Episodes (29)

1. Bölüm
S01E01 · 1. Bölüm

Jun 23, 2014

Beautiful, proud and modest Kainat, high society beauty Sebnem and strong mystical believer, cute Almilla. The paths of these three girls with totally different lives who have never seen each other before, cross at the Izmir's airport. These three girls with their wedding dresses on, escaping from their weddings, are headed to the big city of Istanbul. Their strange look caused them to be on the news as soon as they arrived to Istanbul. Now known as runaway girls, they start a new life in a new city with the support of one another still unaware of the love stories ...

2. Bölüm
S01E02 · 2. Bölüm

Jun 30, 2014

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3. Bölüm
S01E03 · 3. Bölüm

Jul 07, 2014

Kainat couldn't escape from Kasap Kadir, she found herself at the wedding table again, but what happened to her led everyone to surprise. Sebnem has lost track of Arda, her stubbornness with Seniha turned into a war of willpower. Her father, who she called for financial support, offers Sebnem a very interesting offer. Özgür began to understand that the closer he is to Almilla, the more difficult things would become. The girls, who want to solve the problem of accommodation, start looking for houses and jobs, but they will not be late to meet the challenging face of ...

4. Bölüm
S01E04 · 4. Bölüm

Jul 14, 2014

Girls have to cooperate with Izafet to overcome the problem of accommodation again. Özgür's motorcycle accident changes the lives of both himself and Almilla. Sebnem, who was both overwhelmed by the needling of Seniha and bored of Selim's regiments, makes a bet with Selim and the winner gets an open check. On the other hand Kainat is stuck in the middle of the growing rivalry between Ege, who did his best to make her forgive him, and Can, who can manage to be there when his head falls into tare.

5. Bölüm
S01E05 · 5. Bölüm

Jul 21, 2014

Almilla was unable to forgive Özgür and refused his offer to live together. She decides to make a definite return to Izmir and this decision drags everyone to great sorrow. Özgür, who was demolished by Almilla's departure, will only be assisted by Can, while experiencing the remorse and pain of love at the same time. While the strife between Sebnem and Selim continues at full speed, Ege makes a plan so that Kainat cannot get closer to Can and asks the last person imaginable to implement his plan.

6. Bölüm
S01E06 · 6. Bölüm

Jul 28, 2014

Trying to regain Almilla's broken trust, Özgür, with Can's support, asks for help everyone around him, but his work is not easy as the girls put him through a series of rigorous tests. Sebnem has endless wishlist for Arda who wants them to be together again. He is very surprised to learn about Selim. Sebnem's father makes a surprise visit. Can decides to prepare his own surprise when he sees that Ege has not missed an opportunity to get closer to Kainat, but the price will be heavy for him. Determined to bring Sebnem back, her father comes to Istanbul without telling ...

7. Bölüm
S01E07 · 7. Bölüm

Aug 04, 2014

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8. Bölüm
S01E08 · 8. Bölüm

Aug 11, 2014

Özgür set out to win back Almilla, who has a good relationship with Önder, does put his best, but the final surprise will not result as expected. On one hand, Sebnem continues to rush Arda with all kinds of tasks and on the other hand, she has to face the ridicule of Selim, whom she understands is her boss's son. When Ege decides not to let Nermin go after him, Kainat volunteers to help him when he is in trouble. Even though she gets the help from Izafet, she can't survive Seniha. This is the last straw for Can.

9. Bölüm
S01E09 · 9. Bölüm

Aug 18, 2014

Kainat cannot discourage Can from deciding to leave. Kainat is deeply hurt by what she heard from Nermin, who she went to ask for account for what happened to Ege, and this caused her to move to her own home. As Sebnem wanted Arda comes with gifts to officially asks Sebnem from Seniha, but he will regret a thousand times. Kainat, who is obsessed with the house subject, with the help of Almilla and without consulting Sebnem, rents a house, the apocalypse breaks, and for the first time dark clouds fall upon the friendship of the Runaway Brides. In order to fulfill ...

10. Bölüm
S01E10 · 10. Bölüm

Aug 25, 2014

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11. Bölüm
S01E11 · 11. Bölüm

Sep 01, 2014

Arda uses the opportunity of Sebnem's lose of memory. He proposed to her. Sebnem accepts Arda's marriage proposal. This situation makes Almilla and Kainat to make a move. Despite the efforts of the duo, they cannot prevent the wedding. Kainat attempts to adjust her sister's tuition. Kainat gets help from person she never expects. Özgür and Önder engage in a relentless struggle to get Almilla's attention. However, that makes Almilla more angry than happy.

