Episodes (5)

S01E01 · Cheetah

Dec 11, 2022

In the southern plains of Africa's Serengeti, a notorious brotherhood of cheetahs - Luka and Kovu - hold their hard-fought territory. But when a raging bushfire destroys their prized hunting ground and drives them into exile, they must draw on all their cunning and camaraderie to survive and secure a new home.

Polar Bear
S01E02 · Polar Bear

Jan 01, 2022

On Canada's shores, a unique community of polar bears dominate the frozen wilderness. Every year hunger drives them to make an epic journey, following the freezing and melting of the sea ice as they hunt their prey of choice, seals.

S01E03 · Lion

Jan 01, 2022

In the Okavango Delta, young lioness Nikki is part of the Matata Pride. They hold one of the most desirable territories in the area, but it comes at a cost.

S01E04 · Puma

Jan 01, 2022

In the remote mountains of Patagonia, puma mother Rupestre, has just six months to teach her four cubs everything they need to survive. But as their world becomes increasingly competitive, will they be ready to face adulthood alone?

Wild Dog
S01E05 · Wild Dog

Jan 01, 2022

In the remote northern reaches of Zimbabwe, an African wild dog, Violet, has had a puppy. But she's young and inexperienced, and most of her previous litters haven't survived. Now is the time for her to learn from her previous mistakes.


Predators Season 1 (2022) is released on Dec 11, 2022. Watch Predators online - the English Documentary TV series from United States. Predators is directed by Vanessa Coates,Dan Smith,Will Benson and created by Vanessa Coates with Tom Hardy and .

As know as:

Predators(English), Predators(Hindi), Predators, Predators(French), Predators - Jäger in Gefahr


United States



Production Companies:

Netflix Studios, Sky

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