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Tatum and Michael
S03E01 · Tatum and Michael

Oct 11, 2022

Tatum and Michael have invested every penny they have into a non-profit organization helping struggling artists get health care, sacrificing their dreams of a place they can really feel at home. But now it's finally the time to invest in themselves. Kortney and Kenny go all in on this house and create a unique home for this most inspiring couple and their three kids.

Cara and Garrett
S03E02 · Cara and Garrett

Oct 18, 2022

California transplants Cara and Garrett uprooted their family and moved to the country to give their children the space to roam free. But the move has been hard for the kids and the new house just doesn't feel like home. Kortney and Kenny, being transplants themselves, understand the importance of feeling like your place is home. So, they embark on a mission to create tailor-made spaces for each member of this sweet family.

Rose and Keith
S03E03 · Rose and Keith

Oct 25, 2022

After moving across the country for a simpler life, Rose and Keith realized that the beautiful home they had just purchased, really wasn't laid out for optimal family time. With two very small children, quality time in the kitchen and living spaces is integral to making this place feel like home. Kortney and Kenny take the helm and pull out all the stops to give this young family the space they need, and then some.

Andy and Benjamin
S03E04 · Andy and Benjamin

Nov 01, 2022

After scouring the area of their dreams for a new home, Andy and Ben fell in love with this charming old house. But having done renovations in the past they knew they couldn't tackle this one and they needed expert help to turn their classy vision into reality. Things start well but after countless setbacks Kortney and Kenny have limited budget left to create the upscale pad Andy and Ben are longing for, while still creating a fun space for their small daughter Sadie.

Dana and Phil
S03E05 · Dana and Phil

Nov 08, 2022

With a new baby and three dogs in tow, Dana and Phil decided they needed to be closer to family. But the house quickly became a nightmare, with an unsafe staircase at the root of it all. Dana wants a whole new layout and a place for her dog grooming business, so she insists on having a hand in the design. Kortney and Kenny lean on each other to execute an unconventional design, that in the end, creates the home of Dana's dreams.

Emma and Scott
S03E06 · Emma and Scott

Nov 15, 2022

Emma and Scott had been searching for a house to better accommodate Emma's limited mobility and deteriorating condition due to her MS. After a tireless search for a new place and being outbid more times than they could count, Emma and Scott decided it was time to refocus their attention on their current home. Kortney and Kenny are eager to assist this family create better accessibility and functionality to this outdated home while also creating a beautiful space that Emma and her family will love forever.

Odessa and Shannon
S03E07 · Odessa and Shannon

Nov 22, 2022

In 2005, Odessa and Shannon moved into their newly built home with dreams of planting roots and living a cozy family life. Then hurricane Katrina hit, and this young couple ended up taking in 29 house guests who had lost their own homes in the natural disaster. Now, 17 years later, the house remains a shrine to that crazy part of their lives. But with their first daughter going off to college, they want to snap out of the past and jump into the future with Kortney and Kenny's help.

James and Elizabeth
S03E08 · James and Elizabeth

Nov 29, 2022

This young family of five are world travelers and have never owned a real home. So, after deciding it was time to settle down, they purchased a massive house in the nicest community. But to do so, it also had to be the most outdated for them to afford it. Kortney understands what it is like to have three small children and enlists Kenny's help to open up the walls and make room for this growing family.

Michael and Emily
S03E09 · Michael and Emily

Dec 06, 2022

After living in Atlanta for a few years, Michael decided to transfer back to Nashville. He went out on his own and purchased a house for his family with three objectives in mind; a yard, a ranch with a basement and a place to play basketball... but to Emily's chagrin, that was all this house had. Needless to say, she and the kids were not thrilled with the purchase. Kortney and Kenny can see the potential in this house that Michael sees and wants to help Emily see it too. With many obstacles in their way, they push forward to try and create a house this family can ...

Calea and Blake
S03E10 · Calea and Blake

Dec 13, 2022

Calea and Blake have had many struggles, but you would never know it. With Blake's Cystic Fibrosis condition, a journey with IVF (twice), and whirlwind house hunt, this couple is determined to look on the positive side. They choose to look towards hope and that each moment together should be a moment worth living. That includes renovating the outdated house they just purchased. This space has Blake's dream garden, where he intends to spend the rest of his days watching his children grow. But the inside is less than appealing. He is keen to have the house become a ...


Making it Home with Kortney & Kenny Season 3 (2022) is released on Oct 11, 2022 and the latest season 3 of Making it Home with Kortney & Kenny is released in 2022. Watch Making it Home with Kortney & Kenny online - the English Reality-TV TV series from Canada. Making it Home with Kortney & Kenny is directed by Cheryl Zalameda,Marc Simard and created by Lissa Fraser Kerr with Kortney Wilson and Kenny Brain.

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Making It Home with Kortney & Dave, Making It Home with Kortney & Dave(English), Making It Home with Kortney & Dave(French), Making it Home with Kortney & Kenny





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