Episodes (24)

Fish Out of Water
S01E01 · Fish Out of Water

Aug 27, 1989

Ted and Linda both suck up to the boss on a fishing trip; Laura lands a job catering for Juan Verdez Real Estate.

Scenes from an Office Marriage
S01E02 · Scenes from an Office Marriage

Sep 03, 1989

Ted and Linda visit a marriage counselor in an attempt to end their office quarrels. Also, Dave gets fed up with house hunting and moves his family into the office, so Ted invites them to live in his home.

Going for Broker
S01E03 · Going for Broker

Sep 10, 1989

Laura's marriage to Ben ended, so she decides to become a realtor. Also, new boss Roger McSwain notices a large discrepancy in the books and grills the staff to find the embezzler.

S01E04 · Whodunnit?

Sep 17, 1989

Mr. McSwait threatens to fire Laura if she doesn't unload a house, so Linda and Ted intervene to ensure her first sale.

Second Honeymoon Anyone?
S01E05 · Second Honeymoon Anyone?

Sep 24, 1989

Richard and Linda are fighting, so Ted and Laura trick them into going to a hotel in hopes that the quarreling couple will reconcile.

Dome Sweet Dome
S01E06 · Dome Sweet Dome

Oct 01, 1989

When Ted and Linda go into the remote woods to assess a dome house, they wind up stranded with a bear at the door.

Let's Get Physicals
S01E07 · Let's Get Physicals

Oct 08, 1989

When the staff undergoes physical examinations, Linda switches Ted's medical results, which leads him to believe he's at death's door.

Married Without Children
S01E08 · Married Without Children

Oct 22, 1989

Ted's domineering mother arrives and assumes he's married to Linda, who reluctantly agrees to partake in the ruse.

Torn Between Two Houses
S01E09 · Torn Between Two Houses

Oct 29, 1989

After six months of house hunting, Dave becomes fed up with Ted and turns to Linda to find him a home. Meanwhile, Margo finally loses her virginity.

Murder, He Wrote
S01E10 · Murder, He Wrote

Nov 05, 1989

Laura discovers Ted's creepy new client is a maniac who murders pushy real estate agents.

In Vegas... with Showgirls!: Part 1
S01E11 · In Vegas... with Showgirls!: Part 1

Nov 12, 1989

Ted loses $50 grand when the crew goes to Las Vegas for a realty convention. Also, Laura plays the slot machines, Mr. McSwain courts showgirls, Margo masquerades as a princess, and Richard and Linda flaunt their wealth.

In Vegas... with Showgirls!: Part 2
S01E12 · In Vegas... with Showgirls!: Part 2

Nov 19, 1989

To evade an angry casino owner, Ted, Linda, and Richard dress up like Las Vegas showgirls.

Parade of Homes
S01E13 · Parade of Homes

Nov 26, 1989

Everyone is eager to host the firm's new TV show, but Linda is particularly miffed when Mr. McSwain gives the job to Geneva.

Bye, Bye Boris
S01E14 · Bye, Bye Boris

Jan 07, 1990

After Margo's cat dies, her coworkers join her in a funeral, later followed by a seance.

Who Framed Roger McSwain?
S01E15 · Who Framed Roger McSwain?

Jan 14, 1990

Linda, Laura, and Margo learn that Mr. McSwain's new fiancee has made a habit of marrying men for their money.

An Unmarried Woman
S01E16 · An Unmarried Woman

Feb 04, 1990

Ted's the only one who knows that Richard left Linda for a stewardess named Pippy, so he tries to prevent her from making a fool of herself at her anniversary party.

The Bad Seed
S01E17 · The Bad Seed

Feb 11, 1990

No one has the nerve to tell Mr. McSwain that his visiting daughter is an out of control nymphomaniac.

Lost Weekend
S01E18 · Lost Weekend

Feb 18, 1990

The ladies find themselves on-board a cruise for mourners, so they try to spin the situation. Meanwhile, Ted is tortured by his nemesis at a war games weekend.

S01E19 · Dumbstruck

Feb 25, 1990

Ted becomes jealous when Linda starts dating an attractive, immature young man.

Brother, Can You Spare a Grand?
S01E20 · Brother, Can You Spare a Grand?

Mar 18, 1990

Margo's slick brother arrives to con her coworkers, but he unknowingly makes his own sister one of his marks.

New Kid in Town
S01E21 · New Kid in Town

Apr 01, 1990

Mr. McSwain hires a high schooler who inadvertently gets the entire Juan Verde Realty team arrested.

The Real Estate Thing
S01E22 · The Real Estate Thing

Apr 08, 1990

Ted becomes jealous believing Evan is dating Linda, but in reality, she's being courted for a business partnership.

The Roast
S01E23 · The Roast

Apr 29, 1990

The crew plans a 10th anniversary roast for Ted, but when his plane goes missing, the festivities come screeching to a halt as everyone reminisces.

First Impressions
S01E24 · First Impressions

May 06, 1990

Everyone hopes to hook up at Scott's birthday party, but each person they encounter is a celebrity impressionist. Also, sparks fly between Ted and Linda.


Open House Season 1 (1989) is released on Aug 27, 1989. Watch Open House online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Open House is directed by Arlene Sanford,David Semel,Michael Zinberg,Lee Shallat Chemel and created by Ruth Bennett with Alison La Placa and Philip Charles MacKenzie.

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Open House


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