12. Bölüm
S01E12 · 12. Bölüm

Sep 08, 2014

The rapprochement with Selim helps Sebnem to make a sudden decision. Sebnem pays heavily for the game she played. All of a sudden she's alone. Nowhere to go, Sebnem finds herself on Selim's boat. However, the boat has other guests. Sebnem decides to ask for forgiveness from everyone. Can is very angry that Ege doesn't stop going after Kainat. He reacts harshly to Ege. Önder and Özgür's efforts to make Almilla love them bothers her. The two make a difficult decision for Almilla's happiness. Unexpected guests knock on the girls' door.

13. Bölüm
S01E13 · 13. Bölüm

Sep 21, 2014

Kainat's father goes crazy with the scene he sees. Sebnem runs to help Can and Kainat. Sebnem's lie leads to an unexpected rapprochement between her and Can. Sebnem and Selim are forced to go on a business trip together. Sebnem takes the pain of seeing Hülya and Selim side by side. Seeing that Almilla prefers Önder, Özgür gets depressed. Almilla cannot make sense of Özgür's distance from himself.

14. Bölüm
S01E14 · 14. Bölüm

Sep 28, 2014

Kainat's father watches the video that Can confesses his love to his daughter. He goes after Can. Kainat is literally imprisoned at home. Can is determined not to leave Kainat alone. Despite his reaction to Sebnem, Selim does not give up. He takes Sebnem as his assistant. Having heard that Özgür and Önder have made a deal for her, Almilla decides to completely remove the duo from her life. A new Akif Tatlici came across and this excites Almilla. Young people, who heard that Müfit closed his cafe, join forces. They find a new cafe. However, they cannot find the money ...

Kaçak Gelinler Nerede
S01E15 · Kaçak Gelinler Nerede

Oct 08, 2014

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Çok Seversem
S01E16 · Çok Seversem

Oct 15, 2014

After seeing the news Can reacts harshly to Kainat. Kainat is determined to redeem herself to Can. But it's not as easy as she thinks. Kainat is forced to make a sudden decision in the face of the bad situation in family. Selim leaves the company with the end of the tender. It is up to Sebnem to bring him back to work. However, all of Sebnem's efforts backfire. Selim claims that he is satisfied with the life he has lived. Sebnem asks him to convince her. Özgür exaggerates the joy of being lovers with Almilla. Özgür's romantic preparations are turned upside down by ...

SebSel Aski Olursa
S01E17 · SebSel Aski Olursa

Oct 22, 2014

Sebnem had an unfortunate accident while arguing with Selim. The doctor says that Sebnem should not sleep for 48 hours. Hearing this, her friends declare mobilization to prevent Sebnem from sleeping. Kainat's decision takes her relationship with Can into a new stage. Kainat's first day on set is very difficult. She asks Can to help her preparing for the role. Almilla and Özgür decide to save Önder from solitude. But the duo go to the wrong person for that.

Sebnem'in Itirafi
S01E18 · Sebnem'in Itirafi

Oct 29, 2014

Sebnem denies her letter to Selim. But Selim is not convinced. He decides to make Sebnem confess her feelings. Breaking Sebnem's stubbornness is not as easy as he thought. In pursuit of his father, Kainat finds Can in front of her. Can's efforts bring him closer to Kaint. Almilla learns all the facts about Ada. Almilla and Özgür decide to save Önder from Ada.

Sebnem'in Yerinde Olsam
S01E19 · Sebnem'in Yerinde Olsam

Nov 05, 2014

Despite all his efforts, Selim cannot break Sebnem's stubbornness. Sebnem's found decision is to make Selim to distance himself from her. Despite all her efforts, Selim is determined not to let go of her. Can's documentary project is accepted by the producer. Kainat negotiate with Alp Kirsan to join the documentary. But Alp has one condition. Can not receive the necessary advance for filming from the production company. All his friends mobilize to help him.

Sebnem Kiskanirsa
S01E20 · Sebnem Kiskanirsa

Nov 12, 2014

Sebnem finally reaches her goal and manages to drive Selim away from her. Selim's friends are very upset for him and want to forget Sebnem. Sebnem, who realized that she was alone, is determined to remind herself. She assumes for the duty of comforting Selim. Can finally get together with Kainat. The dear couple do not rush to share it with their friends. Özgür and Almilla misunderstand the situation. They do their best to hide the situation from Kainat and Can.

Hayaller Gerçek Olsa
S01E21 · Hayaller Gerçek Olsa

Nov 19, 2014

Sebnem's confession is heard from a wrong person. Selim chases after his stolen car. Sebnem won't leave him alone. Sebnem and Selim smear the game they played to get the car into their hands. The thieves who realize the situation hold the duo. Young people mobilize for the surprise marriage proposal prepared by Müfit for Seniha. But things aren't as easy as they hope. In spite of all her efforts Sebnem can not prevent Aydan and Selim to meet. Kainat's family, who is preparing to return home, finds Ege in front of them. To defeat Ege falls to Can and Özgür.

