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Know This, We've Noticed
S09E01 · Know This, We've Noticed

Jan 11, 2012

Before tired Nathan can finally rejoin his longing family, Dan has turned up and secured himself a temporary stay on account of his burnt-down restaurant, where he lived, but may have torched it. Chase is happy but exhausted on account of running the bar and an intense sex life with Alex. As if nocturnal baby care exhaustion wasn't bad enough for Julian and Brooke, his studio project only seems to bring debt and her boys fashion label fails to get financed, but her father Ted Davis actually turns up for the twins' christening. Clay's exhaustion is diagnosed medically ...

In the Room Where You Sleep
S09E02 · In the Room Where You Sleep

Jan 18, 2012

Chase confides only in Chuck his plan to move Alex's things into his place. They ignore Chris Keller made her an offer for a career-boosting, national tour. As even the psychiatrist Clayton grudgingly consults can't properly diagnose his problems, Nathan decides with support from Jamie and Haley to attend in his pace the European forum for international sports talent scouting. This allows Dan to prolong his stay and carry out a mysterious plan. Julian warns Brooke that Victoria tries trough him to sabotage her father's apparently business-wise sound project to ...

Love the Way You Lie
S09E03 · Love the Way You Lie

Jan 25, 2012

Chase is heartbroken after Alex's desertion to take the tour Chris Keller advised, yet overcomes his bitterness toward Keller, who pleads her artist temperament was a lost case from the start. Julian is near despair about the unused studio until a TV series project comes within reach. Alas coaxing the studio proves tragically incompatible with paternal duties, while Brooke charms investors for her boys fashion project with her father. Clayton's problem is worse then thought, as Quinn discovers spying on him. Haley now runs Karen's café, but her cook is sick, so Dan ...

Don't You Want to Share the Guilt?
S09E04 · Don't You Want to Share the Guilt?

Feb 01, 2012

Julian is even more shattered than Brooke, who gives him the silent treatment, over having forgotten baby son Davis in his car. Although the boy is alright, Brooke leaves with the twins until Haley talks sense into her. Drunk, Chase enjoyed a wild night with a shameless flirtster but shyly wriggles out of continuation in the morning, on account of Alex's memory, only to find her with Chris Keller the next day. Dan and Jamie enjoy camping but dreaded Nathan's return is likely to mean grandpa's exit. After Dan scares away Clay's dealer, he comes clean to Quinn and ...

The Killing Moon
S09E05 · The Killing Moon

Feb 08, 2012

Chase bravely bares Chuck's absurd, imitative adoration for 'cool', actually neglectful Chris Keller and stands by the ingrate knave when his father Wade Scolnic finally visits, but discards Chase as if a random babysitter. Nathan is missing since his flight home from Europe days ago. After cocky Keller helps activating Tree Hill PD officer Stevens, Haley finds Dan's cash stash and suspects a horrible crime. Julian can't forgive himself even now his loved-ones do, blames himself for bullying by strangers and picks a bar-brawl to get a 'bloody good' beating. Pushed by ...

Catastrophe and the Cure
S09E06 · Catastrophe and the Cure

Feb 15, 2012

Chase doesn't punish Keller for letting Chuck down, yet when Tara's infidelity gets out allows Chris to exact a high, tasteless price from basically innocent Chase. Nathan is kidnapped by East European thugs who have a contract to kill him for (legally) signing up a a player from a crime lord's team. Nathan offers to pay ransom instead, but that only inspires the chief thug to eliminate his client's watchdog and offer Nathan's head to the highest bidder. When Dan rents some studio facilities, Julian quickly realizes it's to search for Nathan among his many enemies and...

Last Known Surroundings
S09E07 · Last Known Surroundings

Feb 22, 2012

Haley seeks help from Lucas as Nathan makes an escape attempt. Brooke comes face-to-face with Xavier. Julian uncovers evidence that assists Dan in his search for Nathan. Clay makes a connection with another patient.

A Rush of Blood to the Head
S09E08 · A Rush of Blood to the Head

Feb 29, 2012

Haley receives news of a possible tragedy. Dan's search for Nathan leads him back to his dark past. Clay has a breakthrough in his treatment. Brooke and Julian deal with Xavier. Chase's concern for Chuck pushes him to his limits.

