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The Ties That Bind
S01E01 · The Ties That Bind

Jan 03, 1988

In the series opener, André's hard-driving business tactics contribute to his brother's fatal heart attack. Rob is torn between his responsibilities to VALCO and his new nightclub. Stéphanie finds a model's life tougher than she expected.

A Question of Honour
S01E02 · A Question of Honour

Jan 04, 1988

André steps in to deal with the fallout after his nephew Roland botches the handling of a toxic gas leak at a VALCO plant, endangering a nearby First Nation reserve. Katherine forces Danielle to deal with a former lover who has developed serious mental problems.

The Best of Intentions
S01E03 · The Best of Intentions

Jan 11, 1988

Rob attempts to persuade his old lover to leave a Paris terrorist organization while Danielle is offered a job as a correspondent for a U.S. television network.

The Truth of the Matter
S01E04 · The Truth of the Matter

Jan 18, 1988

Danielle is wooed by a charming conman who sues her for breach of promise after she rejects him. Stéphanie is asked to return to her old dance company, much to Katherine's disappointment.

Fashion Statement
S01E05 · Fashion Statement

Feb 01, 1988

Stéphanie is seemingly kidnapped by an animal rights organization during her fashion show, but when the fake stunt turns real and André's efforts to pressure the French police fail, it's up to Stéphanie to engineer her own escape.

Best Laid Plans
S01E06 · Best Laid Plans

Mar 01, 1988

Danielle is torn when she discovers a politician she admires has had an affair with a young boy. André realizes he must risk destroying a friendship to save an old friend's company while Katherine, ironically, develops a closer relationship with the wife of André's friend.

S01E07 · Decisions

Mar 08, 1988

Katherine flies to Paris to help Stéphanie make a decision about her new pregnancy. Rob witnesses an underworld murder, which leads to shocking revelations about his business partner. André meets with a priest whose church VALCO plans to demolish.

Cries in the Night
S01E08 · Cries in the Night

Mar 15, 1988

Rob becomes involved with a Haitian refugee with trauma in her past. Katherine suspects the administrator of her human rights organization of stealing funds. In France, Stéphanie deals with an unwelcome houseguest.

Succession Duties
S01E09 · Succession Duties

Mar 22, 1988

Everyone wants to celebrate André's 50th except for André, who occupies himself with the purchase of a highly coveted oil company.

Lighting a Fire
S01E10 · Lighting a Fire

Mar 29, 1988

Danielle becomes involved with a professor-turned-carpenter who brings his 2-year-old baby to live with them without the mother's knowledge. Meanwhile, Rob has a problem when a fading rockabilly star decides to stage a sit-in at Le Purgatoire to get this tour dates back.

Rules of the Game
S01E11 · Rules of the Game

Apr 19, 1988

André comes up with a plan when the union manipulates both him and the workers during a labor dispute. Danielle tries to find a way to help Rob out of paying a local gangster "protection money." Stéphanie teases Kelly about her new job as a spokesperson for condoms.

Still Life
S01E12 · Still Life

Apr 26, 1988

Danielle's story about private collectors corrupting the art market takes a hit when she learns her own father is part of the game.

S01E13 · Passages

May 03, 1988

André decides to let Rob handle some business with a French shipping company, but Rob quickly finds himself blackmailed by the owner and turns to Danielle for help. Katherine visits two old artist friends in Paris, one of whom is dying, and reveals some stories from her past.

Royal Wedding
S01E14 · Royal Wedding

May 10, 1988

André decides to stay behind to take care of some business when the rest of the family attends the wedding of the son of an old friend.

Hello Stranger
S01E15 · Hello Stranger

May 17, 1988

Roland recognizes Solange's capability, Kelly takes interest in a battered child living next door and André throws the whole family out of balance.

S01E16 · Reunion

May 24, 1988

When Stéphanie uses a video camera to capture testimonials from the family during a reunion, she reveals deep secrets about each of her relatives.


Mount Royal Season 1 (1988) is released on Jan 03, 1988. Watch Mount Royal online - the English Drama TV series from France. Mount Royal is directed by Mario Azzopardi,René Bonnière,Jean Beaudin,Pierre Magny and created by Alun Hibbert with Patrick Bauchau and Domini Blythe. Mount Royal is available online on Freevee and The Roku Channel.

As know as:

Mount Royal, Mont-Royal(French), Mont-Royal


France, Canada



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Alliance Communications Corporation, Société Française de Production (SFP), TF1

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