Episodes (19)

The Blind Hunter
S01E01 · The Blind Hunter

Sep 07, 1974

Captured by a stranger who has become blinded in a recent hunting accident, young Tor is forced to lead the hunter back home to his tribe.

The Exile
S01E02 · The Exile

Sep 14, 1974

After accidentally killing a woodpecker while hunting a squirrel, Korg is plagued by a number of unfortunate events and believes he has been cursed.

The Big Water
S01E03 · The Big Water

Sep 21, 1974

Forced to migrate in search of food, Korg and his family discover the ocean. Mara's ankle becomes caught under a huge rock while the tide rises around her.

The Eclipse of the Sun
S01E04 · The Eclipse of the Sun

Sep 28, 1974

Ree is bitten by a snake. While Korg and the others search for a healing root, Tane and Tor enter a forbidden valley and appear to offend the sun god.

S01E05 · Trapped

Oct 05, 1974

An earthquake traps most of Korg's family within their cave while his youngest children, Ree and Tor are left outside to fend for themselves.

The Story of Lumi
S01E06 · The Story of Lumi

Oct 12, 1974

During a drought, a lost girl, Lumi, is befriended by Korg's family. When her father and brother arrive later, they decide to take her back--along with Korg's water.

The Running Fight
S01E07 · The Running Fight

Oct 19, 1974

Bitten by an arachnid, Bok becomes delirious and believes his family are enemies. Korg tries to lure him home where they can care for him until he recovers.

The Beach People
S01E08 · The Beach People

Oct 26, 1974

Lacking the skills to hunt and gather food in their new, ocean-side surroundings, the Korg family is watched with amusement and fear by a more local tribe.

The Ancient One
S01E09 · The Ancient One

Nov 02, 1974

Korg, Bok, and Tane encounter a tired, old man who has dug his own grave and is lying in it awaiting death.

Tor's First Hunt
S01E10 · Tor's First Hunt

Nov 09, 1974

Ree discovers a highly-reflective piece of mica. Meanwhile, Korg and Bok make the determination that Korg's youngest son, Tor, is now old enough to join them on the hunts.

Magic Claws
S01E11 · Magic Claws

Nov 16, 1974

During a battle with a bear, Bok is wounded and requires special encouragement/magic charms in order to get him to hunt again.

The Hill People
S01E12 · The Hill People

Nov 23, 1974

A neighboring tribe loses one of their hunters, and Bok wishes to make this man's widow his woman. However, the dead man's brother has a stronger claim to her.

The River
S01E13 · The River

Nov 30, 1974

Korg and his family need to cross a wide river or face starvation. After two failed attempts, Mara, afraid, refuses to accompany them on their third attempt.

The Web
S01E14 · The Web

Dec 07, 1974

Trapped in a cave by a bear who is not afraid of their fire, Korg observes a fly caught in a spider's web and devises a means of escape.

The Picture Maker
S01E15 · The Picture Maker

Dec 14, 1974

The Korg family encounters a mute boy who speaks to them by writing pictures in the dirt.

Ree and the Wolf
S01E16 · Ree and the Wolf

Dec 21, 1974

Ree frees and befriends a wolf trapped beneath a fallen tree. The rest of her family has misgivings and do not trust this animal.

Bok Loses Courage
S01E17 · Bok Loses Courage

Dec 28, 1974

Wounded by a bear, the near death experience shakes Bok's confidence as a hunter. Bok refuses to hunt again. Without Bok's help the family won't be able to survive, so Korg devises a sneaky plan to help his brother regain his confidence.

Moving Rock
S01E18 · Moving Rock

Jan 04, 1975

Reaching the wide water (the ocean) Korg's family contends with unknown dangers. Her foot is trapped, Mara might soon drown if not freed before high tide. Brute strength fails, but Korg remembers seeing a large stone move once before.

The Guide
S01E19 · The Guide

Jan 04, 1975

Blinded in a hunting accident, a stranger captures Tor forcing him to be his eyes and lead him back to his own people. Tor tries but can't escape. Soon, Korg and Bok begin to track the missing boy and race to overtake their quarry.


Korg: 70,000 B.C. Season 1 (1974) is released on Sep 07, 1974. Watch Korg: 70,000 B.C. online - the English Adventure TV series from United States. Korg: 70,000 B.C. is directed by Christian Nyby,Irving J. Moore and created by Fred Freiberger with Jim Malinda and Bill Ewing.

As know as:

Korg: 70,000 B.C., Korg e o Mundo Misterioso(Working Title), Korg e o Mundo Misterioso


United States



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Hanna-Barbera Productions

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