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Persiguiendo la nave del olvido
S01E01 · Persiguiendo la nave del olvido

Jan 15, 2018

A humble boy whose only value was his voice, knew that by recording 'La Nave del Olvido' he would be able to show the world his talent. This is how José José emerged, a prince full of internal demons.

Un lucero que se apaga
S01E02 · Un lucero que se apaga

Jan 16, 2018

José wounds up in third place at the festival, but manages to capture the attention of the public. At the same time, his brother is jealous of his success. Lucero can not cope with the fame of José José.

Ganar y perder
S01E03 · Ganar y perder

Jan 17, 2018

Lucero realizes that her dreams are different than those of José. Anel wants to meet José at any cost, while he gets a tour to go to the United States. Kiki lives it partying.

Una pelirroja debilidad
S01E04 · Una pelirroja debilidad

Jan 18, 2018

José José receives the golden record from Anel in Los Angeles. She gets in José's eyes, but his heart is with Lucero. Lucero gets a scholarship to go to London to study.

El juego de Kiki
S01E05 · El juego de Kiki

Jan 19, 2018

José José and Kiki coincide in Caracas. Too many glasses of wine provoke a compromising situation. Anel is enraged when she sees the photo in the newspaper. Lucero also finds out.

Anel conquista a José
S01E06 · Anel conquista a José

Jan 22, 2018

Anel is disappointed in José, but goes to see him in Puerto Rico. Lucero's gets jealous. Kiki does witchcraft on José to get him to fall in love with her.

La trampa de Kiki
S01E07 · La trampa de Kiki

Jan 23, 2018

Kiki looks for the dark side of Anel to put her in evidence and push her away from José. Lucero, grateful to Margarita, announces that she is leaving. Chumo confesses to be an alcoholic.

Lucero se va a Londres
S01E08 · Lucero se va a Londres

Jan 24, 2018

The opportunity to sing live on national television, fades. José José makes his debut at El Patio and the three women attend the event. The singer recognizes Lucero as his source of inspiration, but she inevitably has to leave.

Kiki y José
S01E09 · Kiki y José

Jan 26, 2018

As a singer, José José already earns enough money to buy a house for his family. Two roads open to world fame: TV and the next album in the cinema. Kiki gets her way with him.

S01E10 · Desencuentros

Jan 26, 2018

At a reception with Mexico's créme de la créme, Anel provokes Kiki. José José apologizes. Minerva cheats on Gonzalo. Kiki lies to her ex.

Una propuesta indecorosa
S01E11 · Una propuesta indecorosa

Jan 29, 2018

José José reeks of alcohol and Margarita detects it. He and Chumo fly to Miami to start the international tour. They both drink on the plane, but Chumo can't handle his alcohol. Minerva steals from Margarita.

La enfermedad de Chumo
S01E12 · La enfermedad de Chumo

Jan 30, 2018

Chumo promises the Virgin of Guadalupe not to drink for 12 months. But he breaks his promise and El Pelón makes him pay the consequences. José José feels guilty for pushing his friend off the wagon.

Impulso del corazón
S01E13 · Impulso del corazón

Jan 31, 2018

The forced disappearance of José José causes a crisis in the relationship with Kiki. He makes a decision that will affect him for life. El Pelón is about to cancel José's last show in Panama.

S01E14 · Chantaje

Feb 02, 2018

The journalist Alfonso Lira warns José José that someone seeks to destroy Kiki's reputation. To avoid it, he asks for money. The singer plays another card. Margarita receives an anonymous check.

Primero en las listas
S01E15 · Primero en las listas

Feb 02, 2018

José José leads the popularity lists. He confronts Don Carlos Herrera and returns his check. Kiki is expelled from her home. Minerva pays her doctor to lie about her pregnancy.

El desplante
S01E16 · El desplante

Feb 05, 2018

José José surprises Kiki with Javier and gets jealous. She gives him a pipe that could become an uncontrollable demon. On the day of the wedding, Lira has very bad news to publish.

La boda de José y Kiki
S01E17 · La boda de José y Kiki

Feb 06, 2018

José José and Kiki get married in a small ceremony. At the record company they are happy for selling of the exclusive photos of the event, but someone leaks information to the fan club.

Finanzas en rojo
S01E18 · Finanzas en rojo

Feb 07, 2018

The diversion of funds brings economic consequences to José José. Kiki decides to interrupt the honeymoon. She reveals that she suffers from epilepsy and takes pills, to avoid attacks.

La estafa
S01E19 · La estafa

Feb 08, 2018

Pedro Salas and José José face El Pelón with the evidence in their hands. José becomes a mentor to other singers.

La cena
S01E20 · La cena

Feb 09, 2018

José José fires El Pelón. They offer Chumo to be José's manager. The Sosas have dinner for the first time with the Herreras. José José causes a stir with the signing of autographs.

