Episodes (13)

Secret Society of the Magic-Sealed City
S01E01 · Secret Society of the Magic-Sealed City

Apr 05, 2015

Leonardo Watch visits Jerusalem's Lot with a certain purpose. He is taken to Libra; a secret society of super-humans, as a different person. Soon after that, Femto starts a horrible game in the city.

After the Phantom Ghost Wagon
S01E02 · After the Phantom Ghost Wagon

Apr 12, 2015

When Leonardo saw one station wagon of the laundry, at a glance he noticed the contents of the baggage. Zapp was with Leonardo, he'd hurried to contact Libra.

A Game Between Two Worlds
S01E03 · A Game Between Two Worlds

Apr 19, 2015

"Angel Scale", the name of a strong psychoactive drug brought in from netherworld, and it begin to flow out of Jerusalem's Lot. Klaus takes the problem seriously, he goes to a big-shot of netherworld to demand information.

Blood Line Fever
S01E04 · Blood Line Fever

Apr 26, 2015

In the subway, Leonardo found a person having the wing which shined red. Klaus was surprised to hear it, he call in his mentor; a vampire hunter, Blitz T. Abrams.

The Tremorous Blood Hammer
S01E05 · The Tremorous Blood Hammer

May 03, 2015

Aligura also known as "Queen of Monomania" drives a huge monster-truck recklessly toward Pandorum Asylum; a prison for super-human criminals. She wants to meet her beloved man in there.

Don't Forget to Don't Forget Me
S01E06 · Don't Forget to Don't Forget Me

May 10, 2015

Leonardo encounters an innocent netherworld's boy named Nej nearby Ghetto Heights where is the exactly same as old NYC. They cultivate friendship.

A No-Holds-Barred Eden
S01E07 · A No-Holds-Barred Eden

May 17, 2015

Klaus and Leonardo goes to an underground-arena named Eden because Zapp called for help from there.

Z's Longest Day: Part 1
S01E08 · Z's Longest Day: Part 1

May 24, 2015

A Blood-Breed appeared in India, the lower of his body invades Jerusalem's Lot as he fights against someone.

Z's Longest Day: Part 2
S01E09 · Z's Longest Day: Part 2

May 31, 2015

The upper half of Blood-Breed's body also tries to invade Jerusalem's Lot from the sky. "King of Despair" looks up it happily.

Run! Lunch!! Run!!!/To the End.
S01E10 · Run! Lunch!! Run!!!/To the End.

Jun 07, 2015

Although Zapp and Zed are fellow pupils, they don't always agree. Leonardo asks them to go out for lunch because he wants to support any friendly relations between them.

Paint It Black
S01E11 · Paint It Black

Jun 21, 2015

The mixed twins was born in Macbeth family which has PSI; supernatural power. White, the little twin sister can't use her power at all. On the other hand, Black, the elder twin brother has very strong power. The past of twins is revealed in the end.

Hello, World!
S01E12 · Hello, World!

Oct 04, 2015

"King of Despair" tries to break down the barrier between the netherworld and Jerusalem's Lot by using Leonardo's "All Seeing Eyes of God". Libra and LHOS work closely together to find Leonardo and Macbeth twins.

Ousama no Restaurant no Ousama
S01E13 · Ousama no Restaurant no Ousama

Jun 03, 2016

A wealthy potential patron invites the Libra crew to the most exclusive restaurant in Hellsalem's Lot to celebrate their saving the city.


Blood Blockade Battlefront (also know as Kekkai Sensen) Season 1 (2015) is released on Apr 05, 2015 and the latest season 2 of Blood Blockade Battlefront is released in 2017. Watch Blood Blockade Battlefront online - the Japanese Animation TV series from Japan. Blood Blockade Battlefront is directed by Rie Matsumoto,Shigehito Takayanagi,Ikurô Satô,Masahiro Mukai and created by Kazunao Furuya with Daisuke Sakaguchi and Kazuya Nakai. Blood Blockade Battlefront is available online on Crunchyroll and Funimation Now.

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