Episodes (13)

A Love of a Lifetime
S01E01 · A Love of a Lifetime

Sep 24, 2007

A San Francisco reporter travels back in time, eventually figuring out why. But his present-day life becomes a mess due to his absences.

Friendly Skies
S01E02 · Friendly Skies

Oct 01, 2007

Dan's trips involve airplane travel as well as time travel.

Game Three
S01E03 · Game Three

Oct 08, 2007

Dan travels back to 1989 and the day of the Loma Prieta earthquake during game three of the World Series at Candlestick Park.

The Year of the Rabbit
S01E04 · The Year of the Rabbit

Oct 15, 2007

Dan travels back and meets a woman in a bar waiting for her blind date. In subsequent trips he meets and changes the future of the same woman.

The Legend of Dylan McCleen
S01E05 · The Legend of Dylan McCleen

Oct 22, 2007

Dan investigates a legendary hijacking from the 1970s

S01E06 · Keepers

Oct 29, 2007

Dan tracks the lives of two brothers and in the process examines the dynamics of his relationship with Jack.

Double Down
S01E07 · Double Down

Nov 05, 2007

Dan and Livia have to repair history to preserve Dan and Katie's future together.

S01E08 · Winterland

Nov 12, 2007

Dan and Livia help a disillusioned young woman in the 1970s straighten out her life.

S01E09 · Emily

Nov 19, 2007

Dan goes off-mission in 2000 to prevent a kidnapper from killing his victim.

S01E10 · Blowback

Nov 26, 2007

Conclusion. The kidnapper, recently released from prison, seeks revenge against Dan.

Home by Another Way
S01E11 · Home by Another Way

Dec 10, 2007

Dan must travel back to Christmas Eve 1979 to prevent layoffs at the job.

The Hanged Man
S01E12 · The Hanged Man

Dec 17, 2007

Dan inadvertently leaves his digital camera in 1984, which drastically changes the time line.

S01E13 · Perfidia

Dec 19, 2007

Dan and Livia help a fellow time traveler reconnect with his lost love.


Journeyman Season 1 (2007) is released on Sep 24, 2007. Watch Journeyman online - the English Fantasy TV series from United States. Journeyman is directed by Alex Graves,Andrew Bernstein,Steven DePaul,Karen Gaviola and created by Kevin Falls with Kevin McKidd and Gretchen Egolf.

As know as:

Journeyman(English), Journeyman(French), Putnik, Cestovatel, Viajero en el tiempo


United States



Production Companies:

Left Coast Productions, 20th Century Fox Television

Cast & Crew

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