Episodes (14)

Sexiled on the Main Quad
S01E01 · Sexiled on the Main Quad

Feb 07, 2018

Romance and revenge ensue when Erica and Raj meet in their dorms common area after being exiled by their terrible roommates.

Christmas Dumplings
S01E02 · Christmas Dumplings

Feb 07, 2018

When daydreaming introvert, Christine's car won't start on Christmas Eve she is forced to ask her crush/co-worker Sam for a lift to deliver a large takeout order.

S01E03 · Overnight

Feb 07, 2018

A Russian Olympic gymnastics starlet needs help from an American teenage boy at a convenience store to buy tampons.

The Truth About Dating
S01E04 · The Truth About Dating

Feb 07, 2018

When a fortuitous cork hit casts an honesty spell on Duncan and Gwen during their first date, its magical power inspires a night like none other.

S01E05 · Hit

Feb 07, 2018

Two opposing amateur hockey players, a boy and a girl both end up learning about one another after the girl defeats him in a game.

Paul's Broken Heart
S01E06 · Paul's Broken Heart

Feb 07, 2018

When Paul's girlfriend breaks up with him on the last day of high school, he finds himself heartbroken in more ways than one.

The Ballerina
S01E07 · The Ballerina

Feb 07, 2018

After a heart-wrenching breakup, Cammie reluctantly escapes to her brother's back to school party where she meets Ethan who attempts to cheer her up with a fantasy story that quickly takes on a life of its own.

Soulmate Psychic
S01E08 · Soulmate Psychic

Feb 07, 2018

A young couple's love for each other is put to the test when a storefront psychic tries to convince them that they're not compatible with one another.

Love and Cheese
S01E09 · Love and Cheese

Feb 07, 2018

A gay vegan named Zack is hesitant to ask a man who works in a cheese shop out on a date, even with encouragement from his straight roommate.

Gift from My Ex
S01E10 · Gift from My Ex

Feb 07, 2018

When Aaron stumbles upon a gift from an ex that he wishes to keep, Aaron's current girlfriend insists he do whatever it takes to receive the closure needed for her and Aaron's relationship to move forward.

Superstorm Sophie
S01E11 · Superstorm Sophie

Feb 07, 2018

When a severe snowstorm keeps Sophie's parents from joining her on Thanksgiving, the day is made worse by the unwelcome company of Jack, a boy with whom she has tempestuous history.

Still Life
S01E12 · Still Life

Feb 07, 2018

Just when she thinks their relationship might have hit a permanent rut, Ana discovers Colby has a secret she didn't see coming.

Last First Kiss
S01E13 · Last First Kiss

Jan 01, 2019

When high school sweethearts Audrey and Jake share one last kiss before they break up, a spark sends them back in time to their very first kiss. Using their lips as a time machine, Audrey and Jake revisit their entire relationship one kiss at a time and begin to discover that their last kiss maybe shouldn't be their last one after all.

S01E14 · Group

Dec 21, 2018

An unexpected romance develops between two teens who meet in a group for coping with social anxiety.


Love Daily Season 1 (2018) is released on Feb 07, 2018. Watch Love Daily online - the English Short TV series from United States. Love Daily is directed by Ryan Wood,Alexis Jacknow,Nathaniel Katzman,Eli Sokhn and created by Andrew Eisen with Cameron Monaghan and Brianne Tju. Love Daily is available online on Paramount Plus and Paramount+ Amazon Channel.

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Love Daily, Love Daily(French), Love Daily(English), Влюблен Постоянно


United States



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Awesomeness TV

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