Episodes (14)

A Brew Challenger
S01E01 · A Brew Challenger

Apr 28, 2006

Lin-Ku fumes over an unexpected turn of events at a recent fighting tournament.

Poker, Mon
S01E02 · Poker, Mon

May 26, 2006

It's poker night at Count Nefarious Vile's lair, but Captain Psychodrive brings entirely the wrong kind of deck.

Pit Fallout
S01E03 · Pit Fallout

Jun 29, 2006

Sam and Lin-Ku must rescue three diplomats from a remote jungle prison, but a trio of chomping crocodiles stands in their way.

Pac-Manic Depression
S01E04 · Pac-Manic Depression

Jul 28, 2006

Count Vile must rid his lair of a ravenous yellow creature lurking deep within the catacombs.

Tomb Traitor
S01E05 · Tomb Traitor

Aug 25, 2006

On a mission to retrieve a valuable artifact, Sam encounters crypt-robbing rival Lauren Ketch.

Symphony of the Trite
S01E06 · Symphony of the Trite

Aug 29, 2006

Lord Vlad's phone call is rudely interrupted by an irksome vampire hunter.

Strategy Games
S01E07 · Strategy Games

Nov 24, 2006

Princess Passion Fruit calls the Resistance together to form a plan of attack against the dastardly Count Vile.

Statue of Limitations
S01E08 · Statue of Limitations

Dec 29, 2006

Buzz and Plumber Pete attempt to assassinate Count Vile as he checks on the progress of a statue built in his honor.

Mage of Empires
S01E09 · Mage of Empires

Jan 26, 2007

Sam and Trenton must obtain the Oracle from the temple of the cute, but unfriendly, Dark Mages.

Endgame Part 1
S01E10 · Endgame Part 1

Feb 23, 2007

Count Vile decides to recruit a new general for his armies and interviews a certain white-haired swordsman.

Endgame Part 2
S01E11 · Endgame Part 2

Mar 30, 2007

The Resistance is under siege by Count Vile's troops.

S01E12 · Pac-Manifold

Jul 27, 2007

Vile's old nemesis is back and, this time, he's brought the family.

S01E13 · F-Xerox

Aug 31, 2007

Johnson's photocopying errand turns out to be more than he bargained for.

S01E14 · Megabusted

Sep 25, 2007

On their quest to find the prophecy boy, Sam and Lin-Ku need information from a surly but familiar Drunk.


Press Start Adventures Season 1 (2006) is released on Apr 28, 2006 and the latest season 3 of Press Start Adventures is released in 2009. Watch Press Start Adventures online - the English Animation TV series from United States. Press Start Adventures is directed by Ed Glaser and created by Kevin Folliard with Peter A. Davis and Arin Hanson.

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Press Start Adventures


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Dark Maze Studios

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