Episodes (22)

S01E01 · Pilot

Aug 18, 1998

Tracy, six months pregnant, explains she has only been given twenty-two minutes by the network to tell the world about the process of artificial insemination on her way to single motherhood. After three years of waiting for a marriage proposal, Tracy was disappointed when her aloof boyfriend, Grant, gave her a "friendship ring" instead of a diamond. Recounting the disaster to her cynical coworker, Charlotte, Tracy realizes that everyone else in their office is going through important changes in their lives except her. Tracy's bitter mother, Jane, is unsympathetic to ...

Picking a Donor
S01E02 · Picking a Donor

Aug 25, 1998

Having decided that she wants to be a mother, it's now up to Tracy to find a father. With Charlotte along to help, she heads for the sperm bank in search of just the right donor. And once her good friend David refuses to help out, Tracy learns that she must hide the fact that she's unmarried in order to get the bank's cooperation. Following one final visit to her doctor, Tracy chooses anonymous donor #592, a man who Charlotte is certain she's seen at the sperm bank. With some encouragement from Charlotte, Tracy then follows Possible #592 out of the building in hopes ...

Becoming Your Mom
S01E03 · Becoming Your Mom

Sep 01, 1998

When Tracy applies for a promotion at work, Charlotte warns that the money she'll make won't be nearly enough to get the nanny she's always dreamed of. So she's forced to consider relying on her mom for help. The only problem is that Tracy has no faith in Celia's ability to raise children. And after Tracy decides to have an honest talk with her, she encourages her mom to find a job. Only she never expected that Celia would apply for one in her office. Realizing that having Celia at work would be the worst thing that could happen to their already strained relationship,...

S01E04 · Logistics

Sep 08, 1998

When her brother and sister-in-law's nanny quits, Tracy begins to wonder if she's up to the task off being a single parent. While Charlotte does her best to offer some helpful hints she's learned through experience, Celia is positive that Tracy has made the wrong choice by trying it at all. And once she seeks the advice of a single mom at work, Tracy inquires about cutting back on her schedule in order to spend time with the baby. When Ernie refuses to make some expensive concessions to keep his new nanny from quitting, she bolts, leaving only Tracy to help out. After...

The Vacation
S01E05 · The Vacation

Sep 15, 1998

While trying to get pregnant, Tracy has planned much needed vacation in Mexico together with Charlotte. However, she has second thoughts after learning that her pregnancy could cost far more than she anticipated, especially if artificial insemination doesn't work. Although Tracy tries to let Charlotte down gently, she's forced to admit that the cost of the trip is a problem for her right now. But Charlotte has a hard time accepting it as an excuse after learning that Tracy is about to buy a new car. As she worries about her disagreement with Charlotte, Tracy thinks ...

S01E06 · Timing

Sep 29, 1998

Once she's decided on a sperm donor, Tracy wants to get pregnant at the earliest possible date. Failing to anticipate was the stress involved in coordinating everyone to capture the peak of her fertility cycle, she hurries to the sperm bank to personally escort the sample to the doctor's office. However, Tracy is stunned to find Dr. Bryan has been called away on an emergency just when she needs him most. After she's finally inseminated by Dr. Bryan, Tracy's mom and Charlotte throw an impromptu party to celebrate. Then, while at a baby boutique looking for a present to...

Dating and Pregnancy
S01E07 · Dating and Pregnancy

Oct 06, 1998

After meeting someone she really likes, Tracy is unsure what to tell him about her pregnancy, especially since she isn't sure about it herself. So, when Rick asks her to go away for a weekend at a mountain cabin together, Tracy says she can't. Having already put a damper on their evening, she arrives at the movies with Rick where she's surprised to find Celia and Charlotte waiting to spy on them. As the evening draws to a close and Tracy panics, she nervously invites Rick upstairs, only to turn right around and ask him to leave. But, when he returns for a goodnight ...

Telling the Office
S01E08 · Telling the Office

Oct 13, 1998

As morning sickness sets in, Tracy struggles with what to tell her co-workers about her pregnancy. Recalling her own family's tenuous grasp on the truth, she tries to keep anyone but Charlotte from knowing she's going to have a baby. However, when word gets out, Tracy seeks her doctor's advice on how to break the news that she's been artificially inseminated. After getting caught using her boss's bathroom when she's sick, Tracy is pressed by a co-worker about the father's identity. But, when she refuses to tell, Tracy soon finds everyone a work is courting her ...

