, unfunny, elderly men talk about an old, dull, dry film. WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN THAT KIDS?!?!?!? Seriously though, Mike and Jim love Star Trek The Motion Picture. It's mainly because they are dry, dull, and elderly.


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