Episodes (13)

The Pilot
S01E01 · The Pilot

Jan 17, 1995

New Jersey carpenter Richard DeMorra arrives in Hawaii for his estranged, billionaire father's funeral to discover his legacy is to redeem markers distributed to people to repay debts of gratitude.

Frank & Mike's
S01E02 · Frank & Mike's

Jan 24, 1995

Richard helps a prison inmate who used to work for his father. He is asked to help the man's daughter.

Cloud Warriors
S01E03 · Cloud Warriors

Jan 31, 1995

When Danny finds a dead body of woman off the beach, his grandmother turns in a marker. She wants Richard to help Danny bring the killer to justice in order to appease the dead's soul.

High & Wild
S01E04 · High & Wild

Feb 07, 1995

Richard helps a minor-league pitcher who is being stalked by a mysterious biker while he's going through a acrimonious divorce.

Spanish Laughter
S01E05 · Spanish Laughter

Feb 14, 1995

Richard meets Risa on the plane back from New Jersey. They fall in love unexpectedly while helping an island hospice stop the theft of medicinal pot.

From Russia Without Love
S01E06 · From Russia Without Love

Feb 21, 1995

Richard, Danny, Moch, and Kimba help a young navy seal take down a white slavery operation to rescue the young man's bride to be.

Spiked Through the Heart
S01E07 · Spiked Through the Heart

Feb 28, 1995

An obsessed fan abducts a beautiful beach volleyball player before a major tournament.

Dead Man's Marker
S01E08 · Dead Man's Marker

Mar 13, 1995

Richard assists a young lawyer attempting to prove her father did not murder a young woman and then commit suicide.

The Pink Unicorn
S01E09 · The Pink Unicorn

Jan 01, 1995

Richard helps a girl in search of the "pink unicorn", a legendary object that her father asked her to locate before he was killed.

Truth, Lies and Rock 'n' Roll
S01E10 · Truth, Lies and Rock 'n' Roll

Apr 25, 1995

Richard helps a feisty journalist expose a murder, connected to a candidate for attorney general, in order to free an innocent man from prison.

Snowballs in Hawaii
S01E11 · Snowballs in Hawaii

May 02, 1995

Richard is tasked to find a bickering couple's schnauzer, however someone is killing people to get at this dog as well.

Factor X
S01E12 · Factor X

May 09, 1995

Richard protects a rock star who, during a drug binge, put a contract on his own life and now wants it revoked.

S01E13 · Discovery

May 16, 1995

Richard and Danny Kahala assist a young amnesiac who is being targeted by a pair of deadly assailants.


Marker Season 1 (1995) is released on Jan 17, 1995. Watch Marker online - the English Drama TV series from United States. Marker is directed by Dennis Dugan,David Hemmings,Andrew Stevens,Kristoffer Tabori and created by Steven Smith with Richard Grieco and Andy Bumatai. Marker is available online on The Roku Channel and Tubi TV.

As know as:

Hawaii üzenetek, Znak Róży, Marker, Heißes Pflaster Hawaii


United States



Production Companies:

Paramount Television, Stephen J. Cannell Productions

Cast & Crew

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