Episodes (13)

Endo obu Asu
S01E01 · Endo obu Asu

Jul 07, 2011

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Daisuki ni Natsu Chatta!
S01E02 · Daisuki ni Natsu Chatta!

Jul 14, 2011

Things get even more twisted when Subaru and Kinjiro are forced to go on a date, and Kurehara ends up falling for Subaru. However, the pair continue to keep their pact and help each other out during an awkward school physical exam.

Mochiron, Beddo no Uede
S01E03 · Mochiron, Beddo no Uede

Jul 21, 2011

Subaru struggles with a phobia of her own: the fear of pointed objects. Kanade goes to great lengths to help Subaru conquer her fears, and the incident brings her closer to Kinjiro.

Anmari Jirojiro Miruna...
S01E04 · Anmari Jirojiro Miruna...

Jul 28, 2011

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Atashi to Tsukiai Nasai
S01E05 · Atashi to Tsukiai Nasai

Aug 04, 2011

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Senso o hajimemashou
S01E06 · Senso o hajimemashou

Aug 11, 2011

Kinjiro's gynophobia is pushed to the limits when he sees Subaru wearing a qipa--a tight and revealing dress.

Kakeochi shiyou
S01E07 · Kakeochi shiyou

Aug 18, 2011

A jealous Kanade tries to make things hard for Kinjiro when she declares that they are lovers and have slept together.

Hajimete nanda
S01E08 · Hajimete nanda

Aug 25, 2011

Kinjiro can't sleep because of all the estrogen nearby! Later, Subaru finally reveals that she wants to be more than friends.

Shibaraku tabi ni demasu
S01E09 · Shibaraku tabi ni demasu

Sep 01, 2011

Kinjiro works at a Maid Café to repay Masamune for the loan of her summer homework.

Ittadakki ma-su
S01E10 · Ittadakki ma-su

Sep 08, 2011

Kureha celebrates her 16th birthday with her friends. However, she's afraid that Kinjiro will forget, and she reveals a type of trauma of her own.

Ni ~yu!
S01E11 · Ni ~yu!

Sep 15, 2011

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Mayoeru shitsuji to chikin'na ore to
S01E12 · Mayoeru shitsuji to chikin'na ore to

Sep 22, 2011

Subaru, after being relieved of butler duties, has transferred to a new school. Later, a new student transfers in, and she's oddly familiar with Kinjiro.

Monde kudasai!
S01E13 · Monde kudasai!

Sep 29, 2011

Subaru tries to protect her identity as a male while the others have crises of their own.


Mayo chiki! Season 1 (2011) is released on Jul 07, 2011. Watch Mayo chiki! online - the English Animation TV series from Japan. Mayo chiki! is directed by Keiichirô Kawaguchi,Takafumi Fujii,Yôsuke Hashiguchi,Takashi Ikehata and created by Hajime Asano with Yuka Iguchi and Satoshi Hino.

As know as:

Mayo chiki!(French), Mayo Chiki!(English), Mayo chiki!(Hindi), まよチキ!(Japanese), Агов, Курча!




English, Japanese

Production Companies:

Dax Production, Feel, Media Factory

Official Site:

Official site (Japan)

Cast & Crew

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