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For Those Who Think Young
S02E01 · For Those Who Think Young

Jul 27, 2008

On Valentine's Day, the staff of the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency is hustling and checking out the newest office equipment. Don and Duck clash over an account, and Betty hears from an old friend.

Flight 1
S02E02 · Flight 1

Aug 03, 2008

A plane crash causes the firm to go after the account for the airline involved and drop the smaller airline they have an account with. Peggy pays a visit to her mother and sister, who are now guardians of a child.

The Benefactor
S02E03 · The Benefactor

Aug 10, 2008

Trouble rises on the set of a commercial while Don plays hooky from the office.

Three Sundays
S02E04 · Three Sundays

Aug 17, 2008

Freddy and Ken take a client out to lunch who stirs Roger Sterling's heart.

The New Girl
S02E05 · The New Girl

Aug 24, 2008

Joan finds Don the perfect secretary, and Don finds himself in the middle of issues between TV comedian Jimmy and his wife, Bobbie.

S02E06 · Maidenform

Aug 31, 2008

Don and Duck try to bury the hatchet, and Peggy attempts to join in on the execs' after-hours meetings. Also, Duck receives a family visit at the office.

The Gold Violin
S02E07 · The Gold Violin

Sep 07, 2008

To show that he has "arrived," Don buys a new car. Pete, Harry and Ken come up with a plan to attract new business, and Don's secretary makes a serious error, which could mean trouble for Joan. Cooper gets a new piece of office art that attracts the interest of the Sterling Cooper staff.

A Night to Remember
S02E08 · A Night to Remember

Sep 14, 2008

Betty becomes suspicious that Don is having an affair after her conversation with Jimmy Barrett, Joan helps out in the television department, and Peggy helps the church with a dance flyer.

Six Month Leave
S02E09 · Six Month Leave

Sep 28, 2008

Don checks in to a hotel after his separation from Betty. Back at the office, he is forced to get rid of Freddy against his will because of his drinking problem.

The Inheritance
S02E10 · The Inheritance

Oct 05, 2008

Don and Betty try to keep up appearances as they go to Betty's parents after her dad has a stroke. Peter has a long-dreaded meeting with his mother before he and Kinsey leave for a convention in Los Angeles.

The Jet Set
S02E11 · The Jet Set

Oct 12, 2008

Don blows off the convention in Los Angeles when he meets a beautiful, exotic woman. Back at Sterling Cooper, a member of the creative staff comes out of the closet, and Duck falls off the wagon and initiates his power play.

The Mountain King
S02E12 · The Mountain King

Oct 19, 2008

Don drops off the Sterling Cooper radar and visits the wife of the man whose identity he stole. Back at the office, Bert and Roger consider the merger offer, Peggy makes a play for a real office, and Peter loses his father-in-law's account.

Meditations in an Emergency
S02E13 · Meditations in an Emergency

Oct 26, 2008

Under the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Don returns to New York just as Betty finds out that she is pregnant. Meanwhile, everybody at Sterling Cooper contemplates their futures as news of the merger slowly leaks out.


Mad Men Season 2 (2008) is released on Jul 27, 2008 and the latest season 7 of Mad Men is released in 2014. Watch Mad Men online - the English Drama TV series from United States. Mad Men is directed by Phil Abraham,Michael Uppendahl,Jennifer Getzinger,Matthew Weiner and created by Matthew Weiner with Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss. Mad Men is available online on AMC+ Amazon Channel and AMC+ Roku Premium Channel.

The professional and personal lives of those who work in advertising on Madison Avenue - self-coined "mad men" - in the 1960s are presented. The stories focus on those at one of the avenue's smaller firms, Sterling Cooper, and its various incarnations over the decade. At the heart of these stories is Donald Draper, the creative genius of the company. That professional creative brilliance belies the fact of a troubled childhood, one that he would rather forget and not let anyone know about except for a select few, but one that shaped who he is as an adult and as an ad man in the need not only to sell products but sell himself to the outside world. His outward confidence also masks many insecurities as evidenced through his many vices, such as excessive smoking, drinking and womanizing - the latter despite being a family man - and how he deals with the aftermath of some of the negative aspects of his life.

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Mad Men. Reklamos vilkai, Момци са Медисона, Šialenci z Manhattanu, Божевільні, Gã Điên


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James Walton
Daily Telegraph (UK)
The overall result was as beautifully acted, written and filmed as ever - and as quietly enjoyable.
by rottentomatoes, Sep 10, 2018
Misha Davenport
Chicago Sun-Times
Mad Men is still one of the best series currently on television, if not the best.
by rottentomatoes, Jul 27, 2008
Gillian Flynn
Entertainment Weekly
With a strange gesture or a brutal bit of dialogue, it takes its characters' careful, false fronts, and strips them clean away.
by rottentomatoes, Jul 27, 2008

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