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A Cock and Balls Story
S04E01 · A Cock and Balls Story

Jul 12, 2000

Season Four premiere. The world of Oz--an experimental prison within a prison known as the Emerald City--reopens its doors with the inmates still on a 24-hour lockdown and prison officials struggling to end the hostilities.

S04E02 · Obituaries

Jul 19, 2000

The African-American inmates point the finger at McManus for letting Em City get out of hand. After that and his recent erratic behavior, McManus gets the ax from Glynn. Mobay's cover is almost blown.

The Bill of Wrongs
S04E03 · The Bill of Wrongs

Jul 26, 2000

Glynn learns from Adebisi that he was given the gun by former C.O. Hughes. Morales enlists Rebadow's help in taking Hernandez's place in the drug ring run by Adebisi and Pancamo. Mobay finds himself in a dangerous position.

Works of Mercy
S04E04 · Works of Mercy

Aug 02, 2000

Em City gets a new Unit Manager, Martin Querns, whose methods are hardly orthodox. Beecher's torment over his missing children is worsened when Schillinger presents him with an unexpected package. McManus returns to Oz in a new capacity.

Gray Matter
S04E05 · Gray Matter

Aug 09, 2000

As Querns implements his new course of action, the dynamics of Em City start to change, causing friction with Officer Murphy. Beecher falls deeper into depression as he wonders about the fate of his children.

A Word to the Wise
S04E06 · A Word to the Wise

Aug 16, 2000

In an effort to reduce violence, white inmates are transferred out of Em City. Said and Arif talk to Querns about the negative impact of his changes, but their efforts are in vain. Mobay gets in good with Adebisi's crew...but pays a price.

A Town Without Pity
S04E07 · A Town Without Pity

Aug 23, 2000

With things wild in Em City, O'Reily begins a surprising affair. Zabitz asks Schillinger for protection from Keller--who tries to get into the rehab program to make amends with Sister Pete. Beecher looks to get even with his children's kidnapper.

You Bet Your Life
S04E08 · You Bet Your Life

Aug 30, 2000

After Hughes' attack on Devlin, Glynn withdraws from the race. Miguel Alvarez is still on the loose. Supreme Allah receives an unwanted surprise. Hill pays big time when he tells Mobay he knows he's undercover. Meanwhile, Said does the unthinkable.

Medium Rare
S04E09 · Medium Rare

Jan 07, 2001

Six months have passed. Said was acquitted of Adebisi's murder on grounds of self-defense. "Up Your Ante," a game show, has joined Miss Sally in the prisoner's TV lineup. McManus and Glynn have done their best to keep the events leading up to Adebisi's death a secret. News producer Lisa Logan tours Oz in preparation for the arrival of hard-hitting reporter Jack Eldridge, who will also be spending a night with the new inmate the cameras will follow around on his first day. That man is Omar White, a jittery, homophobic addict fiending for drugs. Busmalis drives the ...

S04E10 · Conversions

Jan 14, 2001

New inmate Burr Reading arrives, ready to take charge of the African-American drug scene. Dr. Nathan returns to Em City, and finds the biggest adjustment is dealing with her feelings for O'Reily. Tidd tries to strike up a deal with Schillinger.

Revenge Is Sweet
S04E11 · Revenge Is Sweet

Jan 21, 2001

Morales looks to pit the Chinese against Redding. Alvarez offers Glynn his services as an informant as a way out of solitary. Dr. Nathan announces that Em City inmates will be selected to test a trial drug that could reduce their time behind bars.

Cuts Like a Knife
S04E12 · Cuts Like a Knife

Jan 28, 2001

O'Reily regrets getting Cyril involved with the trial drug when it starts taking effect. Meanwhile, Giles' request for an unusual execution creates controversy and the Chinese refugees are deported...but not before plotting revenge on Morales.

Blizzard of '01
S04E13 · Blizzard of '01

Feb 04, 2001

O'Reily is in for a surprise when a visitor reveals the truth about his past, while Cyril faces trouble for his difficult behavior. Meanwhile, Morales and Redding lay out plans that could lead to all-out war in Em City.

Orpheus Descending
S04E14 · Orpheus Descending

Feb 11, 2001

McManus calls a superficial truce between Redding and Morales. Basil finally sees his wife, but Hughes ends up spoiling their happiness. Meanwhile, Cyril's latest outburst proves to be the last straw.

Even the Score
S04E15 · Even the Score

Feb 18, 2001

McManus can't turn his back on White. Beecher tells the parents of the girl he killed that he's up for parole. Howell tries to blackmail O'Reily so she can get to Cyril, but he throws her for a loop--and then O'Reily is thrown himself by a secret.

Famous Last Words
S04E16 · Famous Last Words

Feb 25, 2001

In the Season Four finale, Hill discovers where his true allegiances lie in Oz. Redding's plot to use the Colonel against Morales has an unexpected outcome. Beecher's agony about his parole hearing leads to a shocking season climax.


Oz Season 4 (2000) is released on Jul 12, 2000 and the latest season 6 of Oz is released in 2003. Watch Oz online - the English Crime TV series from United States. Oz is directed by Adam Bernstein,Alex Zakrzewski,Nick Gomez,Jean de Segonzac and created by Tom Fontana with Ernie Hudson and J.K. Simmons. Oz is available online on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel.

OZ chronicles McManus' (Terry Kinney) efforts to control the inmates of Em(erald) City as well as the drug trade and the violence. There have been many groups of inmates during the run of the show and not everybody makes it out alive. There are the gangstas (Adebisi, Wangler, Redding, Poet, Keene, Supreme Allah), Muslims (Said, Arif, Hamid Khan), Italians (Pancamo, Nappa, Schiebetta), bikers (Hoyt), Aryans (Schillinger, Robson, Mark Mack), Christians (Cloutier, Cudney), Latinos (Alvarez, Morales, Guerra, Hernandez), gays (Hanlon, Cramer), and a pile of others (the O'Riley brothers, Keller, Stanislovsky, etc.). And a great "everyman" character called Beecher offers a good look at a normal man who made one tragic mistake. Besides the regular inmates, there are guest stars such as Method Man, Luke Perry, Master P, Treach, etc. and a bunch of prison staff doctors (Dr. Nathan), a nun/psychologist (Sister Peter Marie), a bunch of guards--some honest, some crooked--and, of course, the warden, Leo Glynn. The whole thing is narrated and held together by inmate Augustus Hill, who provides the show with context and some sense of theme, and ties everything together nicely.

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OZ - Închisoarea federala, Тюрьма «ОZ», Kylmä rinki, Ozas, В'язниця «Оz»


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Rysher Entertainment, The Levinson / Fontana Company, Viacom Productions


You're inside now., Life's not a word. It's a sentence.


David Bianculli
New York Daily News
Oz isn't just a way to pass the time until The Sopranos arrives. It's every bit that show's equal - and often, it's better television.
by rottentomatoes, Jun 20, 2018

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