Episodes (8)

Épisode 1
S01E01 · Épisode 1

Sep 12, 2022

Agnes finds her convent transformed into a war hospital, Marguerite seeks work at the local brothel, and Suzanne flees to Switzerland with Jeanne's help.

Épisode 2
S01E02 · Épisode 2

Sep 19, 2022

Caroline's brother-in-law sabotages her new plan for the factory, Marcel uncovers the truth behind why Marguerite left Paris, Agnes develops a soft spot for one of the new patients, and Jeanne makes a big decision.

Épisode 3
S01E03 · Épisode 3

Sep 26, 2022

Jeanne's medical talents earn respect from Joseph but Agnes remains suspicious about her true identity. Marguerite goes to the front lines to return Colin's dog tags.

Épisode 4
S01E04 · Épisode 4

Sep 26, 2022

The ambush at the lake gives Caroline and idea, Marguerite helps the girls ousted from the brother find work. Till tempts Agnes's loyalty, and her faith.

Épisode 5
S01E05 · Épisode 5

Oct 03, 2022

President Poincaré presents Agnes, Jeanne, Marguerite, and Caroline with medals of honor; but all four have more pressing matters on their mind.

Épisode 6
S01E06 · Épisode 6

Oct 03, 2022

As Lucien continues to blackmail Jeanne, Agnes discovers a horrifying development at the convent. Marguerite tries to rectify things with Colin.

Épisode 7
S01E07 · Épisode 7

Oct 10, 2022

Agnes contacts the diocese, Jeanne races to save Joseph. Ousted by a vengeful Charles, Caroline finds herself in dire straits and in German territory.

Épisode 8
S01E08 · Épisode 8

Oct 10, 2022

As the Germans close in on Saint- Paulin and all civilians are ordered to evacuate, the bonds of those left behind are put to the ultimate test.


Women at War (also know as Les combattantes) Season 1 (2022) is released on Sep 12, 2022. Watch Women at War online - the French Drama TV series from France. Women at War is directed by Alexandre Laurent and created by Iris Bucher with Audrey Fleurot and Julie De Bona. Women at War is available online on Netflix and Netflix basic with Ads.

As know as:

Les combattantes, Les combattantes, Las combatientes, Women at War, Kämpferinnen





Production Companies:

Quad Drama

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