Show and Tell
S01E09 · Show and Tell

Oct 20, 1998

Once Tracy tells Rick she's pregnant, neither Celia nor Charlotte has any faith that he'll ever call her again. Yet, after three weeks of silence, Rick does come by to see Tracy, but just to be friends. However, when they agree to a dinner date, much to Tracy's surprise, she and Rick end up in bed. When Tracy inadvertently learns of a party that Rick has not invited her to, she wonders if he's trying to keep their relationship a secret. Though Rick denies it, news of an office picnic she didn't know about either suggests he might be lying. Under pressure, Rick invites...

The Hut
S01E10 · The Hut

Oct 27, 1998

Now that Tracy is over five months pregnant, Dr. Bryan suggests that it's time she started to slow down and take it easy. However, with a big software convention coming up, Tracy's boss is pressing her to come up with a spectacular presentation for the company. Seeing how Tracy's condition is hampering her performance, Mr. Ferris assigns Gail Tanner to help with Softfair. And despite Gail's assertion that she's just there to learn, Tracy worries that the up and coming young executive is after her job. After Charlotte warns that her new assistant's motives may not be ...

Friends and Doctors
S01E11 · Friends and Doctors

Nov 03, 1998

After Tracy hears its heartbeat during an office visit, Dr. Bryan suggests bringing someone along next time for a sonogram to actually see her baby. Not wanting it to be her mother, she quickly settles on Charlotte. However, when the two women unexpectedly run into Dr. Bryan at lunch, Charlotte expresses an interest in dating him and asks Tracy to set it up. Back at his office, Tracy is a little disappointed when Dr. Bryan dismisses the idea of a date with Charlotte. Unwilling to let on that she reminds him of his ex-wife, Tracy tells Charlotte that Dr. Bryan is ...

S01E12 · Anniversary

Dec 01, 1998

When Celia suggests that her children throw an anniversary party for her and Fred, Tracy doesn't feel up to planning it all on her own. However, she does see it as the perfect opportunity for her dad to finally acknowledge the fact that she's pregnant. When Fred refuses to take the bait, Tracy tries taking on all the responsibility for the party. But once a series of disagreements with her mother make her realize just how hard it's going to be, she insists that Ernie and Shelly help out. Although Tracy learns that her parents have secretly separated, Celia still ...

Losing Your Nerve
S01E13 · Losing Your Nerve

Dec 08, 1998

Listening to her brother complain about the high cost of raising kids causes Tracy to think twice about having a baby on her own. And she's really given a reason to reflect on the wisdom of her decision when Ernie reveals they both just lost $10,000 in a bad investment he made. Under pressure to come up with more money, Tracy turns to her boss for a raise. But when he doesn't come through, Celia suggests that she reconsider dating Jeff, the successful but boring nephew of a friend who's always found her attractive. At Celia's invitation, Jeff is at the house when ...

False Alarm
S01E14 · False Alarm

Dec 15, 1998

Alerted to the baby's arrival, Celia, Fred and Charlotte show up at the hospital, only to find that it was a false alarm. When Dr. Bryan suggests that everyone make sure they are ready once the baby does come, Celia announces that she's moving in to take care of Tracy. But it doesn't take Tracy long to realize that having her mother around all the time isn't going to work. So, taking Charlotte's advice, she asks her to move. And once her dad arrives to stay, Tracy warily exchanges Celia's company for his. Meanwhile, if having her parents arguing over her wasn't bad ...

S01E15 · Lamaze

Jan 09, 1999

When her daughter needs to choose a Lamaze coach, Celia doesn't hesitate to force herself into the role. With Charlotte hiding her disappointment over not being asked, Tracy attends the first birthing class with her mom. However, Celia manages to quickly irritate everyone with her overbearing manner, prompting the teacher to ask that Tracy get rid of her before the next class. After seeking her best friend's advice, Tracy resolves to use Charlotte as a coach. Unable to fire Celia, Tracy then tries to get out of it by claiming the class has been canceled. But when ...

