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So Ready in SoCal
S15E01 · So Ready in SoCal

Jul 06, 2022

It's crunch time for ten brave San Diegans, who have only two weeks to prepare before they meet their stranger spouses at the altar. For one, a family member's disapproval could create an irreparable rift. And on the big day, an emotionally-guarded bride becomes a puddle of tears.

Whole Wife for a Whole Life?
S15E02 · Whole Wife for a Whole Life?

Jul 13, 2022

With one wedding down and four to go, our soon-to-be spouses anxiously prepare to say "I do" to a stranger. However, when one groom gets terrible news, a wedding has to be postponed for the first time in Married at First Sight history. And one father of the bride could ruin his daughter's special day.

Ain't No Wedding Like a West Coast Wedding
S15E03 · Ain't No Wedding Like a West Coast Wedding

Jul 20, 2022

While one pair of strangers faces an uncertain future, four other couples celebrate their weddings under the San Diego sun. Cakes are cut, garters are tossed, and the question of wedding night sex is in the air. What will happen when they return to their honeymoon suite as total strangers who are also husband and wife?

Sand, Sun, and Spouses
S15E04 · Sand, Sun, and Spouses

Jul 27, 2022

Four newlywed couples, who have never met each other before, spend their first night together, sharing stories, secrets, and a bed. In the morning, each is bombarded with personal questions from their spouse's friends and family. Then it's time for sun in the fun as they jet off to a honeymoon in Mexico.

Everything Whale Be Okay
S15E05 · Everything Whale Be Okay

Aug 03, 2022

Under the sunny skies of Puerto Vallarta, our newlyweds enjoy the first full day of their honeymoon. While paddleboarding, horseback riding and whale watching, they learn more about the strangers they just married. One husband surprises his wife with the words "I love you," but another spouse makes a much more unpleasant declaration.

Saved by the Mariachis!
S15E06 · Saved by the Mariachis!

Aug 10, 2022

Things get hot in Mexico as the honeymoons continue for our newlyweds and the tequila is flowing. But while one groom suddenly drops the L word, another can't see past the eight week mark, and another betrays his new wife's trust when he reveals her biggest secret to others behind her back.

Real Life Reckoning
S15E07 · Real Life Reckoning

Aug 17, 2022

As the couples return to San Diego after their honeymoon, they get a glimpse at their spouse's old homes before moving into their new apartment together. Pastor Cal visits to help the couples through their early issues. And while one couple takes their relationship to the next level, another must navigate a shocking encounter between their dogs that threatens to tear their marriage apart.

Party Ways
S15E08 · Party Ways

Aug 24, 2022

As our five newlywed couples settle into their lives in San Diego, they prep to be reunited with friends and family for the first time since their weddings as they plan their first housewarming parties together. Grievances are aired and advice is shared as the party themes range from the '70s disco to "retro futurism." Though some of the couples seem destined for bliss, real-life issues like health insurance, last names, and even recycling threaten to drive a wedge between them.

Are You Going to Gaslight Me?
S15E09 · Are You Going to Gaslight Me?

Aug 31, 2022

As our newlywed strangers enter their third week of marriage, the topic of love is on everyone's minds. Deep questions lead to unexpected revelations, and spouses have to face uncompromising attitudes and unforgiven mistakes. Fun dates like karaoke and beach picnics go completely awry, and one wife is shocked to learn that on a scale of one to ten, their marriage rates a four.

Moody Monthiversaries
S15E10 · Moody Monthiversaries

Sep 07, 2022

As they celebrate their one-month anniversaries, our couples reflect on their progress (or the lack thereof), and set their sights on the road to Decision Day. While some seek to recapture the magic they've lost, others struggle to foster trust, putting their future in grave jeopardy.

Back to Our Future
S15E11 · Back to Our Future

Sep 14, 2022

Having just passed the one month milestone in their marriages, the husbands and wives open up further to their spouses by returning to their roots and sharing more about their pasts. In learning to be vulnerable about their lives before marriage, the couples can work to build a stronger future together. But for one couple, the lies and frustrations of the past may prove to be too much to overcome.

Baby Steps
S15E12 · Baby Steps

Sep 21, 2022

When Dr. Pia returns, trust is put to the test and intimacy soars as one couple shares a steamy getaway and another gets a special delivery. But two marriages could be headed for trouble if compromises can't be reached before it's too late.

The Ugly Truth
S15E13 · The Ugly Truth

Sep 28, 2022

The couples have one final chance to speak with the experts as Decision Day draws near. Dr. Pepper, Pastor Cal and DeVon Franklin help the couples confront truths in their marriages so that they may have a better understanding of each other come Decision Day. With the pressure mounting, one couple finds it difficult to continue on, while another is ready to go all in.

No Hug for You
S15E14 · No Hug for You

Oct 05, 2022

The wives and husbands embark on a fabulous couples retreat, where one wife is treated to her very first prom. But while there's laughter, dancing, and the promise of sex for some, there are dramatic outbursts and tears for others. Some of the couples have a great time playing dodgeball, practicing archery, and enjoying vibrating panties. But for another, serious questions are raised as to whether or not their marriage can survive.

Are You My Person?
S15E15 · Are You My Person?

Oct 12, 2022

With Decision Day just over a week away, the anxiety increases for everyone. One couple finds out if absence really does make the heart grow fonder, while another struggles with a difficult goodbye. Now that they are truly learning what their spouses are really like in everyday life, the question looms: can they really spend the rest of their lives together as a married couple?

This Isn't Best Friends at First Sight
S15E16 · This Isn't Best Friends at First Sight

Oct 19, 2022

The clock is running out and our couples have only a few days before Decision Day. It's the last chance to answer any remaining questions--which ruins the final night for one couple and challenges others. The clock is running out and the next time the spouses see each other, will be in front of the experts where they'll have to decide on whether they want to stay married or get a divorce.

This Was Supposed to Be Our New Start
S15E17 · This Was Supposed to Be Our New Start

Oct 26, 2022

It's time for the couples to take control of their marriages and their futures as they make the decision to stay married or get a divorce. But as they prepare to move forward from the experiment, a shocking realization leads one couple to reverse their decision.

San Diego Reunion, Part 1
S15E18 · San Diego Reunion, Part 1

Nov 02, 2022

Emotions run deep as the San Diego couples reunite to reveal stunning secrets from their season and surprising updates on their current relationships. As they relive their most romantic, hilarious and dramatic moments, two cast members come to a tense showdown over shocking allegations.

San Diego Reunion, Part 2
S15E19 · San Diego Reunion, Part 2

Nov 09, 2022

The San Diego cast struggles to deal with the aftermath of a heated confrontation. Issues from the past continue to put pressure on their relationships as they move forward. The MAFS experts intervene with some blunt words of wisdom to help with wounds that have still not healed.


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