Episodes (19)

S01E01 · Pilot

Dec 07, 2002

Five astronauts are sole survivors of an inexplicable apocalyptic event that caused Earth to suddenly blow up. An alien AI construct that's investigating similar incidents arrives and sends them five years into the past to stop the event.

S01E02 · Shatterer

Jun 28, 2002

The crew tries to prevent the suicide of a notable mathematician who developed sentient AI programs. Sarah and Angela investigate a suspicious gene therapy treatment. Neil returns to high school and meets his now underage girlfriend.

Astronaut Dreams
S01E03 · Astronaut Dreams

Jul 05, 2002

Fearing it might destroy Earth, Chuck plans to sabotage NASA's new satellite project Bright Sky. Sarah tries to prevent a crime that happened in the original timeline but now it happens differently. Kurt finds a way to detect synthetics.

Time Out of Mind
S01E04 · Time Out of Mind

Jul 12, 2002

The Odyssey crew begin to lose their memories of the future and their present mission to save the Earth.

S01E05 · Symbiosis

Jul 19, 2002

Someone tips the crew on how to find the missing deaf niece of a scientist who worked on mind control technology. Sarah meets the man whom she married in the original timeline. Marc passes NASA's first test. Angela deals with her folks.

The Choices We Make
S01E06 · The Choices We Make

Jul 26, 2002

The crew has visions of people asking them if they believe that anything is possible. This leads to Chuck and Neil confronting a painful memory, Sarah dealing with her son's cancer and Kurt and Angela seeing the future they could've had.

S01E07 · Rapture

Aug 02, 2002

Neil's classmate hooks Niel's girlfriend and some other kids on a strange psychoactive drug that seemingly makes people smarter. Chuck learns that NASA's new flight director is part of "The Cadre" cabal. Angela's psych evaluation is up.

L.D.U. 7
S01E08 · L.D.U. 7

Aug 09, 2002

Chuck, Kurt and Sarah infiltrate a private high tech prison called Lock Down Unit 7 to find the convict who claims that the people he killed were synthetic replicas of his parents. Neil's brother is having identity crisis.

S01E09 · Flux

Aug 16, 2002

Chuck gets infected by a synthetic and starts turning into one. The other synthetics want him to join them. Sarah tries to get joint custody of her son, after his father takes him away. Marc is tested by his supervisor.

S01E10 · Kitten

Aug 23, 2002

Neil is being stalked by Kit-10, an insane all-powerful female AI. Sarah loses her visitation rights. Angela is on a new joint space mission with a friendly Russian astronaut, Tatianna Kosviskova. Kit-10 uses them as hostages.

Dark at the End of the Tunnel
S01E11 · Dark at the End of the Tunnel

Aug 30, 2002

As Texas is plagued by a heatwave that did not exist in the original time line, Kurt is led to a town that is waiting for the arrival of God.

Trouble with Harry
S01E12 · Trouble with Harry

Sep 06, 2002

The Odyssey 5 team forms an alliance with a friendly geeky sentient, who calls himself Harry Mudd and has a great lust for life, to stop a powerful insane female sentient, who plans to destroy Earth.

S01E13 · Skin

Sep 13, 2002

Man-made artificially intelligent synthetic organism that imitates human skin and can attach itself to a person and take them over jumps from one person to another in an attempt to kill Angela's father. Chuck's worst nightmare comes true.

S01E14 · Begotten

Oct 01, 2004

Chuck takes a trip down memory lane with a young female hitchhiker. Kurt grows a human-synthetic hybrid. It attacks him and escapes. He suffers a mental breakdown and becomes convinced that the crew has been replaced by synthetics.

Vanishing Point
S01E15 · Vanishing Point

Oct 01, 2004

Chuck suddenly wakes up in a hospital with his dead wife by his side. She claims that it was he who almost died, not she. Sarah and Angela investigate a mass grave tied to a Transhumanist group. Neil loses his virginity - again.

Follow the Leader
S01E16 · Follow the Leader

Oct 08, 2004

A group of children who all visit the same computer lab receive a strange signal over the Internet and become obsessed with it to the point of killing anyone who tries to interfere. Chuck's estranged sister helps him deal with his grief.

S01E17 · Half-Life

Oct 08, 2004

Angela believes that the ghost of her dead ex boyfriend, a pilot who got killed in an experiment, is haunting her. Sarah starts dating a colleague she ended up marrying in the original timeline.

S01E18 · Rage

Oct 15, 2004

Dr. Chandra dies under suspicious circumstances and leaves the crew a disk that synthetics want. The crew investigates what caused a strange riot in a peaceful suburbanite neighborhood in the original timeline and tries to prevent it.

S01E19 · Fossil

Oct 15, 2004

Chuck analyzes a strange Moon rock concealed by NASA and finally gets some answers. Angela is kidnapped. A cop falsely suspects Kurt. Sarah's wish comes true - as well as her worst nightmare. The show ends on an unresolved cliffhanger.


Odyssey 5 Season 1 (2002) is released on Dec 07, 2002. Watch Odyssey 5 online - the English Action TV series from Canada. Odyssey 5 is directed by Peter Weller,Stephen Williams,Ken Girotti,George Mendeluk and created by Manny Coto with Kenneth Mitchell and Edie Inksetter. Odyssey 5 is available online on Crackle and fuboTV.

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Odüsseia 5, Odyssey 5, Odyssey 5(English), Odyssey 5(French), Odysea 5





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Columbia TriStar Domestic Television, Columbia TriStar International Television, Sony Pictures Television

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SCI-FI Channel

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