S01E16 · Dreams

Jan 16, 1999

When Brad and Digger decide to strike out on their own and start a new company, they ask Tracy to join them. Though realizing just how much she needs the stability of her job especially with the baby on the way, Tracy is attracted by the prospect of becoming a millionaire as a result of Digger's new computer software. And after recalling a missed opportunity eight years earlier that would have made her fabulously wealthy, she accepts their offer. Though Charlotte cautions her against doing anything impulsive, Tracy is determined to join Digger and Brad. However, her ...

Daughter's Day
S01E17 · Daughter's Day

Jan 23, 1999

As a concerned Tracy reflects on how parents pass along traits to their children, Daughter's Day arrives at the office. After bringing her difficult nine-year-old Molly to work for the day, an important meeting forces Charlotte to leave her with Tracy. And when Molly wanders off, Tracy realizes just how much work taking care of her is going to be. Meanwhile, worried about what she's inherited from Celia, Tracy begins making a list of her own faults. But the exercise backfires once her mother and Charlotte chime in with their contributions, too. Hoping to come to grips...

Baby Shower
S01E18 · Baby Shower

Jan 30, 1999

When it comes time to have a baby shower, Tracy asks Charlotte to help. However, a conflict arises when Celia insists on being in charge. And despite some unpleasant memories of her own childhood parties, Tracy finally relents and suggests that her best friend and her mother work together. Meanwhile, after getting some bad news about the length of her maternity leave, Tracy learns that her plans to return to work may require a babysitter. As Tracy interviews prospective sitters, Celia and Charlotte square off over the shower. While Charlotte wants to invite spouses ...

Romeos and Juliets
S01E19 · Romeos and Juliets

Feb 13, 1999

When a sudden childcare glitch jeopardizes Charlotte's plans for a spa weekend with Dr. Bryan, she asks Tracy to baby-sit nine-year-old Molly and her teenage sister, Frances. After Dr. Bryan's sixteen-year-old son, Barry, drops in to say good bye, Tracy finds it even harder than she thought to find something to interest both girls. After once she finally gives up on getting them into bed, a defeated Tracy settles in for the night. As Sunday finally rolls around, Tracy insists that the girls do the homework like their mother asked. When Barry stops in again, Frances is...

S01E20 · Discrimination

Feb 20, 1999

Tracy is determined to take full advantage of everything her pregnancy has to offer, including a better parking space at work. But at home, things take a turn for the worse when her landlord notes that the lease allows only one person to live in her apartment. Though Celia invites her to move back home, Tracy is determined to convince Eric to let her stay, regardless of the cost. And if that isn't enough, someone has started using Tracy's new parking spot at work. In an effort to combat Eric's discrimination, Tracy turns to lawyer Roberta Hunter. After hearing the ...

Birth: Part 1
S01E21 · Birth: Part 1

Mar 06, 1999

With her due date only a week away, Tracy questions her decision to be a single parent. While Dr. Bryan says that the strange dreams she's been having are normal, Celia tells Tracy not to be alarmed by her newfound obsession for cleanliness. And things become even more confusing after Tracy runs into her former boyfriend, Rick. For a dinner date with Rick, Tracy chooses a restaurant known for a salad that reportedly induces labor in pregnant women. After fighting off a pair of expectant mothers. Tracy manages to get the last one of the night. But when Rick arrives, ...

Birth: Part 2
S01E22 · Birth: Part 2

Mar 13, 1999

After going into labor while on a dinner date with Rick, Tracy is brought to the hospital where Charlotte and Celia arrive to help. When the maternity nurse announces that a strike at midnight could keep her off the job, Tracy is worried. However, after seeing her anesthesiologist, she's feeling much, much better. Meanwhile, Rick decides to wait for a more romantic moment to reveal what's on his mind. As Dr. Bryan and Charlotte argue, it doesn't take long for both of them to realize that they really don't hate each other after all. And as the birth gets close and ...


Oh Baby Season 1 (1998) is released on Aug 18, 1998 and the latest season 2 of Oh Baby is released in 1999. Watch Oh Baby online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Oh Baby is directed by J.D. Lobue,Robert Berlinger,Matthew Diamond,Joanna Gleason and created by Susan Beavers with Cynthia Stevenson and Joanna Gleason.

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Oh Baby, Oh Baby(English), Oh Baby!


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