Episodes (13)

S01E01 · Rebellion

Feb 27, 1972

The Protestant Duke of Monmouth has landed in Dorset, determined to raise an army and wrest the throne from his Catholic uncle, James II.

Not a Live Thing Left
S01E02 · Not a Live Thing Left

Mar 05, 1972

Elam sets off with his sister, Perfect, to find their father and avoid the conflicts and passions of the Monmouth rebellion.

S01E03 · Escape!

Mar 12, 1972

Joachim, Elam and Perfect are held by Royalist soldiers on the march. When they make camp, the children plan to free Joachim. Encountering two of Monmouth's men who wish to desert, Elam tries to inspire them to fight on.

In Safe Keeping
S01E04 · In Safe Keeping

Mar 19, 1972

The children seek refuge from the Royalists with Alice, an innkeeper in a village that supports the rebel cause - but danger stalks in the form of a merchant who plans to kidnap the children and hold them to ransom.

The Players to the Rescue
S01E05 · The Players to the Rescue

Mar 26, 1972

Elam and Perfect are still locked in the hovel while Bailey and Carrity wait for a chance to hand them to the Royalists. However, Joachim meets the travelling Players and together they arrive in the village, where innkeeper Alice has discovered Bailey's plot.

S01E06 · Shipwreck

Apr 02, 1972

Still trying to reaching the Duke, Joachim, Elam and Perfect board a boat for a trip along the Bristol Channel to Bridgewater. Both the boatman and the weather turn against them.

The Paymaster
S01E07 · The Paymaster

Apr 09, 1972

Elam, Perfect and Joachim finally make it to Somerset but Joachim is arrested by the King's Dragoons when he is caught trying to steal some food.

Prince of Avalon
S01E08 · Prince of Avalon

Apr 16, 1972

Young Elam's claim to royal blood seems to be recognised when he is greeted as a prince on the road to Glastonbury - but it is only by a scheming merchant who plans to use the lad to gain favour with Monmouth.

Into Battle
S01E09 · Into Battle

Apr 23, 1972

The battle to decide the fate of the throne is imminent: the King's army camps on Sedgemoor while Monmouth plans a surprise attack. Meanwhile, Elam and Perfect decide to follow the assorted rebel forces as they march from Bridgewater.

The Last Battle
S01E10 · The Last Battle

Apr 30, 1972

The rival forces come together at last on Sedgemoor in a battle which will determine the future of the English crown once and for all.

The Eye of the Drum
S01E11 · The Eye of the Drum

May 07, 1972

After their disastrous rout at Sedgemoor, the battered remnants of Monmouth's rebels are forced to flee the wrath of the victorious Royalists. Elam and Perfect must not only save themselves but try to rescue the captured Joachim.

S01E12 · Prizemen

May 14, 1972

Elam finally confronts the man whom he believes to be his father. He finds that the Pretender is very unlike the man that he had imagined him to be.

Fare Thee Well
S01E13 · Fare Thee Well

May 21, 1972

Joachim is now on the run and, amid a climactic series of events, abandons the two children.


Pretenders Season 1 (1972) is released on Feb 27, 1972. Watch Pretenders online - the English Adventure TV series from United Kingdom. Pretenders is directed by Patrick Dromgoole,Bill Bain,Fred Burnley,Terry Delacey and created by Bob Baker with Frederick Jaeger and Curtis Arden.

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HTV, Harlech Television (HTV)

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