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The Dashing Entrance of Lupin III
S01E01 · The Dashing Entrance of Lupin III

Sep 12, 1985

Arsène Lupin III's gang (Zenigata included!) have a reunion aboard a luxury ship. What starts off as nostalgic pleasure soon turns to business with life on the line.

A Bouquet of Bills Blossom in Rio's Sunset
S01E02 · A Bouquet of Bills Blossom in Rio's Sunset

Oct 10, 1977

Lupin and his gang plan to steal the money that's being spent at the Rio Soccer Stadium.

Hitler's Legacy
S01E03 · Hitler's Legacy

Oct 17, 1977

Lupin and his pals go to Berlin, Germany to find an old ex-Nazi, Genhardt who knows where Hitler's treasure is. Only problem is he refuses to reveal where the treasure is hidden.

I Can Hear Nessie's Song
S01E04 · I Can Hear Nessie's Song

Oct 24, 1977

The Loch Ness Monster is soothed by Fujiko's singing. This marks her as a target for Dr Oz, who wishes to capture Nessie.

I'll Tell You How to Transport Gold Bullion
S01E05 · I'll Tell You How to Transport Gold Bullion

Oct 31, 1977

Fujiko is accompanied by a crippled man who gives Lupin an idea on how to steal the gold from the Swiss bank.

Is the Leaning Tower of Pisa Standing
S01E06 · Is the Leaning Tower of Pisa Standing

Nov 07, 1977

In Italy a mad scientist invented an earthquake machine that creates massive earthquakes. He demands that the Italian government will pay him a ransom or the Tower of Pisa will crumble. This is where Lupin and his gang come to teach this guy a lesson in not destroying great landmarks. That and try to steal the ransom money from the government.

Tsutankâmen sanzen'nen no noroi
S01E07 · Tsutankâmen sanzen'nen no noroi

Nov 14, 1977

In Egypt, Lupin steals the death mask of King Tutankhamen. As soon as he starts messing around by wearing it, Lupin ends up being cursed and thinks he's the late ruler of Egypt. Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko must find a way to cure Lupin.

The Venice Superexpress
S01E08 · The Venice Superexpress

Nov 21, 1977

Crime boss Don Martino takes the Venice Superexpress to leave Italy with his ill-gotten gains. Lupin and his gang board the train to swipe those gains from Martino.

What Do You Think of Ukiyoe Blues?
S01E09 · What Do You Think of Ukiyoe Blues?

Nov 28, 1977

Fujiko brings a request from a dying old man, grandson of the great Japanese artist Toshusai Sharaku: he wants all his grandfather's paintings to be buried with him.

Steal File M123
S01E10 · Steal File M123

Dec 05, 1977

Lupin disguises himself as Zenigata to steal a top criminal's file from Scotland Yard. All goes well, until the real Zenigata (and a couple more impersonators!) turn up...

Wager on the Monaco GP
S01E11 · Wager on the Monaco GP

Dec 12, 1977

In Monaco Lupin is going to compete at the Monaco Grand Prix. But when he tries out the casinos in Monaco he lost everything he bet including his own Formula-1 Race Car to a big time business man. So his next strategy is to race for the guy who owns his car while Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko go steal the winning money.

Daitôryo e no okurimono
S01E12 · Daitôryo e no okurimono

Dec 19, 1977

Lupin and his gang set out to steal a special Christmas gift from France to the U.S. President - an ancient bottle of French wine under heavy security (including Zenigata!).

San Furanshisuko daitsuiseki
S01E13 · San Furanshisuko daitsuiseki

Dec 26, 1977

A bizarre chain of events sends everything topsy-turvy: now Zenigata is on the run from Lupin!

The Great Caribbean Adventure
S01E14 · The Great Caribbean Adventure

Jan 09, 1978

Fujiko comes into the possession of a cursed ruby, which strikes her down with an illness. The only way Lupin can cure her is to put the ruby back from where it was taken.

The Great Detectives Take to the Sky
S01E15 · The Great Detectives Take to the Sky

Jan 16, 1978

Count Garbiel challenges Lupin to steal his famous carbuncle "Dracula's Tear" on the Hendenburg 2. Garbiel invites 4 detectives to be on patrol on the airship. Sherlock Holmes the 3rd, Detective Archer, Kaneda Koojisuke, and Inspector Koichi Zenigata. The question is how will Lupin and his gang be able to sneak aboard the airship without be seen.

Futatsu no kao no Rupan
S01E16 · Futatsu no kao no Rupan

Jan 23, 1978

Arsène Lupin III appears to be undergoing a Jekyll-Hyde crisis - he alternates between a shrewd but kind character and a cruel vicious character. Will he manage to control himself?

Oirudara wo nerae
S01E17 · Oirudara wo nerae

Jan 30, 1978

An explosion occurred at an Arab oil Company. And a message was sent to the government in making a deal by dropping off $100,000,000 to a group of terrorists. The group is using remote control capsules to create human bombs whenever you have on in your stomach. Lupin and company decides to get that money for themselves. But it be easy to get especially when the leader of the group claims to be the grandson of Lawrence, Lawrence the 3rd.

