Episodes (7)

The Amount
S01E01 · The Amount

Sep 17, 2002

By the book IRS agent Jim Prufrock receives a fax containing financial information from the Versailles Casino, with the name and phone number of a Silas Bodnick. He calls Mr. Bodnick to report the financial information's accidental release and the accounting error he can't help but notice. Bodnick threatens the agent to not contact him again, making the agent decide to pursue the matter and he takes off for Push, Nevada. A large amount of money is apparently stolen from the Versailles Casino.

The Black Box
S01E02 · The Black Box

Sep 19, 2002

Having witnessed Silas Bodnick's murder, Prufrock stays in Push, Nevada rather than return as he was requested. We discover only a million and change and a Bible were stolen from the casino vault. Jim reports the murder to the sheriff but gaming commission men in black show up to report Bodnick's death as suicide. Jim stumbles on another "suicide."

The Color of...
S01E03 · The Color of...

Sep 26, 2002

Jim gets a tip on the killer but both the sheriff and his own boss advise him to leave town. Instead, he decides to inspect the Versailles Casino.

Storybook Hero
S01E04 · Storybook Hero

Oct 03, 2002

The sheriff arrests Jim for the murders. Just when things seem the bleakest someone mysteriously bails him out and he continues his investigation starting with Sloman, the sinister owner of the town's casino.

The Letter of the Law
S01E05 · The Letter of the Law

Oct 10, 2002

While his IRS friend, Grace, digs for more information back home, Jim finds a new possible ally, suffers from further traumatic flashbacks to his childhood, investigates the town's bank, and learns the horrible truth about Sloman's family.

S01E06 · ···---···

Oct 24, 2002

Jim tries to warn the world that something is rotten in Push, Nevada before it's too late and investigates the men in black. Grace has a hearing. Mary wants the Bible. Depute Dawn wants her man. The title ···---··· is Morse code for S.O.S.

Jim's Domain
S01E07 · Jim's Domain

Oct 24, 2002

In this impromptu finale, everything suddenly works out perfectly for Jim, but it's all too good to be true. With the show's cancellation, a meta open ending was added, and the remaining 6 episodes were never aired.


Push, Nevada Season 1 (2002) is released on Sep 17, 2002. Watch Push, Nevada online - the English Crime TV series from United States. Push, Nevada is directed by Lisa Cholodenko,Rodman Flender,Nick Gomez,Davis Guggenheim and created by Ben Affleck with Derek Cecil and Scarlett Chorvat.

As know as:

Толчок, Невада, Push, Nevada


United States



Production Companies:

LivePlanet, Touchstone Television, Touchstone Pictures

Cast & Crew

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