Episodes (21)

S03E01 · Coned

Jul 17, 2015

When Pluto is forced to wear a dog cone, Mickey tries to make him feel better by wearing one himself. But it does not go well for him.

One Man Band
S03E02 · One Man Band

Aug 14, 2015

Mickey travels through London searching for the perfect playing spot for his one-man band.

Wish Upon a Coin
S03E03 · Wish Upon a Coin

Aug 21, 2015

Mickey and Minnie visit the wishing well and wish for eternal happiness. However, the villainous Pete has other ideas and makes his move to steal all the wishes.

Movie Time
S03E04 · Movie Time

Sep 11, 2015

Although the storm of the century is approaching, Mickey is still excited about his movie night. However, when he realizes he has no movies snacks, he must brave the elements to get them.

Shifting Gears
S03E05 · Shifting Gears

Sep 18, 2015

Mickey is excited and ready for a great day at the beach. Unfortunately his car is not and a hilarious battle between the two ensues.

Black and White
S03E06 · Black and White

Oct 02, 2015

Mickey struggles with his fear of scary movies, but concedes to go to one with Minnie. However, when he gets to the theater and the movie starts, the real battle begins.

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!
S03E07 · ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Nov 18, 2015

In this Spanish themed episode, Mickey celebrates his birthday while Minnie and Daisy perform a duet and Donald's mariachi band plays. However, chaos ensues when a rowdy group of piñatas crash his party.

Wonders of the Deep
S03E08 · Wonders of the Deep

Nov 26, 2015

A submarine voyage to the bottom of the ocean turns dangerous when Mickey, Donald, and Goofy have to rescue Professor Von Drake from a giant sea creature.

Road Hogs
S03E09 · Road Hogs

Dec 11, 2015

After spending the day riding, Mickey and Minnie stop off at a local bar for a drink. Little do they know it's a hog biker bar and they aren't impressed by Mickey's ride.

S03E10 · No

Jan 08, 2016

Mickey Mouse finds himself incapable of telling anyone no when they want to borrow anything. After it becomes a real problem, he turns to Donald for help.

Roughin' It
S03E11 · Roughin' It

Jan 22, 2016

The guys head out together on a camping trip. However, Donald and Goofy's idea of roughing it is very different than Mickey's.

S03E12 · Dancevidaniya

Feb 05, 2016

When Mickey and Minnie head to the Russian ballet they find themselves in the middle of the performance.

Couple's Sweaters
S03E13 · Couple's Sweaters

Feb 12, 2016

Mickey's itchy couple's sweater prevents him from enjoying his date with Minnie.

Turkish Delights
S03E14 · Turkish Delights

Mar 18, 2016

When Mickey's new desert is a big hit at the local bazaar, the other merchants don't take kindly to him and attempt to eliminate his new found business.

Sock Burglar
S03E15 · Sock Burglar

Apr 15, 2016

When a thief begins stealing every sock in town, Minnie makes it her personal mission to apprehend the criminal behind it.

Ku'u Lei Melody
S03E16 · Ku'u Lei Melody

Apr 22, 2016

While spending a day on the Hawaiian beach with Donald and Goofy, Mickey struggles to compose his perfect melody and finds help from an island spirit.

S03E17 · Entombed

May 13, 2016

Mickey leads Minnie on a treasure hunt in the Valley of the Tombs, but when the two are separated the adventure might prove too stressful for Mickey.

No Reservations
S03E18 · No Reservations

Jun 03, 2016

Minnie, Daisy, and Clarabelle are excited about attending an exclusive restaurant for lunch, but the maitre d' has no record of their reservations.

Split Decisions
S03E19 · Split Decisions

Jun 09, 2016

Mickey leads Donald to Professor Von Drake's machine in another effort to cure his temper, with chaotic results.

Good Sports
S03E20 · Good Sports

Jul 29, 2016

Mickey explains to two dirty playing basketball teams the importance of good sportsmanship as he takes a look in flashbacks of the good qualities that have been displayed in many sports since they first began.

Duck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special
S03E21 · Duck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special

Dec 09, 2016

It's touch-and-go for Donald when, instead of heading south for the winter with Daisy and all the other ducks, he insists on staying with Mickey and the gang to enjoy all that Christmas has to offer.


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