Episodes (26)

Outside the Atmosphere
S01E01 · Outside the Atmosphere

Oct 04, 2003

New recruit Tanabe arrives on the station and reports for work in the debris section, also called the "half section" because it is only 50% staffed. She meets all of her new co-workers and gets partnered up with Hachimaki, who shows her the ropes. They get assigned to save a military satellite from being struck by a peace plate.

Like a Dream
S01E02 · Like a Dream

Aug 11, 2003

Hachimaki is made fun of by his co-workers in the Debris Section and Technora because he dreams of getting his own spaceship by winning the lottery. Tanabe continues her zero gravity training with Hachimaki.

Return Trajectory
S01E03 · Return Trajectory

Aug 13, 2003

Life insurance salespeople swarm the ISPV-7 while members of the Debris Section write their annual wills. Tanabe and Hachimaki, along with Yuri, recover a space coffin containing a famous astronaut.

Part of the Job
S01E04 · Part of the Job

Aug 18, 2003

Colin Clifford, the spoiled son of the current INTO chairman, visits the ISPV-7 and observes a debris hauling mission with the Debris Section.

Fly Me to the Moon
S01E05 · Fly Me to the Moon

Nov 01, 2003

Hachimaki, Tanabe, and Fee decide to go to the Moon for their holiday, and happen to end up on a lunar ferry co-piloted by Cheng-Shin.

The Lunar Flying Squirrels
S01E06 · The Lunar Flying Squirrels

Nov 08, 2003

Hachimaki takes Tanabe to a rundown hotel on the Moon. Unfortunately, the surrounding neighbors are a group of wannabe ninjas who chase after Hachimaki due to a misunderstanding.

Extraterrestrial Girl
S01E07 · Extraterrestrial Girl

Nov 15, 2003

After injuring his leg parachuting from the hotel fire, Hachimaki must stay in a hospital on the Moon for a week to recover.

A Place to Cling to
S01E08 · A Place to Cling to

Nov 22, 2003

Robbie suspects that Fee is having an affair with Dolf, the Technora Second Division director, and informs the other members of the Debris Section about it.

S01E09 · Regrets

Nov 29, 2003

Gigalt, Hachimaki's extra-vehicular activity former instructor, visits the Debris Section as part of a safety inspection. On a debris hauling run supervised by Gigalt, the crew encounters a group performing illegal debris dumping.

A Sky of Stardust
S01E10 · A Sky of Stardust

Dec 06, 2003

Hachimaki notices that both Tanabe and Yuri have been acting strange lately.

Boundary Line
S01E11 · Boundary Line

Dec 13, 2003

An engineer from an impoverished country called El-Tanica comes to the ISPV-7 to have his new spacesuit tested.

A Modest Request
S01E12 · A Modest Request

Dec 20, 2003

Fee and Yuri take the Toy Box to the Moon for routine repairs. On her way to the smoking room there, Fee narrowly escapes a terrorist attack.

Scenery With a Rocket
S01E13 · Scenery With a Rocket

Jan 10, 2004

Since the Toy Box has been destroyed, the Debris Section go on a holiday on Earth. Tanabe and Yuri accompany Hachimaki on a visit to his mother and younger brother.

Turning Point
S01E14 · Turning Point

Jan 17, 2004

Tanabe and Hachimaki hesitate to realize their feelings for each other, especially after Robbie informs the Debris Section that office romance is prohibited because of the risk of demotion or reassignment.

In Her Case
S01E15 · In Her Case

Jan 24, 2004

The Debris Section worries about Edel. During a conference meeting, Gigalt's heart gives out and is sent to the hospital. Hachimaki seems to be struggling on his first date with Tanabe, and they decide to check into a hotel for privacy.

S01E16 · Ignition

Jan 31, 2004

Hachimaki is stuck adrift in space in the middle of a solar flare, yet miraculously survives. However, due to the mental trauma sustained he may be grounded for the rest of his life.

His Reasons
S01E17 · His Reasons

Feb 07, 2004

Claire has been reassigned to monitor the flight crew and assist Cheng-Shin because of a string of mistakes. The head designer of the Jupiter Exploration Mission, Werner Locksmith, goes to visit the Debris Section to speak with Hachimaki. He is in search of Goro Hoshino, Hachimaki's father.

Debris Section, Last Day
S01E18 · Debris Section, Last Day

Feb 14, 2004

Dolph is replaced as director of the Technora Second Division, and the new director wants to shut down the Debris Section.

Endings Are Always...
S01E19 · Endings Are Always...

Feb 21, 2004

The Debris Section has won a reprieve after their discovery and destruction of the classified INTO mine. On Earth, Hachimaki and Cheng-Shin both apply to be candidates to join the Von Braun's crew.

Tentative Steps
S01E20 · Tentative Steps

Feb 28, 2004

Claire has been demoted from the Control Section to the Debris Section, where she replaces Hachimaki and is trained by Tanabe, who is upset about Hachimaki's absence.

Tandem Mirror
S01E21 · Tandem Mirror

Mar 06, 2004

The Debris Section has been assigned to the Moon for a month to help collect debris from the Tandem Mirror Drive disaster, with Colin and Lucie tagging along on the flight over.

S01E22 · Exposure

Mar 13, 2004

Philippe, Robbie, and Edel are welcomed by the Debris Section stationed on the Moon. Meanwhile, Hachimaki is called to the Moon for questioning about Hakim's social status and his possible connection with the Space Defense Front.

Debris Cluster
S01E23 · Debris Cluster

Mar 20, 2004

The Space Defense Front makes a bold attempt at interrupting an ongoing INTO summit by taking control of the Von Braun and jamming all communications in orbit. They take Dolf hostage and force him to shut down the engine, and the Von Braun is redirected onto a collision course with the largest lunar city, which is used as leverage to fore the INTO council to accept the SDF's demands.

S01E24 · Love

Apr 03, 2004

The Space Defense Front is about to crash the Von Braun into the largest city on the Moon. Tanabe finds a badly wounded Claire and takes her to an escape pod. Fee and Yuri free themselves aboard the Toy Box and attempt to push the Von Braun away from the city with the help of Cheng-Shin.

The Lost
S01E25 · The Lost

Apr 10, 2004

Following the Von Braun crisis, Hachimaki sinks into a deep depression, isolates himself, and nearly dies on the lunar surface. Dolf sends Hachimaki and Goro back to Earth for a holiday. Hachimaki makes a chance stop on the ISPV-7 to visit the Debris Section, where he finds Tanabe's will. After spending time with his family but failing to recover, he discovers that Tanabe didn't write anything in her will, which he accidentally brought with him. This moves him to try and drive to Tanabe on his motorcycle to visit her one last time.

And the Days We Chance Upon...
S01E26 · And the Days We Chance Upon...

Apr 17, 2004

Hachimaki and Cheng-Shin visit Claire in prison. After months of intensive physical therapy and a full recovery, Tanabe visits the ISPV-7, and meets Hachimaki there. The members of the Debris Section, as well as some other friends, are happy to see them.


Planetes Season 1 (2003) is released on Oct 04, 2003. Watch Planetes online - the Japanese Animation TV series from Japan. Planetes is directed by Gorô Taniguchi,Tatsuya Igarashi,Masaki Kitamura,Yoshimitsu Ôhashi and created by Makoto Yukimura with Kazunari Tanaka and Satsuki Yukino.

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