Episodes (23)

Becoming Bow
S01E01 · Becoming Bow

Sep 24, 2019

A young Rainbow and her family try to acclimate in the suburbs after life in a commune.

The Warrior
S01E02 · The Warrior

Oct 01, 2019

Rainbow and Alicia struggle to fit in at school and stand out at work.

Let Your Hair Down
S01E03 · Let Your Hair Down

Oct 08, 2019

After a teacher tells Rainbow to make sure her hair is "neat" for picture day, she becomes self-conscious and begins a complicated relationship with her hair; Johan and Santamonica struggle with their own hair identity.

Love Is a Battlefield
S01E04 · Love Is a Battlefield

Oct 15, 2019

When Rainbow is tasked with a school assignment that requires her to trace her roots, she learns that history is more complicated for her mom's side of the family than it is for her dad's.

All She Wants to Do Is Dance
S01E05 · All She Wants to Do Is Dance

Oct 22, 2019

Bow has to consider the social impact of her date choice for her first school dance; Johan discovers his love of fashion; Santamonica spends some time with Harrison.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun
S01E06 · Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Oct 29, 2019

The popular girls at school ask Rainbow to join their Halloween costume as Tootie from "The Facts of Life"; Rainbow sees an opportunity to fit in, but Denise thinks differently; Alicia doesn't want the kids to go trick-or-treating.

Puttin' on the Ritz
S01E07 · Puttin' on the Ritz

Nov 12, 2019

The kids are excited to learn more about their granddad after Harrison invites the crew to family day at his country club; Alicia attempts to fit in at the country club, but ends up fighting with Denise.

Weird Science
S01E08 · Weird Science

Nov 19, 2019

Rainbow's passion for science deflates when her peers convince her that science isn't cool; Harrison works to mold a testimony from Denise; Santamonica tries to steal the spotlight back after Johan suffers an injury.

Papa Don't Preach
S01E09 · Papa Don't Preach

Nov 26, 2019

Paul struggles when Rainbow and Santamonica want to participate in a beauty pageant; Johan gets teased for crying after a martial arts tournament; Alicia and Harrison struggle with the best way for Johan to fight back.

Do They Know It's Christmas?
S01E10 · Do They Know It's Christmas?

Dec 10, 2019

Alicia and Paul strive to maintain their winter solstice traditions from the commune, but their parents want to have a more traditional Christmas with the kids; Alicia's dad competes with Harrison to be the kids' favorite grandad.

When Doves Cry
S01E11 · When Doves Cry

Jan 07, 2020

In the wake of the Challenger tragedy, Rainbow and her family handle their grief in different ways; Denise realizes that life is too short, so she vows to right all the wrongs she's done in her life.

It's Tricky
S01E12 · It's Tricky

Jan 14, 2020

Rainbow wants to battle stereotypes at school after she joins the track team and feels like her friends only see her skin color; Santamonica tries to be cool enough to hang out with Rainbow's friends.

Pride (In the Name of Love)
S01E13 · Pride (In the Name of Love)

Jan 21, 2020

Paul speaks at the school assembly on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but the kids think he'll embarrass them, so they decide not to attend.

True Colors
S01E14 · True Colors

Jan 28, 2020

Paul is shocked to hear from his estranged mother who wants to visit for Rainbow's 13th birthday; Rainbow sees turning 13 as a huge turning point in her life and wants a big birthday party.

This Charming Man
S01E15 · This Charming Man

Feb 11, 2020

Rainbow is excited to go on her first date with Bryce for Valentine's Day; Alicia is wary to let Rainbow start dating and invites Bryce's parents over for dinner to cross-examine them; Paul gets into a fight with Bryce's dad over politics.

She Works Hard for the Money
S01E16 · She Works Hard for the Money

Feb 18, 2020

Alicia gets a bonus after winning a big case and wants to buy a nice car, but Denise wants her to buy two cars so she can have one; Paul tries to teach Rainbow, Johan and Santamonica about the value of money.

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
S01E17 · Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Feb 25, 2020

The Johnsons welcome an African American family that has just moved into their mostly white neighborhood; Santamonica doesn't get along with the new neighbor's daughter, until she gives Santamonica attitude.

Parents Just Don't Understand
S01E18 · Parents Just Don't Understand

Mar 17, 2020

Rainbow clashes with her parents over her love for rap music; Harrison steps in to take Denise to a charity benefit and helps her realize she deserves better men in her love life.

Doctor! Doctor!
S01E19 · Doctor! Doctor!

Mar 24, 2020

After helping a friend with mono, Rainbow becomes interested in the medical field; Alicia fibs to Paul about getting a flu shot; Johan and Santamonica go to live with Harrison.

Bad Boys
S01E20 · Bad Boys

Apr 07, 2020

Alicia and Paul try to deflect Johan's interest in going to cop camp and becoming a police officer someday; Rainbow gets her first role as a school safety patrol and quickly realizes that with great power comes great responsibility.

Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
S01E21 · Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

Apr 14, 2020

After learning that scientists predict the ozone layer will be depleted in 20 years, Rainbow panics and tries to implement Earth Day at school; Rainbow is forced to takes matters into her own hands to fight for the cause.

Every Little Step
S01E22 · Every Little Step

Apr 28, 2020

The kids meet a homeless man in their neighborhood; Paul and Rainbow try to help their local homeless community by starting a soup kitchen at Rainbow's school; Denise has a new boyfriend and Alicia doesn't think they're a match.

You Got It All
S01E23 · You Got It All

May 05, 2020

Alicia and Paul are both offered jobs to work on Jesse Jackson's presidential campaign, but Alicia's law firm makes her an enticing offer to stay; Rainbow struggles to define her racial identity on a form.


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