Episodes (8)

Episode #2.1
S02E01 · Episode #2.1

Feb 04, 2013

The residents of The Paradise are forced to cohabitate with a band of Parisian thugs with highly questionable morals. Facing grave financial difficulties, the brothel must also survive the rise to power of a royalist chief commissioner who marks the return of a Moral Order.

Episode #2.2
S02E02 · Episode #2.2

Feb 04, 2013

Chief Commissioner Torcy is suspicious of Mosca's involvement in amajor burglary and sends Commissioner Angélus to The Paradise to make inquiries. Hortense, detesting Mosca's presence in her territory, makes a play to denounce him.

Episode #2.3
S02E03 · Episode #2.3

Feb 11, 2013

A street pimp's prostitutes are left without work after his murder and Rose pleads with Mosca to take them on. However, Le Paradis's new proprietor spots a more lucrative opportunity when a businessman named Antonettii asks him if he has a dozen girls he can take to South America to work in a house in Buenos Aires. Rose is furious when she finds out about the deal, fearing that Antonetti is just a conman and the women will end up as slave workers.

Episode #2.4
S02E04 · Episode #2.4

Feb 11, 2013

Despite being warned by Kertel, Mosca decides to keep the streetwalkers that were formerly under Corentin's charge "on the pavement." Valentine, dreaming of independence, is reunited with small-time criminal Rémy, who lures her into a trap. Véra decides to reveal everything to Jeanne...

Episode #2.5
S02E05 · Episode #2.5

Feb 18, 2013

The prefect reproaches Torcy for the increasing number of prostitutes in the streets, putting his head is on the chopping block. Not to be outdone by Mosca, the vicious master of the Pigalle streets, known as The Butcher, forces his way into The Paradise...

Episode #2.6
S02E06 · Episode #2.6

Feb 18, 2013

In order to restore calm to the streets of Paris, Torcy proposes that Mosca protect the peace at The Paradise and beyond. Véra wants Jeanne to believe that she was born out of love, telling her that her father was killed in a duel.

Episode #2.7
S02E07 · Episode #2.7

Feb 25, 2013

Mosca and Rose get lost in a world of drugs and sex. Kertel takes matters into his own hands with the help of Bak. After Angèle contracts syphilis, the women of The Paradise decide to treat her on site. Not knowing Jeanne has been seeing Bak, Véra searches for a furnished apartment to satisfy her daughter's desire for independence.

Episode #2.8
S02E08 · Episode #2.8

Feb 25, 2013

Torcy oversees the faithful's donations to the Sacred Heart, which add up to a tidy sum. Mosca jumps at the opportunity to strike a fatal blow to the chief commissioner and replenish his coffers at the same time. Meanwhile, the women of The Paradise are worried that Kertel and Bak are trying to overthrow Mosca for control of the streets.


Maison close Season 2 (2013) is released on Feb 04, 2013 and the latest season 2 of Maison close is released in 2013. Watch Maison close online - the French Drama TV series from France. Maison close is directed by Mabrouk El Mechri,Jérôme Cornuau,Carlo Da Fonseca Parsotam,Jacques Ouaniche and created by Jacques Ouaniche with Anne Charrier and Jemima West. Maison close is available online on Hoopla and Tubi TV.

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