Episodes (10)

Crocodile Fears
S03E01 · Crocodile Fears

Mar 23, 2009

As the team mourns the loss of Stephen Hart, Lester recruits Captain Becker to prevent any more deaths. They're sent to the British Museum where a creature resembling the ancient Egyptian deity Ammut is on the loose.

Haunted House
S03E02 · Haunted House

Mar 30, 2009

The team discover a creature that can camouflage itself at an abandoned house. As they investigate, they cross paths with an interfering cop. Meanwhile, their headquarters is infiltrated by someone who should have been dead.

Medical Mayhem
S03E03 · Medical Mayhem

Apr 06, 2009

The team are sent to a hospital to capture a number of diictodons that have come through an anomaly and are wreaking havoc. Meanwhile Helen sends a clone of Cutter to infiltrate the ARC.

A Gigantic Problem
S03E04 · A Gigantic Problem

Apr 18, 2009

An anomaly opens at an aircraft hanger and reporter Mick Harper arrives with a television crew. To make matters worse, a giant giganotosaurus comes through and a stubborn Danny Quinn arrives to help the team.

Future Epidemic
S03E05 · Future Epidemic

Apr 25, 2009

An anomaly from the future appears in a millionaire's apartment, bringing with it a deadly future fungus that infects those who touch it. An intruder in the ARC turns out to be Danny Quinn, still trying to convince the team he can help.

For the Birds
S03E06 · For the Birds

May 02, 2009

When Christine Johnson takes over the ARC in an attempt to seize the artifact, the team flee to an old government safe house but soon find themselves surviving against a group of angry terror birds that have come through an anomaly.

Dragon Tales
S03E07 · Dragon Tales

May 09, 2009

A dinosaur comes through an anomaly at a junkyard, soon followed by a medieval knight who believes it to be a dragon and wishes to slay it. The team must now not only capture the creature but also stop the knight causing havoc in London.

Oh, Brother
S03E08 · Oh, Brother

May 16, 2009

Giant ant-like creatures from the future come through an anomaly at a race track. Abby's brother Jack uses her anomaly detector to find the anomaly and ends up stranded in the future. Danny and the team go in to rescue him.

Herd Logic
S03E09 · Herd Logic

May 23, 2009

A herd of rhinoceros-like creatures come through an anomaly at a camp-site. The team arrive at the scene, except for Danny who is busy infiltrating Johnson's HQ to find out what she's up to.

The Chase Continues
S03E10 · The Chase Continues

Jun 06, 2009

Danny, Connor and Abby pursue Helen Cutter through a series of anomalies in order to stop her from wiping out humanity's ancestors, facing dangerous obstacles along the way.


Primeval Season 3 (2009) is released on Mar 23, 2009 and the latest season 5 of Primeval is released in 2011. Watch Primeval online - the English Action TV series from United Kingdom. Primeval is directed by Cilla Ware,Jamie Payne,Mark Everest,Robert Quinn and created by Tim Haines with Andrew Lee Potts and Hannah Spearritt. Primeval is available online on Hulu and Crackle.

As know as:

Primeval, Nick Cutter et les portes du temps(French), Invasores Primitivos(dubbed version), Primeval(English), Primitif(French)


United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland



Production Companies:

ITV Productions, Impossible Pictures, M6 Films

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