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The More Things Change, the More They Stay Insane
S01E01 · The More Things Change, the More They Stay Insane

Jul 09, 1994

After almost two and a half years in the slammer Drego family matriarch mother Connie has returned home to put her family back together.

Let It Be Normal
S01E02 · Let It Be Normal

Jul 16, 1994

It's Connie's first full day of freedom. She accidentally sees Duane naked. She meets her parole officer. Her bowling friends have moved on with a new member.

Back by Demand
S01E03 · Back by Demand

Jul 23, 1994

What kind of career opportunities await a 16 yr old slutty high school dropout that doesn't wear underwear? Kerri decides that school sucks and she can get by with her street smarts. It almost worked for her parents, minus the jail thing.

It's a Date
S01E04 · It's a Date

Jul 30, 1994

Sonny seems depressed and Madeline tries to push her parents back together. Connie suggests dating --- other people.

Second Time's the Charm
S01E05 · Second Time's the Charm

Aug 06, 1994

Madeline and Duane decide to renew their vows but Connie refuses to attend.

Cabin Fever
S01E06 · Cabin Fever

Aug 13, 1994

The best man in Connie and Sonny's wedding, Del Packard, is back in town. He's surprised by their divorce and immediately set his sights on Connie. She teaches her daughters a lesson in using the male rivalry to get herself a new cabin.

Dog Duty
S01E07 · Dog Duty

Aug 24, 1994

Duane is disappointed at not getting a promotion. Instead, he gets a doggy partner as the new Troubadour Trooper and sing for school kids. Madeline is happy with the safer work but Duane's heroic turn gets him a dangerous offer.

Ooh, Maybe Baby
S01E08 · Ooh, Maybe Baby

Aug 31, 1994

Madeline puts hubby Duane on ice (literally) in preparation of their fertility clinic visit. Once the two are told they got the right stuff, they return home with plans to procreate.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
S01E09 · Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Sep 07, 1994

All Connie's dad wants for Father's Day is for her to leave him alone. When her mom and pop drop by for an impromptu reunion, Connie and the rest of the family are thrilled. Everything would be gravy if not for the fact no one ever told Pop.

Take Any Job and Shove It
S01E10 · Take Any Job and Shove It

Jan 01, 1994

An unwanted tax bill leads to boa dancing. When Sonny gets a $4,000 invoice from the IRS on his coffee shop property he's distraught. That is until his ex-wife Connie reminds him she was awarded the shop in their divorce. Dumb move Connie.


Muddling Through Season 1 (1994) is released on Jul 09, 1994. Watch Muddling Through online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Muddling Through is directed by Andy Ackerman,Pamela Fryman,Robby Benson,James Widdoes and created by Barton Dean with Stephanie Hodge and D. David Morin. Muddling Through is available online on fuboTV and Crackle.

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Muddling Through, Stephanie Hodge


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