Episodes (14)

Eye of the Storm
S05E01 · Eye of the Storm

Jan 01, 1997

Andrew returns to Cardale, six months after leaving Will and Erica in the lurch. Can he persuade them to take him back? A bereaved father fights for custody of his epileptic daughter.

The Price
S05E02 · The Price

Jan 01, 1997

Will suspects that Kate has post-natal depression. But as their baby daughter's health deteriorates, they have to face a much greater threat.

Innocent Blood
S05E03 · Innocent Blood

Jan 01, 1997

As David's family join him in Cardale, he has to give the parents of a young boy he delivered 11 years ago some shattering news.

Letting Go
S05E04 · Letting Go

Jan 01, 1997

Erica battles with Hospital incompetence, and Andrew's penny pinching, to save Alice's life. Will finally ties the knot with Kate.

S05E05 · Classics

Jan 01, 1997

On his way to Erica's birthday party, Andrew is involved in a car crash. Although he is seriously injured, he battles to save the others. Will they survive the night?

Lost Feelings
S05E06 · Lost Feelings

Jan 01, 1997

David helps an old friend - now a paraplegic - and his wife to conceive. But will the baby heal the rifts in their marriage?

Home Truths
S05E07 · Home Truths

Jan 01, 1997

A lonely mother's cry for help leaves her young son's life hanging in the balance as Andrew and Erica struggle to find the real cause of the boy's problems. Meanwhile, David acts as a guardian angel for a boy newly released from hospital after receiving chemotherapy for leukaemia.

Running to Hide
S05E08 · Running to Hide

Jan 01, 1997

David helps bus driver Stan keep his job. But is he as fit as he claims? Andrews relationship with accountant Gina goes beyond business.

Borrowed Time
S05E09 · Borrowed Time

Jan 01, 1997

Andrew's old friend Phil arrives in Cardale with devastating news which will turn both their lives upside down.

Tough Love
S05E10 · Tough Love

Jan 01, 1997

A young girl stumbles into Cardale in search of a new start just as Andrew decides to tell Erica how he feels about her.

State of Mind
S05E11 · State of Mind

Jan 01, 1997

When Clare endangers one of David's older patients, it is time for David to face facts about his wife's erratic behaviour.

S05E12 · Priorities

Jan 01, 1997

Erica's commitment to The Beeches is tested by her treatment of a single-minded career woman, her stormy relationship with Andrew, and an exciting job offer.

A Change of Heart
S05E13 · A Change of Heart

Jan 01, 1997

Andrew's ex-wife Kirsty returns to Cardale with a baby. Claire is in hospital being treated for manic-depression. The Beeches ladies resent their tea/coffee resources being removed. An estranged husband with emphysema falls off a mountain.

Fight or Flight
S05E14 · Fight or Flight

Jan 01, 1997

David struggles to cope with a stubborn pilot suffering from dizzy spells, as well as Clare returning from hospital. Can their marriage stand the strain of her mental illness?


Peak Practice Season 5 (1997) is released on Jan 01, 1997 and the latest season 12 of Peak Practice is released in 2001. Watch Peak Practice online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. Peak Practice is directed by Alan Grint,Terry McDonough,Rob Evans,Colin Gregg and created by Lucy Gannon with Gary Mavers and Simon Shepherd. Peak Practice is available online on VUDU Free and Freevee Amazon Channel.

Beth Glover and Will Preston are doctors in partnership at a Derbyshire clinic when they hire Jack who's returned from Africa. The next several years deal with their personal and professional lives with Jack and Beth marrying.

As know as:

Landsbylegane, Läkarna på landet, Peak Practice, Et lægehus på landet, Elämä käsissä


United Kingdom



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Central Independent Television

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