Episodes (4)

Offiziell am Arsch
S01E01 · Offiziell am Arsch

Feb 27, 2018

Would be-authors Jonas Renner and Wiebke elaborated a TV series concept, but when TV-producer Werner demands massive changes, she dismisses all in gross terms, leaving them broke, and refuses to consider writing slogans for the Berlin city cleaning service, their only other extant offer. Jonas bumps into foxy school-daze flame Vanessa, realizes he's too broke to offer a decent date and tries to write the slogans alone, helped only by sleazy bar owner Lennart Heusser. Their house-mates in a derelict Berlin building, Sebastian 'Basti' Hülz, a chef who enjoys an ...

Es ist kompliziert
S01E02 · Es ist kompliziert

Mar 06, 2018

After a party-night ending back together in bed, housemate exes Jonas and Wiebke agree to become "friends with benefits" again while openly dating separately. Basti expect to be hired stat as cook in a Catholic seniors home, but his gay charms don't work o the curate, who insists on a trial duel against a fat old lady, who knows the needs and sins of guests and clergy, while Basti finds gay comfort with the lay manager. Jenny has the hots for an androgynous club party-goer, whom she defends against doubts from the mates when (s)he visits Lennarts Café, until he's ...

Die Sache mit Rick
S01E03 · Die Sache mit Rick

Mar 13, 2018

When Basti proudly presents his latest gay toy boy to sexually starved housemate Jonas, who is also depressed career-wise, hunky Rick is instantly interested in Jonas, being a fan of his sketches, and asks him along going out, leaving Basti feeling neglected, almost dumped. Blaming Jonas, Basti seeks revenge by sabotaging Jonas's straight relationship with newcomer Maggy, (ab)using his salsa talent. Having a disastrous day, Wiebke is tempted to join Jenny's webcam meditation gig, which neither of them estimated correctly. Publican Lennart's joy over a customer reading...

Lügen, Lügen und ein paar Wahrheiten
S01E04 · Lügen, Lügen und ein paar Wahrheiten

Mar 20, 2018

TV producer Werner receives Jonas and Wiebke to discuss their series concept again, albeit for ''Voll Verwirrt'' which they almost forgot about, not novel "Big in Berlin", so they need to reconstruct and complete the script they promised in a week, based on their own love nightmares. Lennart has an instant crush on old-fashioned Sylvia, but its' Basti's sugar aunt, who lent him cash for his own firm, so he pretends to manage the pub to her 'retro' taste. She finds out but still offers Basti to manage a firm in her city Mannheim. Vlogging-addicted would be-actor flirts...


Nix Festes Season 1 (2018) is released on Feb 27, 2018 and the latest season 2 of Nix Festes is released in 2021. Watch Nix Festes online - the German Comedy TV series from Germany. Nix Festes is directed by Christoph Schnee and created by Ben Zwanzig with Josefine Preuß and Sebastian Fräsdorf.

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Nix Festes





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ITV Studios Germany

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