Episodes (22)

Setting Sun/Ramune
S02E01 · Setting Sun/Ramune

Oct 14, 2017

Rei's first day as a member of the Shogi Science Club.

S02E02 · Chaos/Kumakura

Oct 21, 2017

Rei watches a title match between Souya and Kumakura while thinking about Gotou's actions.

June/Ladybug Bush: Part 1
S02E03 · June/Ladybug Bush: Part 1

Oct 28, 2017

Rei remembers his past and how he became a professional shogi player. Akari realizes there is something wrong with Hina.

Ladybug Bush (Parts 2 & 3)/Feelings
S02E04 · Ladybug Bush (Parts 2 & 3)/Feelings

Nov 04, 2017

Rei has to make an important decision after hearing Hina's history about the bullying in her school and her friend Chiho.

S02E05 · Feelings/Confession

Nov 11, 2017

Rei is having a hard time in coming up with a plan to help Hina, so he asks his teacher for advice. Akari questions her actions towards Hina.

Small World/Letter
S02E06 · Small World/Letter

Nov 18, 2017

Rei asks a friend from Hina's school to keep her company during lunch break without realizing all the consequences of his decision.

Start of the Rainy Season/Hachiya
S02E07 · Start of the Rainy Season/Hachiya

Nov 25, 2017

Hina's situation keeps getting worse. Rei has to face a very annoying opponent in the first round of the Newcomer King Tournament.

Midday Moon/Adventurers
S02E08 · Midday Moon/Adventurers

Dec 02, 2017

Rei realizes how wrong his plan for helping Hina was after talking with his teacher. Shimada tells Rei how he met Nikaidou and the true about his condition.

S02E09 · Kingdom

Dec 09, 2017

While Hina is at her school trip, Rei has to play his most important shogi match yet in the Newcomer King Tournament final match.

Silver Wings/River Scenery
S02E10 · Silver Wings/River Scenery

Dec 16, 2017

Junkei Yamazaki tells his story. The Kawamoto family and Rei go to celebrate Rei's victory in the Newcomer King Tournament.

Where the Sun Shines/Small World
S02E11 · Where the Sun Shines/Small World

Dec 23, 2017

Rei celebrates his victory with the Shogi Science Club. Shimada faces Sakurai in a shogi match for the right to become the challenger of the Kishuo Championship.

Black Mist/Light
S02E12 · Black Mist/Light

Jan 06, 2018

The bullying case in Hina's school takes an unexpected turn.

Small Palm/Sunny Place
S02E13 · Small Palm/Sunny Place

Jan 13, 2018

The bullying case in Hina's school is finally coming to an end. Hina receives an unexpected letter. Rei makes another promise.

Flowing Away/White Storm: Part 1
S02E14 · Flowing Away/White Storm: Part 1

Jan 20, 2018

With the conclusion of all the previous events, Rei is finally going to face Meijin Souya in a commemorative match. Does he stand a chance against the best shogi player?

White Storm (Parts 2-4)
S02E15 · White Storm (Parts 2-4)

Jan 27, 2018

After the match, with all the bullet train services suspended because of a typhoon, Rei and Souya are forced to find a place to stay. Rei finds out the true behind the calm personality of Souya.

White Storm: Part 5/Restart
S02E16 · White Storm: Part 5/Restart

Feb 03, 2018

Rei can't stop thinking about his match with Souya. An old friend returns.

Burnt Field (Parts 1-2)
S02E17 · Burnt Field (Parts 1-2)

Mar 03, 2018

The title match for the Kishou Championship between Shimada and Yanagihara finally begins. Will Shimada win his first title or will Yanagihara retain the title once again?

Burnt Field (Parts 3-4)
S02E18 · Burnt Field (Parts 3-4)

Mar 10, 2018

Shimada is getting the upper hand but Yanagihara is not giving up. Who will come up on top?

Being Here/Summer Vacation: Part 1
S02E19 · Being Here/Summer Vacation: Part 1

Mar 17, 2018

Hina goes to visit Chiho. Hina starts to think about her future. The head teacher finally has an answer for Takagi's question.

Summer Vacation: Part 2/New Year
S02E20 · Summer Vacation: Part 2/New Year

Mar 24, 2018

After much thinking, Hina decides to which high school she wants to go. Rei helps Hina to study for the entrance exam.

Passing Time/Spring Comes
S02E21 · Passing Time/Spring Comes

Mar 31, 2018

Just days before the entrance exam, Hina finds out that a very important person for her is going to leave March Town.

The Other House/Child of March Town
S02E22 · The Other House/Child of March Town

Mar 31, 2018

Rei visits his old home. Hina prepares for her first day as a high school student.


March Comes in Like a Lion (also know as Sangatsu no Lion) Season 2 (2017) is released on Oct 14, 2017 and the latest season 2 of March Comes in Like a Lion is released in 2017. Watch March Comes in Like a Lion online - the Japanese Animation TV series from Japan. March Comes in Like a Lion is directed by Kenjirô Okada,Akiyuki Shinbô,Midori Yoshizawa,Yoshiko Mikami and created by Yukito Kizawa with Kengo Kawanishi and Khoi Dao.

As know as:

Sangatsu no Lion, March Comes in Like a Lion, Березневий лев, Sangatsu no Lion, March Comes in Like a Lion(English)





Production Companies:

Aniplex, Asmik Ace Entertainment, Dentsu

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Official Site (Japan)

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