Episodes (12)

Highway of Horrors
S05E01 · Highway of Horrors

Mar 22, 2021

In 1992, a college student disappears after her car breaks down on the highway. Family and friends join police in a frantic search that hits one setback after another. It may take new advances in DNA technology to finally crack this stubborn case.

Jenner Beach Murders
S05E02 · Jenner Beach Murders

Mar 29, 2021

In the summer of 2004, Lindsay Cutshall and Jason Allen are working as councilors at an outdoor Christian adventure camp in Northern California They decide to head down the coast for a weekend getaway, but when they fail to return to camp Sunday evening, the camp staff become very concerned. A search ensues and police discover the couples' bodies at Fish Head Beach, in Jenner, California. As police begin investigating the double homicide, they discover the killer has left no clues and little evidence. Over the succeeding days, weeks and years, Sonoma County Detectives...

Flight Risk
S05E03 · Flight Risk

Apr 05, 2021

Kelsey Berreth, a young mother, and pilot was last heard from on the morning of Thanksgiving 2018. Her fiance is worried she may have harmed herself after a stressful year. But when police discover blood in an unusual place, they begin to unravel a bizarre story of love, jealousy, and a murder that goes far beyond what anyone in law enforcement could have imagined.

The Delphi Killers
S05E04 · The Delphi Killers

Apr 12, 2021

Two middle school girls are found murdered in a quiet rural town. The police officers look for the mysterious man after discovering that one of the girls may have recorded her killer through her phone.

Blood Ties
S05E05 · Blood Ties

Apr 19, 2021

Helene a radio station intern's death is hopeless until one cop digs into a family tree and eventually, forensic genealogy leads to a man on the run for decades.

The Hollywood Ripper
S05E06 · The Hollywood Ripper

Apr 26, 2021

People Magazine Investigates goes inside the case of a brutal serial killer who terrorized women in California and Illinois.

Little Girl Gone
S05E07 · Little Girl Gone

May 03, 2021

In the summer of 2003, the Iron Range of northern Minnesota is a peaceful community where parents let their kids play outside on their own without a second thought. But when five-year-old LeeAnna Warner vanishes without a trace, investigators do a deep dive into the quaint community and realize that some of the familiar faces in the neighborhood may be hiding some disturbing secrets that may never fully be uncovered.

The Price of Fame
S05E08 · The Price of Fame

May 10, 2021

In the spring of 2001, former child actor and Baretta star Robert Blake just married Bonny Lee Bakely, the mother of his new baby girl. The couple are out to dinner in Los Angeles when Bakely is murdered in the passenger seat of the couple's car, execution style. Blake seems devastated, but as police investigate, they uncover a tale of a troubled marriage of convenience and a fight for custody that may have led to one of Hollywood's most infamous murders.

A Crimson End
S05E09 · A Crimson End

May 17, 2021

When a woman is found dead in her historic house on Horseshoe Lake, police chase her killer to the water where he drowns. But when the body is recovered, people are shocked to realize this story started 25 years earlier when two other family members were found murdered by the same man.

Is Rodney Reed Innocent?
S05E10 · Is Rodney Reed Innocent?

May 24, 2021

19-year-old Stacey Stites is found raped and murdered in a small Texas town. After a year-long investigation police match DNA from the scene to a man named Rodney Reed. Reed is convicted and sentenced to death, but in the coming years as Reed proclaims his innocence, certain evidence comes to light that might prove he's telling the truth.

Red Christmas
S05E11 · Red Christmas

May 31, 2021

In December 2003, police respond to a mysterious 911 call at a home in the tony Walnut Estates in Mansfield, Texas. When authorities enter they discover two bloodied bodies. The key to finding the killer is within one of the victim's grasp.

Bible Belt Massacre
S05E12 · Bible Belt Massacre

Jun 07, 2021

Two days before the new millennium, the Freeman family trailer is burned to the ground. The couple's remains are found with bullets to the head, but their teenage daughter and her friend are missing.


People Magazine Investigates Season 5 (2021) is released on Mar 22, 2021 and the latest season 6 of People Magazine Investigates is released in 2022. Watch People Magazine Investigates online - the English Documentary TV series from United States. People Magazine Investigates is directed by Stephen Schuster,Mike Testin,Adam Werth,Thomai Hatsios and created by Jillian Cohen with Alicia Dennis and Christine Pelisek. People Magazine Investigates is available online on fuboTV and Discovery Plus Amazon Channel.

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People Magazine Investigates, People Magazine: Além da Notícia, Crimes à la une(French), People Magazine istražuje, People Magazine: Investigativ


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