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S04E01 · Castoffs

Sep 12, 1977

An eccentric old woman who has set up her "house" in the center of town and a stray dog who hitches a ride to Plum Creek from Mankato in Charles Ingalls' wagon both, in their own way, help Laura through the loss of an old friend and teach her and rest Walnut Grove lessons in love and acceptance.

Times of Change
S04E02 · Times of Change

Sep 19, 1977

An excited Mary Ingalls accompanies her father to the Chicago Grange Convention to surprise her true love, John Edwards, by accepting his invitation to a cotillion in person. But, surprises are in store for everyone as both Charles and Mary experience a trip very different from the one they each expected.

My Ellen
S04E03 · My Ellen

Sep 26, 1977

After eleven year old Ellen Taylor accidentally drowns while swimming on a hot summer day with the Ingalls girls, her grief-stricken mother, Eloise, first blames Laura for asking Ellen to go to the pond with them and then, unable to accept the reality of her little girl's death, begins to imagine that Laura is Ellen.

The Handyman
S04E04 · The Handyman

Oct 03, 1977

Meddling Mrs. Oleson starts tongues wagging when a handsome itinerant handyman stays in the Ingalls' soddie (storeroom) while helping Caroline with a kitchen addition after Charles is called out of town to work on Mr. Hanson's railroad lumber contract.

The Wolves
S04E05 · The Wolves

Oct 17, 1977

Laura and Andy find a Mama in a trap and two pups nearby. They take the "dogs" home, only to find out they are wolves. At the same time, some dogs that used to be pets but were released to the wild have gotten really wild and have been attacking some livestock in town. Charles and Caroline have gone out of town and Mary is left in charge of Laura and Carrie. She is under stress so she is a little too bossy and Laura runs to her tree house as often as possible or hangs out with Andy. They overhear that Jud Larabee (whose livestock was attacked) knows about their wolves...

The Creeper of Walnut Grove
S04E06 · The Creeper of Walnut Grove

Oct 24, 1977

Junior detectives Andy and Laura take tips from fictional sleuth Farnsdale Fremont of Scotland Yard to track down the mysterious Walnut Grove chicken thief, ruffling a few feathers of their own along the way.

To Run and Hide
S04E07 · To Run and Hide

Oct 31, 1977

Holding himself responsible for a farmer friend's death and unable to face the man's seven-months pregnant widow, a disheartened Doc Baker leaves his Walnut Grove practice in the hands of a self-absorbed Philadelphia physician and decides to raise corn.

The Aftermath
S04E08 · The Aftermath

Nov 07, 1977

As Walnut Grove school begins to study the Civil War, Mary Ingalls unexpectedly learns firsthand information when she starts running errands for two mysterious newcomers who sided with the South. But Mr. Hobbs and Mr. Dankworth are hiding more than just their war affiliation and the whole town comes under siege when an overzealous posse rides in, prepared to capture them at any cost.

The High Cost of Being Right
S04E09 · The High Cost of Being Right

Nov 14, 1977

After the Garveys' grain-filled barn burns down and leaves them with no crop to sell, proud Jonathan refuses to accept help from anyone, even his wife Alice, and their marriage is put to the test when neither half of the stubborn couple will consider the other's solution to the problem.

The Fighter
S04E10 · The Fighter

Nov 21, 1977

A road-weary, aging boxer who has sacrificed his family and his health for the only career he has ever known, comes to a long-dreaded crossroads when he unexpectedly meets his match in a ring in Walnut Grove.

Meet Me at the Fair
S04E11 · Meet Me at the Fair

Nov 28, 1977

The Ingalls and others from Walnut Grove go to the fair. Mary finds her friend Patrick who happens to be working for the balloon show. Since somehow a pickpocket has stolen his wallet, his coworker, Cass McCray agrees to take Mary around and buy her some goodies. Laura plays a shell game and quickly uses up her money. To make some more, she agrees to sit in the dunking booth. After she has sat there for 30 minutes, Nellie comes along to taunt her. At the same time, Laura realizes that two guys are coming that are sure to have a good arm, so she tells Nellie that the ...

Here Come the Brides
S04E12 · Here Come the Brides

Dec 05, 1977

Adam & Luke Simms move to Walnut Grove. Luke falls in love with Nellie. Nellie likes him but he doesn't like to wear shoes and he wears overalls without a shirt over his long underwear, so Harriet thinks he is beneath her and demands that Nellie stop seeing them. Luke gets Mary to help him pick out a ring for Nellie's birthday and Nellie thinks Luke was playing with her affections. Nellie cries to Miss Beadle and Miss Beadle goes to Mr. Simms to tell him that she won't have that kind of treatment in her school. Mr. Simms explains the situation and Miss Beadle starts ...

Freedom Flight
S04E13 · Freedom Flight

Dec 12, 1977

An Indian chief needs help from a white man's doctor and the closest town is Walnut Grove. Most of the townspeople want to massacre the Indians because of what other Indians had done to them in the past. Charles and Dr. Baker take the chief, his adult son (acting chief) and his son's two children to Ingalls' house to stay until the chief is well enough to travel. Unfortunately, some of the townspeople find out that the chief is there and they want to come kill him, so Charles transports them to safety.

