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The Play
S08E01 · The Play

Sep 23, 1993

An actress is murdered and Ben agrees to represent the director of a local community play.

The Fatal Seduction: Part 1
S08E02 · The Fatal Seduction: Part 1

Sep 30, 1993

Ben defends a man against murder charges stemming from a date-rape shakedown scheme.

The Fatal Seduction: Part 2
S08E03 · The Fatal Seduction: Part 2

Oct 07, 1993

Ben defends a man against murder charges stemming from a date-rape shakedown scheme.

The Diner
S08E04 · The Diner

Oct 14, 1993

Ben takes Leanne to meet the wife of his first client back in the early 60s. Mr. Shaw was the cook at the local diner where he was accused of killing the local sheriff after a disagreement in the diner.

The View
S08E05 · The View

Oct 28, 1993

When Ben and Leanne go to a wedding out of town, Ben witnesses what could be a crime from his hotel window.

The Last Laugh
S08E06 · The Last Laugh

Nov 04, 1993

When a mouthy has-been comedian is accused of murder Matlock defends him in court.

The Capital Offense
S08E07 · The Capital Offense

Nov 11, 1993

Two weeks before con man Adam Spangler's appointment with the electric chair, Det. Campbell Buchard convinces Ben and Leanne to shake the eyewitness testimony that put Spangler on death row and find the real killer.

The Haunted
S08E08 · The Haunted

Nov 18, 1993

A dissatisfied patient is suspected of murdering her plastic surgeon, but Ben thinks otherwise.

The Conspiracy
S08E09 · The Conspiracy

Nov 25, 1993

Matlock defends a young lawyer accused of murdering his old boss.

Matlock's Bad, Bad, Bad Dream
S08E10 · Matlock's Bad, Bad, Bad Dream

Dec 02, 1993

After visiting a jazz nightclub, Matlock has a nightmare set during 1930's prohibition.

The Defendant
S08E11 · The Defendant

Dec 16, 1993

Leanne falls for a client, a philanthropist accused of murdering his partner.

The Kidnapping: Part 1
S08E12 · The Kidnapping: Part 1

Jan 13, 1994

Billy is kidnapped and held for ransom. Agent Wingate of the FBI is assigned to recover him.

The Kidnapping: Part 2
S08E13 · The Kidnapping: Part 2

Jan 20, 1994

Matlock defends FBI agent Wingate when he is charged with murder.

The Temptation
S08E14 · The Temptation

Jan 27, 1994

A handsome criminal steals Leanne's private diary and uses its contents to get close to her.

The Crook
S08E15 · The Crook

Feb 03, 1994

Matlock goes to work when a man accused of stealing a rare book also finds himself facing a murder charge.

The Murder Game
S08E16 · The Murder Game

Feb 10, 1994

Ben, Leanne, and Cliff take part in a murder mystery weekend, and murder becomes reality.

S08E17 · Brennen

Feb 17, 1994

Matlock's neighbor is accused of murdering a councilwoman after she publicly discloses his embezzling. The assistant DA and Matlock share commonalities but come into conflict because they're on opposite sides of the case.

The P.I.
S08E18 · The P.I.

Mar 03, 1994

Jesse Morgan runs into Ben at the courthouse. Jesse tells Ben, who is a family friend, that she is going to be moving to Los Angeles to go to school. Before she leaves, Ben tells Jesse where to find her estranged father, Max, when she gets out there. Jesse shows up on Max's doorstep, and finds out he is a private investigator. She moves in with him temporarily until she can find a place of her own. When a job comes up, Max asks Jesse to take pictures of a client's wife, who he suspects is being unfaithful. The client's wife ends up dead, but Jesse got pictures of the ...

The Godfather
S08E19 · The Godfather

Apr 28, 1994

Ben's goddaughter comes to town for her wedding, causing Ben to deal with uninvited guests, an accident from the past, Cliff's exaggerations, and a murder.

The Idol
S08E20 · The Idol

May 19, 1994

A young lawyer who apes Ben's style is involved in blackmail and murder.


Matlock Season 8 (1993) is released on Sep 23, 1993 and the latest season 9 of Matlock is released in 1994. Watch Matlock online - the English Crime TV series from United States. Matlock is directed by Christopher Hibler,Harvey S. Laidman,Leo Penn,Frank Thackery and created by Dean Hargrove with Andy Griffith and Julie Sommars.

In this legal drama, Andy Griffith plays Ben Matlock, a criminal-defense lawyer based in Atlanta. Matlock typically identifies and confronts the perpetrator in a dramatic courtroom scene. His goal, most often, is to prove reasonable doubt of his client's guilt. Rumor suggests that the character is based on lawyer Bobby Lee Cook, Georgia's colorful "dean of criminal-defense attorneys."

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Мэтлок, El abogado Matlock, Matlock, Метлок


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Dean Hargrove Productions, Fred Silverman Company, The Matlock Company

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