Every Breath Is a Bomb
S09E09 · Every Breath Is a Bomb

Mar 07, 2012

Brooke and Julian take new measures to protect their family. Skills helps Mouth get to a turning point, and Chase faces consequences for defending Chuck. Clay reaches a new understanding with Logan.

Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
S09E10 · Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

Mar 14, 2012

Dan, Julian and Chris Keller attempt to rescue Nathan. Brooke's conflict with Xavier escalates. Quinn and Clay revisit the past.

Danny Boy
S09E11 · Danny Boy

Mar 21, 2012

Nathan's practically safe return causes general joy. The only downside is Dan's condition, probably terminal, but the whole family is in a forgiving mood while reminiscing, only Lucas refuses to come. Julian is welcomed as a hero and hears Brooke survived Xavier's attack, then stands by her as a paternal visit proves too good to be truly non-business. Clay goes to Sara's parents, who have raised Logan, and gets them to agree to let his son be invited home with him and Quinn.

Anyone Who Had a Heart
S09E12 · Anyone Who Had a Heart

Mar 28, 2012

Julian finally sells his One Tree Hill series concept to a studio and is hired to complete the script. Clayton and Quinn, who welcomes Sara's memory to, patiently win Logan's trust to become a warm; close family. Chase gets over his confidence crisis as bar manager just before he's offered a chance to buy Tric from Karen on the boat burning day. After Julian scolds father-in-law a useless father and Brooke 'surprises' her divorced parents back in bed, an unexpected business move makes up for a lot.

One Tree Hill
S09E13 · One Tree Hill

Apr 04, 2012

Super-dad Nathan enjoys being back home and instills in doting Jamie to be good but live his own life. Chase enjoys his new status as independent bar owner, although his latest cocktail to celebrate Tric's tenth anniversary is most cruelly 'welcomed'. Chris Keller is back, impresses but turns down a studio scout after a great performance. Julian celebrates his Hollywood success by buying Brooke's childhood home, while the Baker Man firm is launched by Internet sale. Clay and Quinn complete building their family by adopting Logan, who already considers them his parents...


One Tree Hill Season 9 (2012) is released on Jan 11, 2012 and the latest season 9 of One Tree Hill is released in 2012. Watch One Tree Hill online - the English Drama TV series from United States. One Tree Hill is directed by Gregory Prange,Paul Johansson,Mark Schwahn,Joe Davola and created by Mark Schwahn with Bethany Joy Lenz and Sophia Bush. One Tree Hill is available online on Hulu and HBO Max.

This series follows the eventful lives of some high-school kids in Tree Hill, a small but not too quiet town in North Carolina, where the greatest source of pride is the high school basketball team, the Ravens, since living memory coached by old Whitey Durham. Its greatest talent ever was Dan Scott, who now runs a successful car dealership. The present talents are his two sons, Nathan Scott, a beautiful and popular athlete, the absolute star, who was molded and stifled by his proud dad, ambitious Dan Scott, who pushes him harder then even the coach approves of, but rather neglected by his spoiled, impulsive mother Deb, an alcoholic, and Lucas, abandoned at birth with his devoted mother, hard-working café-owner Karen Roe, who grew up with Dan's older but poor brother Keith as substitute father as a social reject, only playing hoops on a public yard in the park with street-kids, his passion being reading; when an incident forces the coach to replace suspended players, Lucas soon proves the revelation, and after a while gets accepted and develops a dynamic, in the long run good relationship with his brother, who turns on his dad. Of course the teenage boys have friends, and especially a confusing series of usually short-loved 'eternal' love affairs with musical talents Peyton and Haley, also a tutor, and irresistible man-eater Brooke...

As know as:

À bout de souffle, Les frères Scott, Tree Hill, Filoi gia panta, Холм одного дерева


United States


English, French

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The WB

Production Companies:

Warner Bros. Television, Tollin/Robbins Productions


Where nothing ever changed until one outsider changed everything.


Carrie Raisler
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It was never really great, was often very bad, and yet was somehow consistently kind of fun and satisfying.
by rottentomatoes, Jan 11, 2012

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