5 Sene Sonra Ben
S01E22 · 5 Sene Sonra Ben

Nov 27, 2014

There is nothing to say to the pleasure of Selim, who is dear with Sebnem. Özgür and Can want to celebrate it. But a bad surprise awaits the men. Sebnem's unexpected reaction surprised everyone. Selim is determined to break Sebnem's stubbornness. Ege, who cannot bear to lose Kainat, makes a new plans. Ege's game puts Sebnem and Almilla in a difficult position along with Kainat. Seeing Kainat's depressed state Özgür and Almilla try to make her happy.

Büyük Sürpriz
S01E23 · Büyük Sürpriz

Dec 04, 2014

Girls argue with a seller woman who came to their house. The woman says that one of them will breakup with her boyfriend in short time. Afraid of what she hears, Almilla decides to stay away from Özgür. Özgür, who learns the truth, takes action to save his relationship. Sebnem finds a ring in Selim's pocket. She thinks that Selim will propose to her. Can does not leave Pinar alone in the hospital. Unaware of the situation, Kainat goes to visit Can.

SebSel Evlenirse
S01E24 · SebSel Evlenirse

Dec 11, 2014

Sebnem accepts Selim's marriage proposal. Even Sebnem and Selim find it difficult to believe this decision. But both are determined not to back down. Sebnem finds a solution with asking Seniha for help. Seniha makes an unexpected move. Sebnem and Selim enter the path of marriage. Sebnem and Selim's decision also activates Özgür. Özgür makes surprise wedding preparations. Kainat and Pinar go out for dinner for their series. The night in which Can is accompanied unexpectedly results.

Bazen Ask
S01E25 · Bazen Ask

Dec 18, 2014

It is up to Selim to gather up Sebnem who was destroyed by what she heard from her aunt. Sebnem decides to take over the cafe. But things don't go as expected. Despite all of Selim's objections, Sebnem makes a new plan to take the cafe to better state. The new job offer to Kainat makes Pinar jealous. Pinar's game opens a gap between Kainat and Sebnem. Upon her separation from Özgür, Almilla is in mourning state. Önder comes to help Almilla.

Müfit Abi Nerede
S01E26 · Müfit Abi Nerede

Dec 25, 2014

The young people wake up together after the bachelor night they prepared for Müfit. However, none of them remember what happened at night. It won't take them long to realize that Müfit is disappeared. The whole team embarked on a relentless struggle to keep Seniha busy on the one hand and to find and get Müfti at the wedding on the other hand. In the meantime, Almilla, who learn that Özgur prepared to commit suicide, do not know what to do.

En Güzel Hediyem
S01E27 · En Güzel Hediyem

Jan 08, 2015

Sebnem achieved great success on social media thanks to the site established for her. The small surprises sent to Sebnem make her very happy. Selim is very angry with this situation. It doesn't take long for Selim to figure out the source of the gifts. Pinar takes on the role offered to Kainat. Pinar does not hesitate to be close to Can. Özgür asks Almilla to help him with the preparation for the New Year's party. With Önder's the New Year's party Almilla is in a crossroad.

Hayat Sevince
S01E28 · Hayat Sevince

Jan 15, 2015

Sebnem enters into competition with a social media phenomenon. Sebnem has a good idea for the job offer that comes to both. Sebnem should take pictures of her beautiful moments with Selim to get the job. However, Selim does not want his photographs to be published on social media. After Pinar's move Can does not know what to do. Can wants to tell Kainat about what happened. There's someone else who sees the two kissing. Can start receiving threatening messages.

29. Bölüm
S01E29 · 29. Bölüm

Jan 22, 2015

Sebnem is very angry about the slander thrown to her over the internet. With Selim's support she clears her name. But her opponent has no intention of stopping. With her website being hacked Sebnem suddenly finds a lot of unhappy people in front of her. Can have bad time with trying to keep what happened between him and Pinar. Pinar continues to get closer to Önder. Sebnem, who learned what happened, reacts strongly to Can. Almilla, who learns that Özgür's sister will come, gets very excited. Özgür tries to comfort her. But Almilla's concerns are not unjustified.


Kaçak Gelinler Season 1 (2014) is released on Jun 23, 2014. Watch Kaçak Gelinler online - the Turkish Comedy TV series from Turkey. Kaçak Gelinler is directed by Kerem Çakiroglu,Inci Balabanoglu Ahiska and created by Aysin Akbulut with Selin Sekerci and Deniz Baysal.

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Сбежавшие невесты, Kaçak Gelinler, Kaçak Gelinler(English), Kaçak Gelinler(Hindi)





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