Burakku pansa
S01E18 · Burakku pansa

Feb 06, 1978

Lupin III steals a beautiful jewel as a birthday gift for his girlfriend Fujiko Mine, and stashes it within a statue... which is shipped to a nudist colony.

Jûnen kinko wa yabureruka
S01E19 · Jûnen kinko wa yabureruka

Feb 13, 1978

In Japan, Marukin safes are one of the most unbreakable safes in the country. Lupin however, manages to crack open the safes. Marukin the head of the company is facing bankruptcy due to the customers finding the safes useless to own. Tetsutaroo (the son of Marukin) challenges Lupin to try to open a safe with no combination or visible door.

Oitsumerareta Rupan
S01E20 · Oitsumerareta Rupan

Feb 20, 1978

In Germany, Lupin plans to steal the chest of a Hitler like leader named Generalissimo Hatler. The chest contains a 50-carat Ruby. But when he accidentally removed Hatler's toupee(which revealed he was bald) made Hatler order an army to wipe out Lupin and his gang. Lupin and Fujiko end up trap in an abandon castle. surrounded by Hatler's army. How will they escape?

Goemon no fukushû
S01E21 · Goemon no fukushû

Feb 27, 1978

Goemon returns to Iga for the first ever in 10 years. He visits his Iga Ninja master, Jinen. But he finds Jinen badly hurt and doesn't have much time left in his life. He tells Goemon that his other student, "Hissatsu Jinkuroo" betrayed him and stole half of the Iga scroll. The scroll contains the secrets of the Iga Ninjas and the location of the Iga Treasure. Jinen gives Goemon the other half of the Map. And Goemon is determine to advantage his master's death. The only trouble is Hissatsu Jinkuroo turned himself in to the police. Because he knew he would stand a ...

Nazo no nyoninyakata wo sagure
S01E22 · Nazo no nyoninyakata wo sagure

Mar 06, 1978

Arsène Lupin III arrives at a paradise: a mansion of beautiful women ready for his every whim. But is this mansion all it appears?

Dai yojigen no majo
S01E23 · Dai yojigen no majo

Mar 13, 1978

Lupin is feeling a little down because he hasn't seen Fujiko for a long time. But then he got a phone call from Fujiko saying that she'll marry him if he passes a test. After that call he takes off and goes to the meeting place where Fujiko is suppose to be at. But instead of Fujiko it's her Aunt Bujiko Mine. She gives him a test in finding Rommel's Gold and if he fails he'll pay for his life. But will Lupin be able to locate Rommel's Gold and see Fujiko again?

Kaitô Nezumi-Kozô arawaru
S01E24 · Kaitô Nezumi-Kozô arawaru

Mar 20, 1978

Goemon encounters Nezumi-Koozoo IV(Ratboy Jirokichi IV) the fourth decedent of a great thief. He tells Goemon that their ancestors teamed up at the International Thieves' Championship. But they were defeated by Lupin's grandfather Arsene Lupin the 1st. Ratboy suggests Goemon that they should team up and avenge their ancestor's dishonor. And to do that they'll beat Lupin by stealing secret data from the Sakurada Police Station before Lupin gets the chance in nabbing it.

Hissatsu tetsu-tokage kenzan
S01E25 · Hissatsu tetsu-tokage kenzan

Mar 27, 1978

Fujiko is at a prison with less security and no one tries to escape. reason why is because those who escape will get killed by one of these deadly machines called Iron Lizards(Land Sharks). Fujiko sends a letter to Lupin telling him to help her out of the mess she's in. So Lupin, Jigen, and Goemon robbed a bank and let themselves get caught. So that way they can enter the prison without any trouble. But it'll be a lot of trouble when they try to escape with 3 Land Sharks programmed to kill them.

Bara to pisutoru
S01E26 · Bara to pisutoru

Apr 03, 1978

Zenigata is prepared with many different handcuffs to use on Lupin. In Barcelona, Spain Lupin and Jigen are enjoying the night and little do they know is there's a trap involved. When a Spanish female dancer gets kidnapped Jigen goes to rescue her from the con men. Meyer the one who set up the trap has a plan in making Jigen and Lupin see each other as the enemy in disguise. But will either one of them realize that they're up against each other for real?


Lupin the 3rd (also know as Rupan sansei: Part II) Season 1 (1977) is released on Sep 12, 1985 and the latest season 4 of Lupin the 3rd is released in 1979. Watch Lupin the 3rd online - the English Animation TV series from Japan. Lupin the 3rd is directed by Kyôsuke Mikuriya,Yasumi Mikamoto,Shigetsugu Yoshida,Kazunori Tanabashi and created by Monkey Punch with Yasuo Yamada and Kiyoshi Kobayashi. Lupin the 3rd is available online on Crackle and Pluto TV.

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Rupan sansei: Part II, Lupin the 3rd(Hindi), Le nuove avventure di Lupin III, Lupin the 3rd Part 2, Rupan sansei: Part II




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