The Rivals
S04E14 · The Rivals

Jan 09, 1978

Charles Ingalls and Jonathan Garvey are trying to win a contract for a freight operation. So, it means they will be making good money but they will be on the road for usually two weeks at a time, and usually with only an overnight layover. Caroline feels that this new job is her rival. Jimmy Hill is Laura's friend. They go frogging together and Laura falls in the creek, and Jimmy pulls her out, and for the first time, we see Laura liking a boy because she is a girl. The next day, Laura decides to wear her hair down because it makes her look more grown up and she wears...

Whisper Country
S04E15 · Whisper Country

Jan 16, 1978

On Rev. Alden's recommendation, Mary is hired as a teacher in a small backwoods community called Willow Run. There, she is met with pure hatred from its town leader, Miss Peel, an elderly woman who is fiercely opposed to the school. Miss Peel's determination to drive Mary from town proves to be a severe test to the Ingalls girl's resolve and character.

I Remember, I Remember
S04E16 · I Remember, I Remember

Jan 23, 1978

Traveling Charles Ingalls struggles with a broken wagon wheel and bad weather trying to get home in time to celebrate his wedding anniversary while, back in Plum Creek, waiting wife Caroline tries to keep worry at bay by entertaining their daughters with the tale of another time she was kept waiting and how she and their father first met.

Be My Friend
S04E17 · Be My Friend

Jan 30, 1978

After finding a number of bottles containing messages, including a photograph, from a mysterious girl, Laura finds an abandoned baby. Laura takes the child in and cares for it like it was her own, not knowing it belongs to a timid young woman with an abusive father.

The Inheritance
S04E18 · The Inheritance

Feb 06, 1978

In this episode, Charles receives word of an inheritance from an eccentric uncle. Soon, the whole town is abuzz, eagerly helping the initially reluctant Ingalls family spend the promised money. As the debt rises, so does Charles' discomfiture...until the consequences of the blessing make it feel more like a curse.

The Stranger
S04E19 · The Stranger

Feb 20, 1978

When young Peter Lundstrom is expelled from his private school for petty theft, his wealthy father sends the boy to stay with Uncle Nels Oleson in Walnut Grove for a long-overdue lesson in values.

A Most Precious Gift
S04E20 · A Most Precious Gift

Feb 27, 1978

A misinterpreted remark from husband Charles plants a seed of worry in newly pregnant Caroline Ingalls that he will be disappointed if the baby isn't a boy.

I'll Be Waving as You Drive Away: Part I
S04E21 · I'll Be Waving as You Drive Away: Part I

Mar 06, 1978

Long hours studying by candlelight for the state teacher's exam results in tired, blurry eyes for Mary Ingalls, prompting a routine visit to the eye doctor; but when Charles is told that Mary's worsening sight is just the beginning of a much more serious problem, the concerned father can't bring himself to tell his beloved daughter that she will, most certainly, soon be completely blind.

I'll Be Waving as You Drive Away: Part II
S04E22 · I'll Be Waving as You Drive Away: Part II

Mar 13, 1978

Feeling lost and abandoned, Mary Ingalls battles anger and self-pity at a school for the blind, far away from the little house by Plum Creek. But soon, Mary finds a source of hope in her new teacher, Adam Kendall, and as the two young people work together they find they have much in common. Meanwhile, back in Walnut Grove, many are forced to consider the real possibility of having to start a new life elsewhere as the town's economy erodes and work becomes scarce.


Little House on the Prairie Season 4 (1977) is released on Sep 12, 1977 and the latest season 9 of Little House on the Prairie is released in 1982. Watch Little House on the Prairie online - the English Drama TV series from United States. Little House on the Prairie is directed by Michael Landon,William F. Claxton,Maury Dexter,Victor French and created by Blanche Hanalis with Melissa Gilbert and Michael Landon. Little House on the Prairie is available online on Peacock Premium and Freevee Amazon Channel.

A long-running drama based upon the "Little House" series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, "Little House on the Prairie" follows the lives of the simple, farming Ingalls family: Charles, Caroline, Mary, Laura, Carrie and then Grace and the later adopted Albert, James and Cassandra, who settle into a quaint little house on the banks of Plum Creek near the small town of Walnut Grove during the late 1800s. Often narrated by Laura, the series follows her simple farm upbringing from her childhood until her adulthood with Almanzo Wilder with whom she starts a family of her own. While the series is based upon the Little House books (and thus the real life of author Laura Ingalls Wilder), it is a very loose adaptation, with mostly only key events and elements of fact surviving the transition from book to TV series, the most important being Mary's eventual blindness, and Laura's future. Several other fictitious (some factual) characters make up the friendly community of Walnut Grove, including teacher Miss Beadle (succeeded by two other teachers, then Laura, then Etta Plum), Dr. Hiram Baker, Rev. Robert Alden, Mr. Hanson (of the Hanson lumber mill), and the well-to-do Olesons, owners of the local mercantile, and also the primary rivals of the Ingalls family (except the Oleson patriarch). Family friends include the Edwards family, the Garvey family and the Carters, who, in the final season, move into the Ingalls' little house.

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Little House: A New Beginning, 大草原の小さな家, Domek na prerii, Unsere kleine Farm, La petite maison dans la prairie


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