Episodes (10)

Duct Tape Special
S01E01 · Duct Tape Special

Jan 02, 2019

Adam Savage and a team of 6 kids put duct tape to the test and find out if the magnificent material can be used as a viable parachute and as a fix for a flat tire.

Dynamite Air Freshener
S01E02 · Dynamite Air Freshener

Jan 09, 2019

Adam Savage and team put an explosive myth to the test to find out if a single spark and air freshener can create a catastrophic car calamity. Meanwhile, they investigate an age-old dog urban legend to discover how much water a wet dog can shake.

Battery Blast
S01E03 · Battery Blast

Jan 16, 2019

Testing myths: Does an arrow fly straight? Can you start a garbage truck fire with tossed batteries?

Demolition Dominoes
S01E04 · Demolition Dominoes

Jan 23, 2019

The team tackles two tabletop gaming myths. Is it possible to pull off the impossible Jenga move and can the domino effect lead to a car-crushing catastrophe?

Gravity Busters
S01E05 · Gravity Busters

Jan 23, 2019

Adam Savage and the team put a Slinky to the test and try to use it to hoist a car, and meanwhile, they investigate if an ordinary pencil can really draw a line that's 35 miles long.

Shredder Explosion
S01E06 · Shredder Explosion

Jan 30, 2019

Adam Savage and team investigate if the office paper shredder can cause a dangerous explosion when sprayed with canned air and then test if it is impossible to make mayonnaise during a lightning storm.

Countdown to Gas-Tastrophe
S01E07 · Countdown to Gas-Tastrophe

Jan 30, 2019

The team test the combustible power of Adam Savage's gassy emissions to see if his flatulence has enough fuel to launch a rocket!

Bug Special
S01E08 · Bug Special

Feb 14, 2019

Adam and the team tackle some insect-themed tall tales. They test whether a scaled-up bug trap can trap a human, and also see if spider silk is stronger than steel.

Deep Space Hollywood
S01E09 · Deep Space Hollywood

Feb 06, 2019

The team investigates two film-inspired myths. Can a fire extinguisher be used as a jetpack in a vacuum? And, in space, is it true no one can hear you scream?

Breaking Bad Blow-Up
S01E10 · Breaking Bad Blow-Up

Feb 06, 2019

Adam Savage and the team are challenged by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan to prove just how destructive a giant magnet can be, and later, the team investigates how everyday furniture can block a door from Hollywood's deadliest villains.


Mythbusters Jr. Season 1 (2019) is released on Jan 02, 2019. Watch Mythbusters Jr. online - the English Reality-TV TV series from United States. Mythbusters Jr. is directed by Jacquelyn Marker,Yvette Solis and created by Ross Gallen with Adam Savage and Allie Weber. Mythbusters Jr. is available online on Discovery Plus Amazon Channel and Discovery Plus.

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Mythbusters Jr.: Os Minicaçadores de Mitos, Mythbusters Jr.(English), Mythbusters Jr.


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Beyond Productions

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