Episodes (16)

Episode #1.1
S01E01 · Episode #1.1

Apr 14, 2021

During a mock trial at school, a student makes a shocking discovery. Yang Jong Hoon, a former prosecutor-turned-professor, examines the crime scene.

Episode #1.2
S01E02 · Episode #1.2

Apr 15, 2021

As evidence piles up against Jong Hoon, he's interrogated by the police. On an exam, Han Joon Hwi's past trouble with the school is used as a prompt.

Episode #1.3
S01E03 · Episode #1.3

Apr 21, 2021

With Joon Hwi now a suspect in the murder case, authorities call for a second autopsy. A sudden attack places Jong Hoon's life in danger.

Episode #1.4
S01E04 · Episode #1.4

Apr 22, 2021

Back in the classroom, Jong Hoon poses his own ongoing case as an assignment topic. Facing charges from Jong Hoon, Prosecutor Jin Hyeong Woo retaliates.

Episode #1.5
S01E05 · Episode #1.5

Apr 28, 2021

A student's plagiarism case seems tied to key evidence that could exonerate Jong Hoon. Kang Sol A sympathizes with a client at the legal clinic.

Episode #1.6
S01E06 · Episode #1.6

Apr 29, 2021

Ahead of his first trial, Jong Hoon finds out Kang Sol B's secret. Joon Hwi watches over Sol A as she deals with her family's unsettling neighbor.

Episode #1.7
S01E07 · Episode #1.7

May 05, 2021

Sol A is stunned when Jong Hoon receives a call from someone she never expected. Back in court on the stand, Seo Ji Ho shares a tragic story.

Episode #1.8
S01E08 · Episode #1.8

May 06, 2021

Prosecutor Jin claims to have a witness who saw Jong Hoon commit the murder. A scared and threatened Jeon Ye Seul grapples with a difficult decision.

Episode #1.9
S01E09 · Episode #1.9

May 12, 2021

Ye Seul struggles to find a lawyer. Kim Eun Sook banks on one of her students to own up to his actions and provide the testimony Jong Hoon needs.

Episode #1.10
S01E10 · Episode #1.10

May 13, 2021

Joon Hwi tracks down important evidence, but it may still not be enough to acquit Jong Hoon. The students help Ye Seul build a case for self-defense.

Episode #1.11
S01E11 · Episode #1.11

May 19, 2021

As the students get busy with training opportunities, Joon Hwi begins working under Prosecutor Jin. Jurors are selected for Ye Seul's trial.

Episode #1.12
S01E12 · Episode #1.12

May 20, 2021

After an unexpected court appearance threatens to turn the tide of Ye Seul's trial, Jong Hoon uses classroom methods to help her speak her truth.

Episode #1.13
S01E13 · Episode #1.13

May 26, 2021

A new arrest is made for the murder of Seo Byung Ju, but Jong Hoon has unanswered questions. The jury reaches a verdict for Ye Seul.

Episode #1.14
S01E14 · Episode #1.14

May 27, 2021

Speculations arise about Lee Man Ho's motives. Jong Hoon and the students suspect Byung Ju wasn't alone in his car during the hit-and-run.

Episode #1.15
S01E15 · Episode #1.15

Jun 02, 2021

Sol A grapples with financial woes and Kang Dan's sudden appearance. Malicious comments flood the students' video of accusations against Ko Hyeong Su.

Episode #1.16
S01E16 · Episode #1.16

Jun 03, 2021

As the case's loose ends tie up, the question becomes whether the law can truly serve justice. Sol A, Sol B and Joon Hwi prepare for a competition.


Law School Season 1 (2021) is released on Apr 14, 2021. Watch Law School online - the Korean Crime TV series from South Korea. Law School is directed by Suk-Yoon Kim,Christine Ko and created by Seo In with Myung-Min Kim and Kim Bum. Law School is available online on Netflix and Netflix basic with Ads.

As know as:

Trường Luật, Law School, Facultad de Derecho, Law School(English), Law School(French)


South Korea



Production Companies:

Gonggamdong House, JTBC Studios, Studio Phoenix

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