S01E21 · Adicciones

Feb 12, 2018

José José deals with Kiki's addictions and tantrums, but as a confirmed romantic, he goes ahead with his marriage. Anel leaves Jorge and thinks about José José.

S01E22 · Quiebra

Feb 13, 2018

José José discovers that El Pelón stole a million dollars and there is no way to recover the money. Kiki could lose her children, Don Carlos will fight for their custody.

La vida de Minerva
S01E23 · La vida de Minerva

Feb 14, 2018

Worried about her husband, Kiki goes to the hospital where her sister-in-law is hospitalized, but a group of José José's fans prevents her from seeing him. The life of Minerva and her baby hang by a thread.

S01E24 · Chumo

Feb 15, 2018

José José is very concerned about his best friend, Chumo, and does not want to travel. Kiki feels displaced and reproaches not to be the priority for José. Chumo has an accident.

S01E25 · Tributo

Feb 16, 2018

José José pays homage to Chumo, who dies after losing control of his car in an accident. A new fight between José José and Kiki puts the marriage in check.

Pelirroja tentación
S01E26 · Pelirroja tentación

Feb 19, 2018

Anel takes the opportunity to flirt with José, who is having a terrible time with his wife Kiki.

La denuncia
S01E27 · La denuncia

Feb 20, 2018

Kiki stains the image of José José with the press. She complains that his ex is an alcoholic, a womanizer and does not like responsibilities. Kiki prepares a claim for abandonment of home.

S01E28 · Colapso

Feb 21, 2018

Like other actresses, Anel undergoes surgery to advance in her career and conquer the heart of José José. The Mexican singer collapses and is taken to the hospital in an emergency.

S01E29 · Mudanzas

Feb 22, 2018

Anel visits José José in the hospital and the flame of passion is revived. She pampers him and asks him to move in with her.

Anel y José
S01E30 · Anel y José

Feb 23, 2018

While José José and Anel fully live their romance, the singer suffers a strong pain in his chest that puts him on alert and the actress cancels all her commitments to take care of him.

S01E31 · Refugio

Feb 26, 2018

José José thanks Anel for her time, love and care. Now that he requires a lot of rehabilitation, discipline and zero excesses, the singer returns to the actress' house. Fanny becomes his manager.

Quémame los ojos
S01E32 · Quémame los ojos

Feb 27, 2018

José José and Anel go to the recording of the musical TV show Ossart. The singer, worried for not being fully recovered, decides to sing with playback at the TV show, but it does not go well.

S01E33 · Engaño

Feb 28, 2018

José José becomes angry with Anel when he finds out that she was giving him medication against his addiction to alcohol, without his knowledge. Kiki smashes her ex on the radio.

Sabrás que te quiero
S01E34 · Sabrás que te quiero

Mar 01, 2018

Anel captures José in fraganti. She is not jealous or upset with him. Kiki will destroy her rival, Anel, for being a prostitute. José José's tour buses serve as smugglers between Mexico and the US at the border.

S01E35 · Choque

Mar 02, 2018

José no longer controls his addictions and they take him to a rehab clinic. Anel crashes and José José must pay for the damages, which generates a discussion. Anel kicks him out of her house.

Una separación
S01E36 · Una separación

Mar 05, 2018

José and Anel decide to separate for both their sake. Nonetheless, Anel helps José José catch Frank Sinatra's attention to record an album together.

El divorcio
S01E37 · El divorcio

Mar 06, 2018

José and Anel make a pact. The actress grants him a divorce and he is committed to promoting his career in the music industry. The record label force José to lose his chance to record with Frank Sinatra.

El futuro
S01E38 · El futuro

Mar 07, 2018

Anel recognizes that she went to Los Angeles to forget about José José, but she did not succeed. José asks her to have a child with him. Kiki, although novice, becomes a pretentious singer.

Partida doble
S01E39 · Partida doble

Mar 08, 2018

Anel gets clean of drugs and alcohol during her pregnancy. José José falls off the wagon. Margarita finds out she will be grandmother of both José and Gonzalo.

S01E40 · Pepito

Mar 09, 2018

José surprises Anel and gives her an engagement ring after they become parents of a healthy boy: Pepito.

Marido y mujer
S01E41 · Marido y mujer

Mar 12, 2018

José and Anel get married. Fanny demands separation of goods in the middle of the ceremony. José José discovers that Anel uses drugs.

Guerra de disqueras
S01E42 · Guerra de disqueras

Mar 13, 2018

José José leaves his label of so many years and signs with Arroyo. The distribution of his first album with the new label fails. Nora threatens Pedro for attempting to end José's career.

Amar y querer
S01E43 · Amar y querer

Mar 14, 2018

José José loses control with alcohol and suffers a pre-hepatic coma. To save his life, they inject adrenaline directly into his heart against the doctor's judgment. The artist will receive a platinum record.

