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Michelle and Brandon
S01E01 · Michelle and Brandon

Jan 07, 2013

When Michelle and Brandon bought this home six years ago, they were hoping to turn a fast buck. But before they could sell, Michelle fell in love with the place, thanks in large part to their Italian neighbors.

Melinda and Mike
S01E02 · Melinda and Mike

Jan 14, 2013

Three years ago, Mike and Melinda moved into his childhood home. Even though it is in one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the country, Mike just can't stand the thought of living in his parent's old house.

Kelly and Lorn
S01E03 · Kelly and Lorn

Jan 21, 2013

Kelly and Lorn bought their bungalow when they were expecting their first child. To get all of the benefits of city living, some compromises had to be made. Renting their basement provided income.

Tracey and Rob
S01E04 · Tracey and Rob

Jan 28, 2013

Rob and Tracey bought their bungalow when renovating the house from the ground up sounded like a good idea. But they're busy professionals, and trying to restore an old house is more mission impossible than a labor of love.

Amy and Chris
S01E05 · Amy and Chris

Feb 04, 2013

Their postwar bungalow won over Amy and Chris when they were young and happy to be homeowners. Then life got complicated when they had a baby and six months later and Chris's 16-year-old daughter moved in as well.

Siva and Sinna
S01E06 · Siva and Sinna

Feb 11, 2013

After buying and renovating a two-story suburban rancher, Sinna and Siva thought they had created a flawless family home. And it was perfect until three generations started living under one roof.

Geneva and David
S01E07 · Geneva and David

Feb 18, 2013

David and Geneva bought their fixer-upper in search of more room for their growing family. Four years later, the renovations are still not complete and Geneva is fed up.

Franny, Salim, Alyah and Alysha
S01E08 · Franny, Salim, Alyah and Alysha

Feb 25, 2013

Franny and Salim bought a 5 bedroom family home more than 14 years after leaving East Africa. It was an ideal home for raising a family, but there are now 4 grown adults living in the home because their girls haven't move out.

Robin and Greg
S01E09 · Robin and Greg

Mar 04, 2013

Firefighter Greg convinced his wife Robin to buy this two story house by promising he would renovate it top to bottom in no time. But six years and two kids later, there are more than a few unfinished projects.

Teresa and Brian
S01E10 · Teresa and Brian

Mar 11, 2013

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Carolyn and Jeff
S01E11 · Carolyn and Jeff

Mar 18, 2013

When Jeff and Carolyn decided to buy their first house together, it was a big deal for the self described procrastinator and his long-time girlfriend. When a small character home caught Jeff's eye, she knew they had to move fast.

Linnea and Mike
S01E12 · Linnea and Mike

Mar 25, 2013

Mike and Linnea bought this house five years ago so they could raise their active family surrounded by parks and plenty of green space. With so much time spent playing outside, they can't seem to get past all of the home's issues.

Paige and Jeff
S01E13 · Paige and Jeff

Apr 01, 2013

Four years ago, Jeff and Paige discovered a beautiful beach community and instantly fell in love with it. So when a beach house became available, they jumped on it and downsized.

Tokiko and James
S01E14 · Tokiko and James

Sep 02, 2013

When James and Tokiko bought their rustic little rancher, they planned to turn it into a fairytale home. Five years later, James still hasn't made any changes and Tokiko is fed up. Enter designer Jillian and realtor Todd.

Linda and Cory
S01E15 · Linda and Cory

Sep 09, 2013

When Cory and wife Linda bought their little bungalow 11 years ago, they fell in love with the mountain-side community.... Now that their family has grown, they need the space that was completely taken over as a basement apartment.

Daniel and Rod
S01E16 · Daniel and Rod

Sep 16, 2013

Rod and Daniel took the plunge into home ownership fifteen years ago when a little charmer with a big view won them over. But jump forward to today and not a single renovation has been done.

Nicholas and Gordo
S01E17 · Nicholas and Gordo

Sep 23, 2013

Nicholas and Gordo were house hunting when Gordo's parents needed to move into a place that better suits their needs. So, the couple moved into Gordo's childhood home. Now they are wondering if they will love it or list it.

Tessa and Jay
S01E18 · Tessa and Jay

Sep 30, 2013

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Theresa and David
S01E19 · Theresa and David

Oct 07, 2013

When Teresa and David found this 100-year-old fixer upper in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood, they knew they had found their new home. But like many old homes, it needed a top to bottom renovation.

Betty-Lou and Eric
S01E20 · Betty-Lou and Eric

Oct 14, 2013

Betty-Lou and Eric love their upscale home of 23 years, but as they look to a more relaxed future, Eric sees a need to downsize. They can't agree on what to do next.

Veronica and Brendan
S01E21 · Veronica and Brendan

Oct 21, 2013

Even after Brendan put his blood, sweat and tears into renovating the home, he still doesn't love it. Add the fact that their children are nearly grown, and he just doesn't see a future in their dysfunctional home.

Jane and Steve
S01E22 · Jane and Steve

Oct 28, 2013

When Jane and Steve first stumbled across their house, they couldn't imagine living anywhere else. But their little boys have grown to huge boys and the house hasn't grown with them.

Angela and Mike
S01E23 · Angela and Mike

Nov 04, 2013

Four years ago, Angela and Mike bought a quirky beach home despite its outdated style. Now they still love the location of their home, but since Angela's mom has moved in, their three bedroom beach house isn't functioning anymore.

Michele and Gary
S01E24 · Michele and Gary

Nov 11, 2013

Five years ago when Gary moved into Michele's house, it seemed like a small compromise for a second chance at love. But now that the last of Michele's kids have left the nest, her devoted husband wants out of her old house.

Cynthia and Steph
S01E25 · Cynthia and Steph

Nov 18, 2013

Eight years ago, Steph and Cynthia bought their historic house from Cynthia's mom. The home's character, location, and backyard is what won them over, but after having two kids, their home is now bursting at the seams.

Karen and Mike
S01E26 · Karen and Mike

Nov 25, 2013

While Mike and Karen settled on a single level rancher, they were sold on living next to the mountains. And the outdoors are still awesome, but the house itself is another story. Seven years later, not much has changed.


Love It or List It Vancouver Season 1 (2013) is released on Jan 07, 2013 and the latest season 10 of Love It or List It Vancouver is released in 2019. Watch Love It or List It Vancouver online - the English Reality-TV TV series from Canada. Love It or List It Vancouver is directed by Theone Masoner,Shel Piercy,Karen Duthie,Erin Redden and created by Dawn Brett with Jillian Harris and Todd Talbot.

A spinoff of HGTV's successful show (2008 -) featuring real estate in the Toronto area. The new and younger professionals in 'Love It or List It, Too' are competing for the final house choices of couples seeking their future perfect abode, but in Vancouver locations. The new offering is refreshing, with more impressive real estate and locations. Like all 'reality' programs involving completions, both versions are scripted to show antagonistic characters, but 'Too' appears to have slightly less head-butting and sophomoric sparring. Both shows offer good info about buying and renovating a varied selection of houses in various environments.

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Love It or List It Vancouver, Ame-a ou Deixe-a Vancouver, Pokochaj lub sprzedaj - Vancouver, Tu casa a juicio Vancouver, Love It or List It Too





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