Lo pasado, pasado
S01E44 · Lo pasado, pasado

Mar 15, 2018

Anel displaces Fanny and manages a tour for José in Central America. José José accepts, but financial failure arrives. Juan Gabriel writes a new song for José.

S01E45 · Marysol

Mar 16, 2018

José does not support Anel's bad habits. A new daughter arrives, Marysol. José receives another golden record.

S01E46 · Secretos

Mar 19, 2018

José's albums keep selling like popcorn, but his relation with Anel hits rock bottom. The composer Manuel Alejandro is inspired by José's pain to write the songs for José's next record: Secretos.

S01E47 · Sinatra

Mar 20, 2018

Anel injects amphetamines under the pretext of losing weight and thus reconquer her husband. José puts his eyes on another woman and gets to meet his idol: Frank Sinatra.

S01E48 · Kiki

Mar 21, 2018

Manolo convinces Anel to move part of José José's money to her personal account in case of divorce. Anel receives terrible news about Kiki.

Lo dudo
S01E49 · Lo dudo

Mar 22, 2018

José José collapses from exhaustion on his tour, he has no funds to pay for a doctor or a plane ticket to get back home. Anel tells José about Kiki's death and he is devastated.

Gavilán o paloma
S01E50 · Gavilán o paloma

Mar 23, 2018

José José finds out that his brother-in-law, Manolo, is stealing from him. The singer starts shooting the film "Gavilán o Paloma" and signs a contract with mobster Victor Frenk.

Ingenuo charlatán
S01E51 · Ingenuo charlatán

Mar 26, 2018

Manolo takes revenge on Abel for having betrayed him. He puts money in José's medicine cabinet and then accuses him of stealing. Anel hires a private detective.

Mi vida
S01E52 · Mi vida

Mar 27, 2018

José discovers that his brother-in-law does business behind his back, rents his equipment for a million dollars and lives the good life at his expense. José demands an audit.

José firma con la competencia
S01E53 · José firma con la competencia

Mar 28, 2018

José and his family are shocked after the strong earthquake that shook Mexico City in 1985, leaving thousands dead. He helps Gonzalo find his nephew. Manolo takes advantage and gets rid of the evidence that incriminated him.

S01E54 · Depresión

Mar 29, 2018

Cornered by debts and exploited by his brother-in-law, José José is alone and ill. His only refuge is alcohol again. He arrives in the United States to try to make it outside of Mexico.

S01E55 · Desesperado

Mar 30, 2018

A specialist diagnoses José José with nodules in his vocal cords. In spite of his risky condition, Anel and Manolo demand José to sing in a previously organized event, putting his voice at risk.

El amor acaba
S01E56 · El amor acaba

Apr 02, 2018

José José dismisses his brother in-law, who suggests Anel to leave her husband, so receive a pension. When José arrives at his house, she files for divorce.

40 y 20
S01E57 · 40 y 20

Apr 03, 2018

Anel leaves José without a dime. José drowns himself in alcohol, makes a fool of himself at his surprise 30 years of career tribute, and decides to live in the street.

S01E58 · Sarita

Apr 04, 2018

The singer lives the most painful stage of his life; he even plays Russian Roulette. But fate puts Sara Salazar on his way, when he goes to Miami to recover his finances.

Lo que no fue no será
S01E59 · Lo que no fue no será

Apr 05, 2018

Sarita serves as an engine for José José to resume his life and career, away from alcohol. The singer begins to recover in a health center. Anel, jealous, publicly commits to defame Sarita.

S01E60 · Seré

Apr 06, 2018

After suffering ups and downs with alcohol, drugs and financial problems, José José becomes an icon of Latin music. He sings at the Latin Grammy Ceremony where they pay homage to his career.

José cae bajo con el alcohol
S01E61 · José cae bajo con el alcohol

Jun 01, 2018

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José asiste a Alcohólicos Anónimos
S01E62 · José asiste a Alcohólicos Anónimos

Jun 01, 2018

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José teme perder su voz
S01E63 · José teme perder su voz

Jun 01, 2018

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Episode #1.64
S01E64 · Episode #1.64

Jun 01, 2018

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José José despide a Manolo
S01E65 · José José despide a Manolo

Jun 01, 2018

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Anel exige el divorcio a José
S01E66 · Anel exige el divorcio a José

Jun 01, 2018

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Anel y José están divorciados
S01E67 · Anel y José están divorciados

Jun 01, 2018

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José José vive en la calle
S01E68 · José José vive en la calle

Jun 01, 2018

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Nada está escrito
S01E69 · Nada está escrito

Jun 01, 2018

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José conoce a un nuevo amor
S01E70 · José conoce a un nuevo amor

Jun 01, 2018

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José lucha por su vida
S01E71 · José lucha por su vida

Jun 01, 2018

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